5 star hotels in Albania are far from being the most popular type of accommodation in the country. It’s not like Egypt or Turkey here. In Albania, finding a 5-star hotel is as difficult as finding snow in winter—it’s more of an exception than the norm.

5 star hotels in Albania
Such hotels in Albania are very few.

5 star hotels in Albania: key points

Here’s a brief and concise summary of everything you need to know about this category of hotels in the country:

  • Package tourism and all-inclusive beach resorts are not well-developed in Albania.
  • While you can still find 5-star hotels, those that operate like the ones in Egypt or Turkey are nowhere to be found.
    • This is not due to the backwardness of Albania’s tourism sector; in fact, it’s doing quite well.
    • It’s because of the country’s unique features.
    • Albania is not just about beaches and beach vacations. It’s also about mountains, waterfalls, canyons, hot springs, ancient and Byzantine architecture, and much more.
    • The essence of a vacation in Albania is moving around the country from one amazing place to another. Spending the entire vacation on one beach is sacrilege. There are plenty of other great countries for that.
    • As there is no demand for such hotels, consequently, there is no niche for 5-star all-inclusive resorts.

Important to know:

However, for those tourists who want to travel around the country and explore its various corners while enjoying comfort and high-quality service, there are 5 star hotels in Albania available in almost every resort. You can easily travel along the Albanian coast, visit different resorts, and stay for a couple of nights in a good 5 star hotel in each place.
albania 5 star hotels
In the mountains of Albania, there are such canyons, but there are no 5-star hotels here. So, what should one do?

Here are some more points about 5-star hotels:

  • Practically in every such hotel, breakfast will be included in the price. However, please note that this is not a mandatory feature and might not be available in some cases.
  • 5 star hotels in Albania can only be found along the coastline in resort areas. If you venture into the mountainous parts of the country, you might not find any there.
  • Detailed information about prices for vacation packages to Albania, where to find them, and how much they cost can be found through the provided link.
  • And here, read about the pros and cons of vacationing in Albania. This article will further help you understand what to expect from this country.

Regarding the prices of such hotels:

Albania can pleasantly surprise you here. While in Europe, a room in a 5-star hotel can cost 200 euros per night or even more, you can find good options for 5 star hotels in Albania for as low as 100 euros per night.

To sum up all that has been said above: there are 5 star hotels in Albania, but those operating on an “All-Inclusive” basis are scarce. You can count them on the fingers of one hand, and you’d still have fingers left.

Resort Ratings in Albania

Below, you will find a dynamic rating of 5 star hotels in different resorts of Albania. By clicking on each hotel, you’ll find a full description, reviews, photos, and prices. At the end of the article, you’ll also find links to great resources for searching for both packages and hotels in Albania.

Albania 5-star hotels on the coast
The largest selection of hotels for package tourism is probably in Golem.

5-star hotels in Durrës, in Golem, and in Kavaja.

Technically, these are different towns, but today they have grown so much that it is no longer clear where Durrës ends and Golem begins. All three cities have merged into one resort area with a beach about 30 km long.

  • The beach is sandy.
  • Infrastructure: high.
  • This is the most populous resort in the country due to its proximity to the capital. It’s only 40 km away from Tirana. Everyone local prefers to relax here.
  • Personally, I prefer to relax in the south of the country in Sarandë and Ksamil. The sea is more beautiful and cleaner there, with more entertainment options.
  • But if you find a good option that you like in Durrës, my advice is to choose one away from the port.

Below is a list of the best five-star hotels in Durrës and Golem.

5 star hotels in Vlora

Vlora is a fantastic and major city in Albania. Personally, I prefer it over Durrës. It’s cleaner, with a magnificent promenade, and fewer tourists. Unlike Golem, which has evolved into a beach resort entirely focused on tourism, Vlora is a vibrant city where people go about their daily lives, working and pursuing their affairs.

  • You can find a detailed article about Albanian beach resorts through the provided link. It describes their characteristics and differences, helping you make an informed choice while searching for that perfect vacation spot.

That concludes the list of 5 star hotels in Vlora.

Important to know:

There are no 5-star hotels in the city center of Vlora; they are all located on the outskirts or in the suburbs. However, these locations offer breathtaking beaches and views. And if you need to reach the city center, a taxi ride of 10-15 minutes will do the trick. You can find information about taxis in Albania here.

Magnificent 5-star options in Ksamil and Saranda

Saranda is a small town, and Ksamil is more of a resort village, just 7 km apart in the southern part of Albania. But together, they form the most stunning resort in the country, offering a multitude of advantages:

  • Here, you’ll find the Ionian Sea, while Durres and Vlora are on the Adriatic Sea.
  • The Ionian Sea boasts a more azure and transparent appeal.
  • The beaches here are smaller and cozier.
  • And most importantly, the views: a completely different landscape, with horizons stretching to Greek islands, mountains, and lagoons.

In this part of Albania, there are hardly any 5-star hotels. However, that’s not a problem. I recommend exploring the ratings of top 3- and 4-star hotels along the coastline. You’ll find worthy choices there.

Travel Tips

I hope you’ve grasped the essence of traveling in Albania.

  • Explore the country rather than staying in one place.
  • If you really desire a wonderful hotel, consider the beaches of Golem, preferably away from the port, or head to the southern part of Albania for resorts along the Ionian Sea.
  • Focusing on “All-Inclusive” packages isn’t necessary. Albania boasts numerous cafes and restaurants, offering delicious food at affordable prices. You won’t go hungry here. Besides, your hotel likely has a restaurant available if needed.
  • Remember, all the beaches in the country are public. There are no privately owned and fenced-off beaches like in Egypt. Anyone can visit any beach in Albania. The only things you might pay for are umbrellas and sun loungers, which depend on each hotel’s individual policy.

In conclusion: 5 star hotels in Albania are represented by a modest list. Vacationing in this country is unlike popular tourist destinations for tourists. That’s the uniqueness of Albania. However, if you are unwilling to compromise and only seek premium hotels, you will find them. Yes, the selection is not vast, but they do exist.

Wishing you a fantastic and unforgettable vacation on the Albanian Riviera!

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