Surprisingly, Hungary has over 1300 hot springs available for tourists. These thermal Baths in Hungary can be found in almost every city. I’ll tell you about the best ones, not all are easy to access or popular among tourists, and some are even cooler than the famous Széchenyi Baths in Budapest. For those planning a trip to Hungary, this article will be a great help. You won’t be able to visit all the baths, but you’ll surely be able to choose the best ones without getting lost in the variety.

Thermal Baths in Hungary: General Information

Did you know:

Most tourists coming to Hungary only know about the Széchenyi Baths. Many of them know that Budapest has 13 major thermal complexes, but they still only head to Széchenyi. Few people know that Hungary is scattered with thermal complexes, where hardly any tourists go. Some are as good as Budapest’s famous baths, if not better. And that’s what I’ll tell you about.
thermal baths in hungary best
Hévíz Thermal Lake is open year-round and stays warm all year.

Key Points about Thermal Springs and Resorts in Hungary:

  • Hungary has around 65,000 thermal springs.
  • Out of these, 1300 are equipped for use.
  • The composition of water varies from sulfuric to sodium or chloride. Most waters are medicinal, and thermal complexes, clinics, water parks, or a combination of these are built around these springs.
  • There are thermal springs in hotels. If you’re a guest, you have access to private baths and spa complexes. There are quite a few such hotels throughout the country.

Useful Read: Hotels in Hungary with thermal baths or near major thermal spa complexes. If interested, give it a read. It’s a fantastic experience when you can go from your room in a robe straight to a thermal bath and spend the whole day there.

Best Hungarian Baths List

Below, you’ll find the best thermal baths in Hungary. If there’s a link, feel free to click; there’ll be a detailed review of the place.

Author’s Rating:

This is my subjective assessment, giving you an overall idea about specific baths. I consider their distance from Budapest, accessibility, additional activities or sights in the city with baths, the size of the complex, its architecture, and appeal to tourists.
hot springs in hungary
Thermal Baths in Hungary are primarily outdoor hot pools open year-round. The photo shows the baths in Eger.

I must say, these aren’t all the baths and resorts in Hungary, not even half. This is a TOP-15 list, from those I (the author of this article) have visited. I’ve been to around 40-50 thermal baths in Hungary; some aren’t worth your attention, while others are truly delightful.

  • Another crucial point: all baths operate year-round, even in winter, albeit usually with reduced facilities. Always check the current operating hours on the official website, as they change three times a year depending on the season. In winter, outdoor activities and slides (water park) are usually closed. Only the outdoor hot pools with thermal water operate during winter.
Thermal BathRatingComments
Széchenyi Baths, Budapest9The most famous and popular thermal bath in Hungary
Rudas Baths, Budapest9Very cool baths in the center of Budapest, with an outdoor rooftop pool overlooking the Danube and the city center.
Gellert Baths, Budapest10My favorite baths in Budapest. Roman architecture, fewer people than in Széchenyi. You can find a review of both Rudas and Gellert baths by following the link.
Thermal lake in Héviz10The world’s largest thermal lake. Hungary’s best thermal resort.
Zalakaros Thermal Spa6Great for those vacationing at Lake Balaton. The complex is excellent for kids; there are plenty of activities for them.
Thermal spa and water park in Kaposvár7A really cool complex for families, albeit far from Budapest. I recommend visiting with from May to September when all the outdoor areas are open.
Thermal spa in Harkány7Very large hot thermal pools, both indoors and outdoors. Far from Budapest, but fewer people.
Anna Baths in Szeged10Very cool thermal baths in the beautiful city of Szeged. Not for children. A large thermal complex with beautiful architecture, dozens of thermal baths, and several saunas.
Aquapolis in Szeged8This is a big entertainment aqua park for kids, along with thermal baths and facilities for adults. It’s perfect for a family outing. If traveling without kids, it’s better to visit Anna Baths.
Thermal water park in Kecskemet8A good water park for kids, with several thermal pools, one outdoors, and five saunas, all not far from Budapest. It’s a complex for the whole family to relax.
Hungarospa Aquapark in Hajdúszoboszló7Considered the largest aqua complex in Europe, located 19 km from Debrecen. There’s a detailed review of this aqua complex through the link. It has a vast area with plenty of entertainment for kids. Plus, there are 7 large thermal pools, 4 of them outdoors. Open year-round.
Cave baths in Miskol-Tapolca10These baths are in my personal TOP-1 or TOP-2 ranking of Thermal Baths in Hungary. Just take a look at the photos and read the review.
Lillafured7The most beautiful mountain village in Hungary. There’s a castle hotel here with private thermal baths, only hotel guests can access them, with room rates ranging from 150-250 euros per day. Read more about Lillafured in the article-review of Miskolc, link provided above.
Thermal Baths in Eger7A good thermal complex with fewer people, large hot pools. Two are outdoors, and two are inside. Open year-round. It’s great to visit with kids in summer; there are many outdoor activities, but in winter, kids might get bored.
Aquaticum in Debrecen8Classic thermal baths and water park for Hungary, like in Szeged or Kecskemét. There is a slides and entertainment area, a thermal baths area (6 pools), and a sauna world (5 saunas)
These are the biggest, hottest, and most popular thermal complexes in Hungary, worth a visit for any tourist.
thermal springs in hungary
Thermal Springs in Zalakaros, Hungary. Baths with healing sulfuric water. There’s always a crowd here, mainly aged people from Europe. Since the water here helps with arthritis, they spend entire days here. Always try to visit such places in the morning; there are far fewer people then.

The Map of Thermal Baths in Hungary

Since for most people those names from the above list don’t mean much, I’ve plotted them all on a map. This way, it’s clearer where they are, their distance from Budapest, making it easier to plan your perfect route. And for those traveling through Hungary by car, you can find the baths that are on your way so you don’t miss out.

Tips for visiting thermal resorts in Hungary

Now, while you’re choosing the baths that suit you, here are a few general tips:

  • Absolutely nothing is included in the ticket price – no slippers, towels, shampoo, robes, and so on. Take everything you need for such places with you; you can’t rent these. You can buy something you forget at each complex, but the standard price for slippers and towels is around 25 euros.
  • If you’re visiting thermal baths with outdoor pools when it’s cold, bring a robe. You won’t die without it, but it’ll be much more comfortable with it.
  • Note that many of thermal baths in Hungary open very early, sometimes at 6-7 in the morning. The earlier you go, the fewer people there are. On weekends, especially in peak season, it can be very crowded, even in lesser-known baths.
hungarian baths best
Anna Baths in Szeged, one of my favorites in Hungary.


You can visit all thermal baths with children. But sometimes it seems that parents are out of touch with reality, taking kids to places where they get bored, which is at least inappropriate. People come to baths to relax and unwind; there are no entertainments for children. Kids get really bored there and have nothing to do, all the while disturbing others’ relaxation. If you’re traveling with children, choose water parks and aqua complexes; they’re also listed in this ranking. And there, they all have thermal baths too. While one parent stays with the kids in the children’s areas, the other can relax in the thermal baths.

Here are baths from the ist above that are definitely not for kids: baths in Szechenyi, Rudas, Gellert, Anna Baths in Szeged, cave baths in Miskolc and Lake Heviz. Lake Heviz is quite deep everywhere, and it’s probably not safe for kids. All other water parks are designed for the whole family, and kids love them, as do parents.

Hungary thermal holidays
Cave baths on the outskirts of Miskolc. There are entire mazes in a real cave. Water is +35°C.
  • And the main advice: it’s easy to visit all the baths in Budapest, but it’ll take a lot of time outside the capital. Renting a car solves all these problems; renting a car in Hungary is a very simple, pleasant, and affordable process. And if you’re traveling with a family of 3-4 people, it’s even cheaper because public transport is quite expensive. All about car rental: personal experience, tips, and life hacks.
Hungarian baths
Gellert Baths in the center of Budapest, one of the most luxurious baths in Hungary.

In conclusion: thermal baths in Hungary can make up a long list. There are baths for couples and water parks for families with kids. Study the list in this article, read reviews on the ones you like, pay attention to the thermal baths rated 9 and 10; they are really awesome. Very often, tourists leave Hungary without even knowing about these super cool baths here, not just the crowded baths in Szechenyi.

I wish you an amazing relaxation experience at the best thermal baths in Hungary!

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