Everything about Hungary tour packages today. Discover the types of tour packages available, the cities people visit for vacations or treatments in Hungary, a country without a sea. You’ll find advice and tips to help choose the best tour package for yourself. Perhaps you might even organize your dream trip to Hungary using this guide—it contains all the necessary information

Hungary Tour Packages Today

Getting to Hungary by car is easy from any part of Europe. That’s why most travelers prefer driving around Europe in private cars.

However, if you don’t have a car or feel uncomfortable driving abroad, you can book a bus tour package or even a flight tour package.

Hungary Tour Packages
The most popular Hungary tour packages have always been sightseeing in Budapest or visiting the country’s thermal springs for treatment. The photo shows Lake Hévíz, the largest thermal lake in the world, located 180 km from Budapest. There’s a famous clinic by the lake that treats joint diseases, arthritis, and more.

Most Popular Hungary Tour Packages

Here are the most popular Hungary tour packages:

  • Hungary Tour Packages for Treatment. Many inquire about stays at health resorts. But in reality, Hungary doesn’t have health resorts like specialised hospitals; health-oriented stays involve relaxation in thermal baths. Thermal baths are available all over the country, and elderly people often come here for weeks.
  • Sightseeing Tours in Hungary. These are further divided into bus tours and air tours.
  • There’s also a niche for wine enthusiasts, with tours to the country’s wine regions. Hungary boasts 31 wine regions, not just Tokaji. There are entire tours leading to private wineries and cellars. Everything about Hungary’s alcoholic drinks and wine, including information about the country’s wine villages, can be found here.

Hungary tour packages can be found on the website:

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Anna’s Thermal Baths in Szeged: Predominantly chloride and carbonate water.

Tips: How to Organize Everything Yourself

If you couldn’t find convenient Hungary tour packages but wish to visit, for example, the thermal Lake Hévíz, here’s a straightforward guide on how to organize it yourself.

  • You’ll need a visa for Hungary, a regular Schengen visa (if you’re a non-EU citizen, US, Canadian, or Australian). Read all about visas for Hungary here. Having a Schengen visa in your passport is 80% of the success.
  • The article linked here discusses the optimal flight routes to Hungary. You’ll learn where to find tickets and the most convenient, affordable routes available today.
  • Next, choose what interests you: exploring Hungarian cities or improving your health in thermal baths. The key is to choose the right place; here are two useful articles:
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Thermal complex in Kaposvár and sodium thermal water.

For those finding it challenging to decide, here are the tourists’ top choices: thermal Lake Hévíz, cave baths in Miskolc, and Anna baths in Szeged. Each of these places has an in-depth review in the pages of this guide.

I often receive questions about getting around the country if renting a car isn’t an option. Hungary is a very small country with excellent public transportation. Buses and trains from Budapest go to the most remote corners of the country. Within 3 hours by train from Budapest, you can easily reach any reasonably large Hungarian city without changes. Everything about transport in Hungary, where to check schedules, and buy tickets.

In conclusion: the choice of Hungary tour packages today is limited because planning an independent trip is entirely feasible. The country is safe and open to tourists.

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