Things to do in Morocco

  • #1 Visit the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca – Many travelers to Morocco leave out Casablanca city, as it is not offering so many interesting sights than some other places, but that does not mean you should avoid it completely. Casablanca is famous for amazing Hassan II Mosque, which is the highest building in the country. It is built above the ocean and when you walk inside, you can not only hear the waves but to your surprise, you can even see the waves – the floor in this third world largest mosque is made out of glass!

  • #2 Enjoy your walk around the white city of Rabat – Rabat is the capital of Morocco and also here you cannot see many tourists. Rabat is clean and modern capital and its medina is well worth your exploration. Don’t forget on the Udayas fortress (the city’s oldest part) and the white mausoleum of Mohammed V- the first king of Morocco. Opposite to the mausoleum is Hassan tower, the minaret of an incomplete mosque, which is under UNESCO protection now.

  • #3 Take a look at the magnificent Bab El Mansour doors in Meknes – the doors were built by the most powerful and cruel Moroccan ruler Moulay Ismael. Take an evening walk around the nearby square and enjoy its small, but lively medina. You can also walk to the Moulay Ismael mausoleum and see the high walls of the Royal Palace.

  • #4 Get to know Fez and its traditional leather coloring – Fez is the symbol of Morocco and visiting its large Medina will surely take you back in time. Get lost in the narrow labyrinth streets and explore the world’s famous tanning pools, where leather is being colored throughout centuries. The work is all done by hand and without using any chemicals. You can watch men at work from leather shops terraces. Don’t miss out on the world’s oldest university Al-Kariauine, which you can also find in the middle of the medina.

fez morocco

  • #5 Take a scenic drive over the Atlas Mountains – The Atlas Mountains are divided to lower, middle and higher mountains and if you decide to cross them, you will be witness to one of the most scenic landscape on your Morocco travel. The landscape will be changing in front of you and until you reach the Sahara desert and its first sand dunes. If you like to hike, you might consider climbing the highest mountain in North Africa – Jebel Toubkal.

  • #6 Spend a night in the Sahara desert – Visiting Merzouga town is an absolute must on your Morocco travel, as here the Sahara desert begins. Take an organized tour for 2 days into the desert, which has a camelback riding included and spend one night in a Bedouins tent, circled with sand dunes. Climb on the highest sand dune and watch the sunset or sunset from it. Magical! This is the highlight of Morocco travel for many, including me.

  • #7 Walk around an oasis and admire one of the oldest technologies in the world – The best thing to do is to find a local, who speaks English and visit an oasis with him. He will teach you all about the centuries-old irrigation systems and shows you how it’s done. Amazing, how something so simple makes such a difference in the middle of a desert, where we see veggies like salad, cabbage, and spinach growing.

  • #8 Travel thru time by visiting the famous Kasbahs – Kasbahs is made out of mud and hay. In the past Kasbahs were used as storage for wheat or even as Koran schools. They are probably one of the most recognized buildings in south Morocco. These days Kasbahs are converted into hotels, museums and luxury restaurants. One of the most famous Kasbah stands in a small oasis town Skoura (we can see it also on the 50 Dirham bill).

  • #9 Get inspired by exploring the Morocco canyons – Morocco has many breathtaking canyons, which can be explored by foot or by rented vehicle. Some of them are even used for climbing. One of the most famous canyons is Todre des Dades, which offers some of the most spectacular views.

  • #10 Buy Argan oil and rose water – who has not heard for the famous argan tree, which is endemic to Morocco? Argan is world known as the natural Botox. Their healing features are being used in the cosmetic and food industry. Argan oil is good for your hair, skin, body and even for cooking. Beside argan oil, don’t miss Morocco valley called Kelaa M’Gouna, which is famous for its rose plantations. Roses are used to producing rose water, soaps, shampoos, lotions, shower gels, and body creams. If you are traveling to Morocco during May, you will see all the plantations in full bloom. Buying an argan oil or rose product will especially be welcomed by female travelers. I always buy them on stock!

  • #11 Go behind the movie scene in Ouarzazate – If you like the movie industry, you will love it here in Ouarzazate. The town is known for many film studios, where some of the world’s most popular movies were shot (The Gladiator, Jesus of Nazareth, Lawrence of Arabia). Take a walk around the scenes and see how the movies were filmed.


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