Big article about the coolest attractions in Hungary. Learn what places are must-see in Hungary, prices, opening hours, with photos, personal reviews, and my recommendations for visits. The main goal is to break the stereotype that Hungary is only Budapest. Most tourists can’t name any Hungarian city apart from the capital city, let alone any attractions beyond Budapest. But there are plenty here 🙂

Attractions in Hungary: general information

Key points:

  • Many attractions on this list can be reached by public transport, but it might not be quick. All about Hungary’s transportation between cities: buses and trains, where to buy tickets, and check schedules.
  • Car rental is a great solution. Hungary is a country where renting a car is a must. It’s perfect for those who’ve never done it in another country and are anxious. Great roads, calm drivers, standard traffic rules, rental companies with reasonable deposits.

Interesting to know:

Hungary has 1300+ thermal springs, baths, and water parks. Almost every city has a spa center, hotel, or other places with thermal baths. Any trip in Hungary involves visiting thermal baths. There are amazing ones here, comparable to Budapest’s famous baths.
Baths in Szeged what to see in Hungary
These are the baths in Szeged. Notice how few people are there.

Hungary’s attractions: map

Below is a dynamic map of Hungary’s attractions. Click and zoom to plan your route based on the attractions you like.

Must-see in Hungary: TOP 30

The author’s personal rating for each attraction helps you understand its coolness. Yes, it’s subjective, but other online lists often include everything, just copying information with colorful descriptions. Some attractions might not be worth your attention.


Hungary’s capital, the country’s most beautiful and visited city by tourists. If you fly to Hungary, there’s a 95% chance it’s Budapest. You can’t just pass by Budapest.


This article lists the best attractions in Hungary, not just Budapest. For the capital’s attractions, there’s a separate list of 30-40 cool locations in the city. The link has a cool overview of Budapest and what to see in the capital of Hungary: TOP 30. Prices, opening hours, things to know before visiting, personal reviews are there too.
Sights of Hungary Parliament Budapest
A symbol and one of main Hungary’s attractions – the Parliament Building in Budapest. It’s stunning and impressive.
  • The minimum time needed in Budapest to see the main attractions (but not all) and visit the famous baths is 2 full days. Ideal – 4 days, then you can explore the city, visit ruin bars, and go to 2-3 different baths.

Author’s rating:

10 out of 10. Nothing to comment, an awesome and magnificent city. In terms of architectural grandeur, it can be compared to other major European capitals: Rome, Paris. Most tourists don’t go anywhere beyond Budapest, but that’s a mistake 🙂

The Artists’ Town Szentendre

Szentendre – a beautiful small town (28 thousand people) on the Danube riverbank. You can come here for half a day from Budapest, just 20 km away, stroll along the cobblestone streets, buy handmade souvenirs. I’d call Szentendre a town of craftsmen, not artists. Many craftsmen work and sell their works here in the Hungarian national style.

attractions in Hungary Szentendre
The main square of Szentendre. All pedestrian streets branch out from here in the city center.
  • City coordinates: 47.667943825095776, 19.07699385030436
  • Easy to reach from Budapest by train, there’s a suburban train. In about 20-30 minutes, you’re in Szentendre.
  • Timing: In 2-3 hours, you’ll definitely see the whole center at a leisurely pace.

Author’s rating:

7 out of 10. A beautiful town for a couple of hours without any jaw-dropping attractions. No baths here either. Even a whole day here might be too much. If without a car, there’s nothing closer to Budapest on public transport, making it an excellent option for a day trip. But if by car, there’s a cool 1-2 day route in this region: Szentendre – Visegrad – Esztergom.

Visegrád Castle and Visegrád

A tiny village (only 1800 people), yet it holds significant historical value for Hungary. Visegrád was Hungary’s first capital and boasts the most famous castle. The fortress remains well-preserved and is open to tourists today.

Visegrad Castle Sights of Hungary
The fortress walls offer impressive views of the Danube and the surroundings.
  • Coordinates for parking at Visegrád Castle: 47.793506234333556, 18.98246569735655 (parking costs around 3 euros).
  • Plan about 2 hours to see the entire castle, the lower tower, citadel, and palace.
  • Located 30 km from Szentendre, it’s convenient to combine visits to both cities as they’re connected by the same road to Budapest.
  • Check ticket prices and current opening hours on the official website: (Ticket is approximately 5-6 euros).

Author’s rating:

9 out of 10. Cool fortress, great views, awesome exhibitions, and museums within the fortress. Highly recommend visiting. Link to a detailed review of Szentendre and Visegrád will be in the next section.

Esztergom, Hungary’s Largest Cathedral

Esztergom is one of Hungary’s most underrated small cities. There aren’t many attractions here, but it’s a cool city with a rich history, a beautiful center, and its own water park with open-air thermal baths. Also here is the Esztergom Fortress and Hungary’s largest cathedral, the Basilica of St. Adalbert. Just look at the photos below.

What to see in Esztergom Hungary
Esztergom, the country’s largest cathedral and fortress. And I took the photo from Slovakia, but more on that three lines below 🙂
  • Coordinates: 47.79974107856571, 18.73640037354296
  • Allow about 3 hours to explore the city and its attractions. Another half day can be easily spent at the water park. I’d recommend staying overnight here.
  • The most unique thing about the city, not commonly found elsewhere in Hungary during your travels, is across the bridge over the Danube, where Slovakia and the city of Štúrovo lie. Personally, I often go to Štúrovo for dinner and enjoy the best views of Esztergom and the basilica from the Štúrovo promenade. It’s about a 15-minute walk from Esztergom’s center.
  • A detailed review of an awesome route for 1-2 days by car: Szentendre – Visegrád – Esztergom. What to see, where to eat, lots of useful information.

Author’s rating:

8 out of 10. The city itself deserves high marks, but the route mentioned in the link above is even cooler. In 2 days, you’ll see 2 fortresses, three medieval towns, relax in hot springs, and have dinner in neighboring Slovakia. That’s what I call awesome.

Szelim Cave

A lesser-known Hungarian attraction, away from the main tourist streams. It’s a mountainside grotto, where many Stone Age relics have been discovered, 50 km from Budapest.

Selim Cave in Hungary
Sweeping city views from here
  • Coordinates for parking: 47.58853222344245, 18.40920354805646
  • The cave visit and parking are entirely free
  • There’s a picnic area, a beautiful trail leading to the cave’s edge, and plenty of hiking routes from 1 hour to a whole day.
  • About 30 minutes are enough for the cave itself.

Author’s rating:

5 out of 10. Local celebrities sometimes perform concerts in the cave. It’s a cool cave, but that’s about it. I prefer the park on the hill and the place with beautiful views of the surroundings; they complement each other. No need to specifically head here, but if you’re traveling to Gyor and Sopron, the cave is just 500 meters from the road, feel free to stop by for an hour, take a walk, and have a snack at the café nearby.

Esterházy Palace

One of Hungary’s most luxurious palaces outside Budapest, sometimes compared to Versailles. An interesting fact: it was built by a local magnate who didn’t even hold a title or have aristocratic relatives.

Eszterházy Palace Sights of Hungary
Eszterhazy Palace. The large courtyard is open to tourists free of charge, as is the park on the other side of the palace.
  • Coordinates: 47.620533484578814, 16.871826519900104
  • The palace is located 30 km from the city of Sopron.
  • Plan about 2-3 hours to visit the palace’s interiors, park, and rose garden.
  • You’ll find a review of Esterházy Palace in the article: “Palaces and Castles of Hungary.” There, you’ll learn about the entrance fee (25 euros), opening hours, free parking, and much more.

Author’s rating:

6 out of 10. Let’s note the drawbacks: it’s far from all tourist routes. There aren’t other interesting attractions nearby, only the city of Sopron. Only the park and inner courtyard are open for free; entrance to the palace itself isn’t cheap. Moreover, there’s a similar palace near Lake Balaton, the Festetics Palace in Keszthely, much easier to reach with many more attractions around. Overall, if you’re traveling from Austria to Budapest, you’ll pass near Esterházy; you can stop by to take a look. But there’s no need to specifically plan a visit; its grandeur is greatly exaggerated, it’s beautiful but not jaw-dropping.


A border town of Hungary, just 7 km away from Austria. Sopron’s history is closely tied to Vienna and Austria. However, a popular referendum in 1921 helped the city remain part of Hungary after the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s dissolution. It’s a classic city with medieval architecture, a historical center, and numerous churches and cathedrals. Importantly, it’s a rare case where thermal baths aren’t present here.

Sopron Sights of Hungary
The city center of Sopron – all attractions are within this area.

Author’s rating:

6 out of 10. If you have a 2-week trip planned across Hungary and intend to explore the country extensively, a day trip with an overnight stay here is worth it. However, if you have only 5-7 days to explore the country starting from Budapest, Sopron might not be the best choice. There are many other cities on the list that are far more impressive.

Sumeg Castle

A famous Hungarian castle in the modest town of Sumeg. The town itself isn’t particularly interesting to tourists; people visit here for the castle. In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire occupied almost all of Hungary’s territory. Some regions were under Turkish rule for 200 years, while others were raided, plundered, and burned.

Sumeg Castle is the only place in the country that has never been captured throughout its entire history. It withstood numerous sieges, most of which were by the Turks. Locals even had a saying: “As long as Sumeg stands, it’s too early to pray to Mecca.” Sumeg Castle symbolizes the resilience and steadfastness of the Hungarian people.

best places to visit in hungary
Sumeg Castle is open to tourists today.
  • Coordinates: 46.98206992621375, 17.282862504592416
  • You can stop by for an hour to an hour and a half on your way. There’s an excellent Hungarian cuisine restaurant at the castle’s parking area, offering all national dishes: goulash, halászlé, pörkölt.
  • Check prices and current opening hours on the official website: (Ticket price is around 6-7 euros).
  • Parking at the castle is free.

Author’s rating:

8 out of 10. The castle is quite similar to Visegrád Castle in appearance, inside, in terms of construction time, and even in its historical importance to Hungary. Downside: it doesn’t have the Danube, any other river, or the beautiful views of the surroundings from the castle’s peak like Visegrád does. However, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of such structures will definitely appreciate it. If you’re planning to travel in this direction, it’s worth visiting Sumeg Castle, but only as a stopover without staying overnight.

The link to the review of this castle was in the section about Esterházy Palace above.

Lake Cave in Tapolca

A small town of Tapolca, not far from Lake Balaton, doesn’t offer much. However, there’s an underground cave with a lake, and visitors can take a boat ride on this lake. At the very least, it’s an unusual and interesting experience.

топ Достопримечательностей венгрии Тапольца
The Tapolca cave tour, including the underground lake, is included in the ticket price. But note, the boat ride itself is quite short.
  • Coordinates: 46.883311863673846, 17.443365232545855
  • The cave is open year-round from 9 am to 5 pm. The ticket costs 9-10 euros.
  • Website:
  • There’s about an hour’s worth of activities planned for the cave. Apart from the underground lake, there’s a small museum to explore, things to see, and paths to walk. The main theme is speleology, and everything revolves around it.
  • Remember, it’s a cave, so it’s cold even during the summer heat. Bring jackets.

Author’s rating:

8 out of 10. A very original attraction. The downside: the boat ride through the lake is quite short. The cave is very popular among tourists staying at Lake Balaton. It’s a 30-minute drive by car from the northern resorts of the lake.

Lake Hévíz, the World’s Largest Thermal Lake

The title says it all. It’s the country’s main balneological resort, and the thermal lake is the largest in the world. People come here for a day’s dip in the lake or even stay for a couple of weeks to improve their health. Lake Hévíz has a clinic specializing in joint diseases.

best attractions of Hungary Heviz
Lake Hévíz, the water remains above 30 degrees Celsius all year round, reaching +36 degrees Celsius in the middle. It’s open even in winter.

Author’s rating:

10 out of 10. This is a top attraction of Hungary, just 7 km from Lake Balaton. Hévíz is a small resort town, very popular, where everything revolves around the lake. Swimming in the lake in winter or autumn is a special pleasure. The only downside is that it might be boring for children, and the lake itself is very deep, unreachable at the bottom; you need to keep a close eye on them. Read the detailed review in the link above, everything is described in detail.

Keszthely: Balaton Resort and Festetics Palace

Keszthely is considered the capital of Balaton; it’s the largest and oldest town along the entire shore. Moreover, it’s a resort town. There are beaches, a historical center, and one of the country’s largest palaces – Festetics Palace. Keszthely is a very popular beach resort for tourists in the summer. And a huge plus of Keszthely is that Lake Hévíz is just 7 km away.

landmark Hungary Keszthely Palace
The main attraction of Keszthely is Festetics Palace.
  • Coordinates: 46.76567307958214, 17.248523789137813
  • You can easily see all the attractions in Keszthely in just one day, including the complex of mini-museums in the center. There’s a really cool seashell museum where you’ll see an exact replica of the Hungarian Parliament building made from 4.5 million shells.
  • Usually, people come here for a couple of days or a week specifically for beach holidays at Lake Balaton. In winter, it’s better to stay in Hévíz near the thermal lake.
  • A review of Keszthely, what to see, where to eat, which beaches are in the town.

Author’s rating:

7 out of 10. Balaton is indeed beautiful, and Keszthely is the most beautiful town on the lake. But I much prefer the plan to stay in Hévíz and take a day trip to Keszthely. It’s definitely great in summer, but there’s not much to do in winter; it’s cold and bleak.

Lake Balaton

The biggest lake in Central Europe, considered Europe’s largest “puddle,” and undoubtedly the symbol of Hungary, is Lake Balaton. However, it’s referred to as a “puddle” because Balaton is very shallow, with an average depth of about 2 meters.

what to visit in Hungary Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton – the article at the link below explains why it appears green. Spoiler: It’s not because the water is contaminated.
  • Coordinates: 46.95468810639306, 18.02751663747023
  • Along the entire shoreline of Balaton, there are dozens of resort towns, all with beaches and restaurants. These towns are modern but lack any specific attractions. However, I can highlight the most popular ones that tourists can visit at Balaton: Keszthely, Siófok, Balatonfüred, and the village of Tihany.
  • A comprehensive review of Lake Balaton, its resorts, beaches, how the ferries work, and why the water is green can be found in the article via the link.

Author’s Rating:

10 out of 10. It’s one of the country’s symbols and the main resort. Everyone should see the lake. Staying here for a week just to sunbathe might not be necessary, but I recommend spending a day on the lakeshore. It’s fantastic in summer, but from October to April, it’s the off-season; the water is cold, and almost everything is closed.

Tihany – Capital of Hungarian Lavender

Online, Tihany is portrayed as one of Hungary’s best attractions. It seems like unscrupulous bloggers who haven’t even been here are copying each other’s texts. Tihany is a very small village on the shores of Balaton, known for growing lavender.

Tihany what to see in Hungary
The village of Tihany on Lake Balaton is a famous Hungarian attraction.

Author’s Rating:

7 out of 10. Overrated as a Hungarian attraction. Pros: a beautiful view of Balaton from the hill, and during the lavender season, you’ll see lavender fields. The village itself is in a classic Hungarian style. Cons: There’s not much to do for more than 2 hours. I recommend it only for those passing by or staying in the neighboring Balaton resorts. It’s not worth a trip from Budapest just for Tihany. And when people think of “lavender,” they imagine Provence’s lavender fields; believe me, it’s not like that here. There are photos in the article via the link to see what it’s actually like 🙂

Kis-Balaton Island

The lesser-known Kányavári Island, also called Kis-Balaton, is part of the national park of the same name. You can’t reach it by public transport; it’s far and away from populated areas. In short, the entire island is now a beautiful eco-trail. Visitors can come here to hike in nature, have a picnic, find observation towers, and more. It’s quiet, peaceful, less crowded, and beautiful.

Hungary island of kis-Balaton
This is the pedestrian bridge to Kis-Balaton Island’s parking.
  • Coordinates for the parking lot: 46.61558959324399, 17.168575238318404
  • Entry to the island, toilets, picnic areas – all free. Only parking is paid, around 3 euros for the whole day.
  • Plan for 2-3 hours and a small picnic here. But bring your own food.

Author’s Rating:

6 out of 10. A place without a “wow” effect. It’s a beautiful eco-trail around the green island. If you’re vacationing in Hévíz or Keszthely, you can drive here for a walk if you have time. It’s inconvenient to get here from other parts of Hungary; you’ll spend more time on the road.

Zalakaros: Resort and Thermal Spa Complex

Zalakaros is a tiny town. Wikipedia says 2,000 people live here; I think it’s a bit more, maybe around 7,000. It’s a resort town with one attraction: the Thermal Baths. Tourists come here specifically for them.

Hungary zalakaros
A small photo collage from personal photos (from top to bottom): main entrance to the aqua park, outdoor baths (open year-round) water at +36°C, indoor therapeutic baths with water at +38°C, relaxation and entertainment area
  • Coordinates of the Aqua Park with Thermal Baths in Zalakaros: 46.5472373368698, 17.124883466562093
  • Aqua Park’s website, prices, opening hours: A day ticket costs around 15 euros (includes the aqua park itself + outdoor and indoor thermal baths). The sauna area requires additional ticket.
  • You can confidently come here for the whole day. It’s a complex for the whole family; there’s an amazing kids’ zone with lots of activities.
  • Open year-round, including the outdoor baths.
  • There are 2 outdoor hot baths and 2 therapeutic ones indoors (visible in the photos above).

Author’s Rating:

9 out of 10. Though the town is tiny, the aqua park is excellent. There’s a hotel by the aqua park, so you can head straight to the thermal baths from your room in a bathrobe. If you’re traveling with the whole family by car, Zalakaros is an excellent place for 1-2-3 days. There’s also a beautiful park with a large lake for evening walks, and in summer, there are plenty of activities.

Kaposvár: A Small Town with Thermal Aqua Park

Another small town, where the main tourist attraction, like in Zalakaros, is an aqua park with medicinal thermal baths. It’s amazing to visit such towns for a couple of days. You relax all day at the aqua park and take an evening stroll around the town. There aren’t many sights in these towns; you can easily walk through the whole center in about 2-3 hours in the evening.

Kaposvár Hungary
Aqua Park in Kaposvár: the top section shows the aqua park itself and outdoor pools, while below are the thermal baths in the photo.
  • Coordinates: 46.35120818071656, 17.797205662665526
  • For operating hours and current prices, check the official website: A standard ticket to all areas (aqua park, baths, sauna) costs around 18 euros. You can buy tickets for specific zones.
  • The aqua park operates all year. There’s a large outdoor pool, 2 indoor medicinal baths, and 5-6 saunas in the spa area.

Author’s Rating:

8 out of 10. In the author’s opinion (mine), the complex in Zalakaros is cooler. There are more activities for kids, more thermal pools, and more outdoor pools. But Zalakaros also has more people. Kaposvár is a haven for those who prefer solitude. Both complexes are great, located close to each other; you can visit both and pick your favorite.

Pécs: Southern Hungarian City with Interesting Hiking Trails

Pécs is one of the southernmost cities in Hungary. It’s a big city in the country and perhaps the only one (in the TOP 10) without thermal baths. But Pécs is interesting not for its baths but for its hiking trails on the hills on the city’s outskirts. There are many viewpoints and great architecture.

Pecs what to see in Hungary
A viewpoint along one of the hiking trails in Pécs. All coordinates are in the review via the link below.

Author’s Rating:

8 out of 10. A great city to visit. The only downside is the lack of baths to diversify relaxation. But the city center is very beautiful, there’s a cave, a zoo, and viewpoints on the hill.

Szeged: A Beautiful City with Two Cool Thermal Complexes

One of my favorite cities in Hungary after Budapest. Szeged is a really cool city: a major city in Hungary with a long history, a beautiful city center, a promenade on the Tisza River, and not one but two big thermal complexes. One of them, Anna Baths, is considered among the best in the country. Also, there are way fewer tourists in these baths compared to the ones in Budapest.

what to see in Szeged Hungary
Anna Baths in Szeged, just one of the 10 baths in this complex.

Author’s Rating:

10 out of 10. If I were to pick the coolest cities in Hungary to visit, in my (subjective, of course) rating, I’d give 10 points to Budapest, Szeged, Miskolc, and Eger. You’ll read about the other two in this article.

Kecskemét: Yet Another City of Thermal Baths

A relatively large city by Hungarian standards, with a population of 110,000. Convenient to reach from Budapest, lots to see, places to walk, a zoo, and of course, its own thermal baths 🙂 You’ve probably realized by now that you can’t do without thermal baths here. Before, most people thought they were only in Budapest.

Sights of Hungary best places
The main square of Kecskemét.

Author’s Rating:

8 out of 10. An excellent city for a day trip. Come, spend half a day in the baths, have dinner at a Hungarian restaurant in the evening, and take a stroll around the city. In the morning, you can move on, for example, to Szeged, which is just a 50-minute drive away.

Debrecen: Hungary’s Second-Largest City after Budapest

Debrecen is the country’s second-largest city, an important center for both the economy and religious life. The majority of the population in Debrecen are Protestants, and you’ll find more Reformed churches here than Catholic ones. The city has a beautiful old center, a zoo, and its own aqua complex with thermal baths.

what to see in Debrecen Hungary
Debrecen Center

Author’s Rating:

7 out of 10. I don’t love Debrecen as much as Szeged or Eger. I feel it lacks atmosphere and coziness. You can see the whole city in one day and spend 3 hours in the baths. Although the city seems large, there aren’t many tourist spots. Debrecen is ideal for those who want to visit Hajdúszoboszló, which I’ll cover next.

Hajdúszoboszló: A Small Town and Europe’s Largest Aqua Park

A town of 20,000 inhabitants, located 20 km from Debrecen, known for having Europe’s largest aqua park. In my personal opinion, they exaggerate a bit, but there are a few “buts” which I’ll cover in the review article about this aqua park. It’s genuinely large, with huge outdoor thermal pools and operates all year round. During summer, the complex is vast and offers family entertainment.

Hungary Hajduszoboszlo
Aqua Park in Hajdúszoboszló: Outdoor thermal pools, open year-round. Below: the largest pool in the Open Air zone, only operates in summer

Author’s Rating:

7 out of 10. The complex is great, especially the baths, especially the outdoor ones, especially in winter. I genuinely recommend visiting, but only if you’re close by, for example, in Debrecen. Specifically traveling from Budapest, it’s better to go to the Miskolc baths. Or better yet, visit both.

Miskolc and the Underground Baths in the Cave

When tourists ask me where to go beyond Budapest, I say: Hévíz, Szeged, Miskolc, and Eger. Miskolc is a very cozy, small town to visit for 1-2 days. Not only is there beautiful architecture and ancient history here, but some of Hungary’s coolest baths are located here. The underground baths are in a real cave, 6 km from the city center, reachable by regular city bus.

Miskolc Thermal Baths Attractions
A small photo collage of my personal photos from the cave baths on the outskirts of Miskolc

Author’s Rating:

10 out of 10. This is a unique attraction in Hungary. There are no such baths anywhere else. It’s really cool and impressive. In summer, the Open Air area is open, and you can spend the entire day here. I’d come to Miskolc for two days. Arrive around noon, explore the city all evening, dine at a local restaurant, and spend the next day in the baths all day.

Lillafüred – The Most Beautiful Mountain Village in Hungary

7 km from Miskolc lies Lillafüred, a village of just 500 people, in the mountains. Here’s what you need to know: 2 caves, Hungary’s highest waterfall, a mountain lake with boating, a hotel-castle with its own baths (for guests), a beautiful park, numerous hiking trails. You can also reach Lillafüred from Miskolc on an old train along a mountain narrow-gauge railway – this train journey is a cool attraction in itself.

hungary mountains and castles
Hotel-castle and mountain lake in Lillafüred. You can book a room here
  • Coordinates of Lillafüred center where the train arrives: 48.103538657445235, 20.622744886488075
  • A day-long adventure: hop on the train from Miskolc in the morning, no more than an hour’s ride. Return to Miskolc around 5 PM.
  • Find out what to see and do in Lillafüred in the review article. The link was provided above in the Miskolc section.

Author’s Rating:

10 out of 10. Objectively the most beautiful mountain village in Hungary. If your finances allow, you can stay overnight in the hotel-castle shown in the photo above. It’s a place for nature lovers and those who enjoy an active holiday: walks in the park, hiking trails, a waterfall, and a lake with boats and catamarans. Highly recommended. For those traveling by car, plan for 2-3-4 hours.

Eger, Thermal Baths, Fortress, and the “Valley of Beautiful Women”

Eger is a small city 130 km away from Budapest. On one side, there aren’t many attractions here, just half a day’s worth, but on the other side, there are three big reasons that attract tourists: year-round thermal baths, Eger Fortress, a remarkable minaret, and it’s also the country’s most famous wine region after Tokaj. They produce Bikaver red wine here. On the outskirts of Eger, there’s a very unusual sight for tourists: the “Valley of Beautiful Women.” It’s a whole neighborhood of private wineries where you can eat and taste local wines.

Sights of Hungary Eger
The thermal baths in Eger operate all year round. Visiting such places in winter is a particular pleasure.

Author’s Rating:

10 out of 10. It’s a city that’s among the top Hungarian attractions. The crucial thing is that these aren’t dull and ordinary spots where you only see churches and cathedrals. Check out the report via the link; you’ve definitely not seen a minaret like Eger’s, and the Valley of Beauties is simply unique for wine lovers.

Kékes Mountain – Hungary’s Highest Peak

Hungary isn’t about mountains. There aren’t real mountains here. The highest point of the country, Kékes Mountain, is only 1014 meters above sea level. You can drive right to the top. In winter, there’s a “ski resort” and one ski lift, while in summer, there are hiking trails on the slope of this “mountain.”

Mount Kekes Hungary
This monument is the summit of Hungary. There isn’t even an observation deck here, just forest.

Author’s Rating:

3 out of 10. There’s absolutely nothing to do here. There are no views, no observation decks. You expect something different from the highest peak of the country. If you love skiing and travel around Hungary in winter, and you’re sure there’s snow on the top (it’s not always there even in winter) and the slope is open, you can come for skiing. But bear in mind, it’s more of a hill for sledging; the length of all trails is just over a kilometer.

Nine-arch Bridge

I didn’t want to include this “attraction in Hungary” in the list, but no matter which article you read, this bridge is mentioned. At that moment, you realize the essence of online content writing. In short, there’s nothing to do here, even if you drive across this bridge, you might not notice it. Any house/street/bridge in Budapest is hundreds of times more interesting and cooler.

The problem is that those who write about this place are guided by photos of the nine-arch bridge in Sri Lanka, which is genuinely amazing. They use these photos unintentionally; Google just gives them, and they write an article about Hungary without even being here. That’s how it goes.

nine arch bridge in hungary
Top Photo: Nine-arch bridge in Hungary, Bottom: Sri Lanka. The difference is obvious, right? 🙂

Author’s Rating:

1 out of 10. It’s not a Hungarian attraction; it’s just a bridge. If such bridges are included in this list, you could make a list of the TOP-100000 best attractions in Hungary. And possibly, this bridge might make it there.

In conclusion: I hope this article helped you make your own list of Hungarian attractions that you want to see. It gathers the best locations interesting for tourists. And remember, Hungary is not just Budapest; beyond the capital, there are some really cool cities, baths, fortresses, and wine villages.

Wishing you a fantastic journey through Hungary!

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  • Flight: Aviasales – compares prices for flights among 30+ airlines flying to Budapest.
  • Tours and excursions:
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