An important part of the journey is the excursions in Albania. I will tell you about the country’s excursion program, the guides, where and how to find them. You will also learn about the prices and types of excursions available in Albania. There will be plenty of useful information that will likely save you not only money but time as well.

extreme sports in albania
With a guide, you can even reach hard-to-reach waterfalls. It’s possible without a guide, but it’s easier with one.

Excursions in Albania: General points

In brief, as of 2024, this niche exists in Albania, but it’s not well developed. Let me explain why:

  • As of 2024, there is no major excursion agency in the country, not even in Tirana.
  • All excursion programs are offered by small individual companies, and they may not exist in every city. In neighboring Montenegro, this niche is far more developed.
  • At the bottom of the article, there are links to two resources with the largest database of tours in Albania. Interestingly, Viator has three times more tours throughout the country than GetYourGuide. There are excursions to landmarks, maritime adventures, gastronomic experiences, extreme activities, waterfall tours, and even multi-day excursions

Important to know:

Excursions in Albania are something you should plan in advance. You can’t just arrive in a city and buy a sightseeing tour on the beach here. They simply don’t exist. The only excursions you can buy on the spot are boat trips along the coast. At least those are sold along the coastline, and you have options to choose from.
  • Another crucial point is the language.
    • In neighboring countries, for example, in Serbia, the language is remotely similar to the languages of other Slavic countries. Thus, Poles and Czechs can slightly understand Serbs or Croats. The same applies to you. It’s very helpful, especially during excursions with local guides.
    • Don’t expect the same in Albania. Even if you manage to learn two words in Albanian by the end of your trip, like “hello” and “thank you,” I’ll applaud you standing:)
    • The language is very complex and unlike anything else. Read more about the Albanian language for tourists and what you need during your trip through the link provided.
excursions in albania
Our sightseeing tour of Tirana is for four people. It’s convenient that all our preferences can be accommodated in such a small group.

Important to know:

99% of the tours in the country are conducted in English. Italian is also commonly spoken, given the presence of a significant Italian ethnic population, and it serves as the second foreign language for Albanian children in schools.

Excursions in Albania: Types and Prices

Below is a list of excursions available in Tirana and throughout the country. I will mention the prices and possibly provide some links to resources for finding them. So, excursions in Albania include:

  • City tours for 2-4 hours
  • Wine tours to Albanian vineyards and wineries, as well as food tours
  • Water activities such as day trips
  • Nature excursions, for example, to the Sotira or Bogove waterfalls.
    • For detailed information about the waterfalls, refer to a separate article. It provides information on how to get there independently.
    • But, for example, reaching the Sotira waterfall even by car is quite challenging, so one-day excursions from Tirana and Berat are popular.

Important to know:

The most popular excursion programs in Albania are day trips. For example, from Tirana, not by bus but by car with a guide, you travel to Berat, then to Gjirokastër, then to the Blue Eye, and return late at night. There are many programs like this with different combinations. They are convenient for those who don’t have a car and have limited time since the buses in Albania are slow, and you won’t see much on them.
tours in tirana
Strolling through the narrow streets of these ancient Albanian cities with a guide is much more interesting.
  • There are also programs that cover the whole country for 3-6 days. But they are for those who have the budget and don’t want to organize anything themselves. The prices for such tours are quite high, but the level of comfort and organization is excellent as well. For instance, hiking in the Albanian Alps with a guide.
  • And of course, there are extreme activities, if we can call them that. In Albania, they are represented by two activities:
    • Paragliding with an instructor. There are two spots:
      • On Mount Dajti in Tirana (Dajti)
      • At the Llogara Pass at the junction of two seas
      • Price: around 70 euros, depending on the number of people, season, etc.
      • Where to book?

City Sightseeing Tours in Tirana, Berat, Sarandë

Below are options for city sightseeing tours in different cities of Albania. There are no trips and transfers to other cities here. Usually, you meet the guide in the city center, and the entire excursion lasts up to 4 hours.

  • Tirana Sightseeing Tours: Here are four excellent city sightseeing tours in Tirana. Price: starting from 15 euros. There is also a 6-hour tour that includes both Tirana and Durrës. For those unfamiliar, Durrës is an ancient city in Albania, only 40km from Tirana.
  • Berat Sightseeing Tours and Surroundings: I also highly recommend the excursion to the Osumi Canyon and Bogovë waterfall.
  • Sarandë Sightseeing Tours and Surroundings: Prices start from 30 euros. The most interesting places to visit with a guide include the excavations of the ancient city of Butrint.

Useful to know:

The lists of excursions above and those that will follow are completely dynamic. You can click, read reviews, get a full itinerary, contact the guide, view photos, and so on.

Wine Tasting and Food Tours

Cuisine and alcohol hold a special place in Albania. Surprisingly, some tourists visit this country specifically for gastronomic experiences. You can read all about Albanian cuisine and beverages in the article. Below are the most exciting programs in Albanian food tourism.

Here, study carefully, as there are wine tours, food tours to the coolest places in Tirana, as well as a mix of both.

Sea Tours along the Albanian Coast

I won’t provide links here since this type of activity is the easiest to find locally, on the main promenade of the city. In any resort town, you will find signs like those in the photos below. If there’s no one nearby, there’s always a phone number to contact via WhatsApp and inquire.

There’s a wide selection of sea excursions, ranging from 1 hour to a whole day. You can catch a sunset at sea, have dinner onboard, and so on. Prices for a standard excursion covering 2-3 beaches range from 30 euros per person.

tours in albania
There are many such advertising boards. Feel free to write to the number.
albania private guide
A choice to suit every taste
water activities in albania
You can find excursions on small boats or even yachts.

Excursions in Albania to waterfalls, canyons, and mountains

I love such excursions more than wandering through cities. Nature truly captivates me, especially the mountains. In Albania, there is a vast array of hiking trails of varying difficulty in the mountains. Just the fact that 71% of the country’s territory is covered by mountains says a lot.

There are routes in the mountainous regions where you can find ancient roads, aqueducts, and bridges that were used thousands of years ago. And all of this is freely accessible.

Below is a list of the most incredible excursions to the natural beauty of Albania. Pay attention to the excursion to Theth, in the Prokletije Mountains in northern Albania. Our report on how we spent four days in these mountains independently can be found through the link provided. However, not everyone has enough time and means to reach there, so an excursion with a guide is an excellent alternative. The place is simply awe-inspiring.

  • Prices for such excursions start at 50-70 euros and can go up to 500-700 euros, depending on the number of days, level of service, group size, and more.

One-day excursions from Tirana and other cities to the landmarks

This is quite straightforward. You are in Albania, time is limited, and there is so much to see, but you don’t have a car. In such cases, these excursions are the solution. Typically, they last 12-15 hours. Early in the morning, a guide picks you up from your hotel, and you spend the entire day until late at night exploring Albanian landmarks by car. They bring you back at night.

  • The price for such excursions usually starts at 100 euros.
  • The biggest downside is that you want to fit everything in, but it’s impossible to do it in one day.
  • If you plan a somewhat relaxed itinerary, for example, a whole day would be taken up by a trip from Tirana to Berat and visiting all the landmarks in and around Berat. Plus, you have to return on the same day. So, multi-day excursions are better, but we’ll discuss that below.

Multi-day excursions in Albania

Let me explain why they exist. For instance, you read an article about the top 30 landmarks in the country and choose the ones you absolutely must visit. But you don’t have a driving license to rent a car, and organizing and planning the perfect route is also beyond your capabilities. That’s when these excursions come to the rescue.

Yes, the prices are such that not everyone’s budget can handle them. But they chauffeur you around, provide meals, book hotels along the route, and all of this is usually included in the price. If you calculate, it might be cheaper to do it on your own, but you won’t be able to organize such a trip by yourself.

In conclusion: excursions in Albania cater to every taste and preference. The only problem is the language. All the best programs are conducted in English. However, the sign language here is well-developed, and, for example, during boat trips or wine tastings, basic knowledge of the language is sufficient. In mountain hikes, you won’t need any language at all.

The only excursions where English or Italian is essential are those related to museums, castles, and historical landmarks. They will tell you about history, interesting facts, and much more. It’s essential to understand at least that.

Wishing you fantastic and vibrant experiences on your excursions in Albania!

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