We have become accustomed to the idea that prices in Hungary have always been relatively low compared to the rest of Europe. However, this is no longer the case today. I will provide information on prices in the country for various categories of goods and services that may be of interest to tourists. You will discover prices for groceries in Hungary, restaurant menus, transportation, entrance tickets to attractions, parking, and much more. This article will help you roughly estimate the budget for your trip to this wonderful country.

Prices in Hungary in 2023-2024: General Information, Inflation

Here are the key points to give you a correct picture of prices in Hungary.

  • As of the end of 2023, Hungary’s currency is the Forint.
  • The country is planning to adopt the Euro by 2030, but it’s important to note that the European Union and the Eurozone are separate entities. You can find detailed information about Hungary’s location in the world map in the article “Hungary on Map
  • Starting from 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the country’s economy significantly weakened, leading to an annual inflation rate of around 15-20%. This means that prices are rising at a similar pace. The government promises to bring down the inflation rate to 5% no earlier than the end of 2026.

It’s essential to understand that

many tourists still perceive Hungary as a cheap destination compared to the rest of Europe. However, this was the case a decade ago; today, prices in Hungary are not significantly lower than those of its neighbors, and some categories of goods and services are even more expensive.
cost in hungary
For example, the standard price for a plate of Hungarian goulash in any café is 6-8 euros.

In the following table, I will list all prices in Hungary in euros, as the country is gradually transitioning to the Euro, and its economy is already heavily oriented toward it. In cases where necessary, I will also mention prices in Forints and euros.

  • Useful information regarding currency in Hungary, what to bring with you, where to exchange currency, the best exchange offices, commission, and where you can already pay with cash euros, as well as information about card payments in the country, can be found in this link. I won’t delve into these details here.

Food Prices in Hungary

Below is a table of average food prices in Hungary, covering a wide range of grocery items. If you’re interested in the specific price of a particular item, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll respond.

It’s worth noting that

shopping at markets and stores in Hungary has some peculiarities, including operating hours, item pricing, and issues that can be confusing for tourists. You can find more details in the article “Markets and Stores in Hungary: What Tourists Need to Know.”
Product NameWeightPrice in Euros
Bread1pc1,5 – 2
Cheese1kgfrom 12 – 15
Eggs10 pcs2,5
Deli meats1kg15
Chicken Fillet1kg4 – 5
Chicken Wings, Drumsticks1kg3 – 4
Pork and Beef Tenderloin1kgfrom 8 – 10
Bananas1kg1 – 1,5
Whole Grilled Chicken1kg6 – 8
Pasta400 gr1
Food Prices in Hungary
food prices in hungary
For instance, here are prices in Hungary for deli meats. These prices are listed for 100 grams, and the photos were taken with an exchange rate of 1 euro = 380 Forints.

The prices in the table above are average. Yes, there are occasional juicy deals where you can purchase chicken fillet for 1,200 Forints per kilogram, which is approximately 3 euros. I want to emphasize that meat in Hungary is relatively expensive. Paying 10 euros per kilogram for beef or pork is perfectly normal.

By the way, prices in Budapest don’t differ significantly from those in the regions. Throughout the country, prices for groceries in stores and markets are roughly similar.

Alcohol Prices in Hungary

When it comes to alcohol, the situation is much more favorable, especially for wine, available in stores. Hungary’s symbol, Tokaji wine, produced exclusively from sun-dried grapes, can cost as low as 2 euros per bottle, and sometimes even less.

Product NameVolPrice in euros
Local table wine1lfrom 1
Tokaji wine0,75lfrom 2
Local beer0,5l0,6 – 1
Alcohol Prices in Hungary
alcohol cost in hungary
Palinka, a popular choice among tourists, is available in 0.35-liter bottles for 21 euros. Strong alcohol in Hungary can be relatively expensive due to high excise taxes on beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 20%.

For detailed information about Hungary’s national alcohol, wine recommendations, the significance of Palinka, insights into Unicum, and more, you can find in the linked article.

Cafes and Restaurants Prices

Hungary offers a wide variety of dining options, with cafes, restaurants, taverns, and more at every turn. You can find both national fast food and Hungarian cuisine on the menu at every establishment. For those interested in delving deeper into this topic, I recommend two articles for further reading:

Here’s a brief overview of the main prices in Hungary for dining in cafes or restaurants, particularly in non-luxurious eateries. The prices listed are the most average, but I must mention that in the hospitality industry, prices have increased significantly in the last 3-4 years.

restaurants prices in budapest
On Budapest’s main market, you’ll find plenty of eateries catering to tourists, offering sizable portions but also higher prices. For instance, the plate of food on the right costs 12,000 Forints, which is approximately 32 euros. However, there are many places where you can dine more affordably.
DishPrice in Euros
Soup (goulash, halaszle)5 – 8
Meat with side dishfrom 10
Set lunch5 – 6
Salad6 – 7
Draft beer3 – 5
Palinka, Unicum (40ml)from 2
Dinner for two (2 main dishes + 2 beers + tip)~ 30 – 40
Langos (Hungarian fast food)3 – 6
Doner kebab3 – 5
Restaurants Prices in Hungary

Overall, the situation in Hungary is as follows: if you want to have a hearty dinner in a reasonably priced restaurant in the center of any beautiful city in the country, you might order one soup for two, one salad, and two main dishes. With a bottle of wine and a tip, the bill will easily come to 80 – 100 euros, but it’s unlikely to be less than 50 euros. Just keep that in mind.

Admission Prices for Attractions

It’s essential to know that

nearly all attractions in Hungary are subject to an entrance fee, even those that may not seem particularly noteworthy. A comprehensive Top 30 ranking of attractions in all of Hungary, not just Budapest, can help you plan your route across the country and choose what you’d like to see. The list provides prices, opening hours, coordinates, and the author’s assessment of the visit.
  • Entrance to observation decks and attractions where you’ll spend a maximum of 5-10 minutes typically costs 2-3 euros.
  • Castles, palaces, museums, and places where you can spend an hour or two usually have admission fees of 5-10 euros per person.
admission ticket prices in hungary
Prices for visiting palaces and castles in Hungary are moderate. For example, visiting the Sumeg Castle costs around 7 euros.

Car Rental, Petrol Prices, Parking, Toll Roads

Driving in Hungary is a sheer pleasure. The roads are excellent, and the drivers are calm and considerate. There’s no aggressive tailgating, flashing lights, or reckless lane changes – it’s almost unimaginable here. Traffic is generally light, and even in major cities, traffic jams are minimal compared to major urban centers.

Renting a car significantly boosts your mobility, allowing you to explore much more than just Budapest. In Budapest itself, you don’t need a car, as the city has an excellent metro system that serves your needs.

ServiceAverage Price in Euros
Economy Car Rental, Low Season, per day15 – 20
Economy Car Rental, High Season, per dayfrom 20
Petrol, per liter1,7
Parking, per hour0,8 – 2
Toll Roads, 10-day vignette~15
Prices for Car Rental in Hungary
  • For a more extensive article on renting a car in Hungary, personal experiences, pitfalls, fines, dealing with the police, and much more, you can refer to the linked article.
car rental cost in hungary
We often rent cars in Hungary, and the car shown here is considered an economy class vehicle. Typically, all cars are at most two years old with low mileage. We rented this Clio for 15 euros per day on our last visit.

Apartments and Hotels in Hungary: How Much Does It Cost

I won’t go into extensive detail here. Hungary offers a wide range of accommodation for tourists, including hostels, apartments, aparthotels, hotels, and even spa hotels with their thermal baths. For comprehensive information on where to find accommodation in Hungary, special considerations, and pricing, you can find it in the linked article. In short:

  • Apartments with a kitchen for two people – from 30-40 euros per day.
  • Hostels, on average, cost around 15-20 euros per bed.
  • 4-5-star hotels are approximately 100 euros for a double room.
  • Spa hotels with thermal baths – around 150 euros for a room with breakfast for two per day.

Prices for Public Transport in Hungary

There are two key points to consider. On one hand, public transport in Hungary is well-developed, both in Budapest and throughout the country. There’s an excellent intercity bus network and a comprehensive railway system. You can practically reach any part of Hungary by train. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with a family, it might not be the most budget-friendly option. If you have 3-4 people, renting a car might be more cost-effective than using public transport across the country.

public transportation cost in hungary
Public transport in Hungary, both in the country and in Budapest, is modern, efficient, and comfortable. In the capital, there’s a unified fare structure and a ticket that covers all modes of transportation: metro, bus, tram.
Public transportationPrice in euros
Metro, Bus, Tram in Budapest, per trip1,2
Taxi in Budapest, per 1 km1,5
Express Bus from the Airport to Budapest6
Bus Ticket from Budapest to Debrecen (230 km)10
Train Ticket from Budapest to Debrecen (230 km)9 – 15
Prices for Public Transport in Hungary

Prices for Sightseeing Tours in Budapest and Hungarian Cities

For a comprehensive article on sightseeing tours, types of tours available, where to find tours in your language, finding group tours, as well as individual tours, you can refer to the linked article: Sightseeing Tours in Hungary and Budapest.

In brief, for budgeting your trip:

TourNumber of PeoplePrice in Euros
Bus Sightseeing Tour of Budapest115-20
Group Walking Tours1from 20
Individual Walking Tours for a Groupfor a Group 4-6 Personsfrom 100
Day Trips outside Budapest1from 100
Exciting Group Tours to Lake Balaton and Lake Hévíz1from 100
Prices for Sightseeing Tours in Hungary
  • Viator is the largest aggregator of tours in Hungary. It offers tours in Budapest and throughout the country, including Lake Balaton and mountainous areas.
  • GetYourGuide – another tour and excursion service in Hungary.
tour prices in budapest
For those with a layover in Budapest and limited time, an excellent option is to purchase a ticket for a sightseeing bus tour that covers all the major city attractions in just 2 hours.

Cost of Visiting Thermal Baths in Hungary

In short, here are some key points about thermal baths in Hungary:

  • There are over a hundred hot thermal springs across Hungary.
  • Thermal baths open to the public can be found in nearly every city.
  • A comprehensive review of the best thermal baths in Hungary and Budapest can be found in the linked article. Many tourists are surprised to learn that Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest are not the only option. They are simply the most popular among tourists.
  • It’s worth noting that this form of entertainment is not the most budget-friendly, especially for larger families. However, this is the case across Europe; prices for water parks, thermal baths, saunas, and all water-related entertainment are generally high. Nevertheless, it’s worth every penny.

Below is a table with prices for some of the thermal baths and water parks in the country. These prices are per person and include access to the full range of facilities: swimming pools, saunas, and thermal baths for the entire day.

thermal bath prices in hungary
Me in the Anna Thermal Baths in Szeged
Baths, CityPrice in Euros per Person
Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest30
Gellért Baths, Budapest30
Aquaticum Spa, Debrecen30
Thermal Baths, Eger10
Cave Baths, Miskolc-Tapolca18
Lake Hévíz, the world’s largest thermal lake20
Anna Thermal Baths, Szeged10
Prices for Thermal Baths in Hungary. There are reviews of all these baths in this travel guide.
prices for thermal baths in hungary
In the center of the thermal lake in Hévíz, you’ll find a building like this. You can descend into the water and swim anywhere in the lake. The water temperature in the lake is 30°C and rises to 36-38°C in the middle.

In conclusion, I hope the prices in Hungary haven’t taken you by surprise. Yes, the country has become more expensive over the last five years. Some expense items, such as dining in cafes and restaurants, have caught up with prices in neighboring Austria. However, some things are still relatively inexpensive.

But let’s be honest, Hungary is at the heart of Europe and a full member of the European Union. It’s beautiful, delicious, and safe. The increase in prices to Central European levels was only a matter of time. It doesn’t detract from the joy of traveling in the country, and you’ll have a wonderful time.

Come to Hungary, it’s awesome!

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