Is the vacation not far away? We will tell you about the best beach hotels in Albania with high ratings. There will also be a lot of useful information for tourists, what to expect from hotels in Albania in general. What types of rooms and services are available in this country. Additionally, there will be tips and recommendations.

beach hotels in Albania
The beach of Durrës in November when there are no tourists

Hotels in Albania: features

Below are general aspects that apply to 99.9% of the country’s hotels. It doesn’t matter if they are 5-star or unrated. You will find these features in every hotel.

  • Tile flooring.
    • This is a regional feature. Tile is easier to maintain and more durable. Almost all places in Albania have tiled floors. The downside is that it’s always cold, especially noticeable if you plan to visit Albania in April-May or September-October.
    • Bring warm socks with you. Read more about other essential items to take to Albania.
  • Air conditioning.
    • Energy resources in Albania are quite expensive, including gasoline and electricity.
    • Yes, all 5-star hotels will have air conditioning. But not every 4-star hotel room will have it.
    • If this feature is important to you, pay attention to it when booking. Remember, there is no central heating in the country, and during cold months, rooms are heated using air conditioning.
  • Beaches and the sea.

Important to know:

All the coastline and beaches of Albania are public and free. Hotels cannot fence off the beach like in Egypt. At most, you might find a paid umbrella and sunbed.
seaview hotels albania
Beaches in Albania are free and open to all. In high season, all the space you see in photos is occupied by sunbeds.

One important point

In Albania, there are very few hotels that operate on an “All Inclusive” basis. I believe there are no more than 20 such hotels in the country. I know two personally, and both have not the best ratings and reviews. I won’t mention them here. Just know:

  • Cafes and restaurants are everywhere in Albania.
  • The cuisine is not spicy or exotic. There is a lot of meat, vegetables, and cheese in the dishes. You can learn all about Albanian cuisine from this link.
  • All hotels offer two types of meal plans: no meals and breakfast only.
    • Having breakfast included is convenient. You don’t have to think about where to eat. You can have breakfast and head out to see the country’s amazing landmarks.
    • But if your hotel doesn’t offer breakfast, don’t worry. Trust me, you won’t go hungry in Albania.

Interesting fact:

Hotels in Albania are the second most popular type of accommodation for tourists. The first is apartments or aparthotels. The main difference is that apartments have larger rooms and a kitchen in your room. Hotels, on the other hand, do not have kitchens in the rooms. You can read all about accommodation in Albania, the differences, peculiarities, and where to find them in the article from the link.
apartments with breakfast in albania
If your hotel includes breakfast, you can expect this typical Albanian breakfast. Usually, they also serve fruits with it.

Beach hotels in Albania on the coast: rating

Calling it a rating might be difficult, but below I’ll give examples of very good hotels with high ratings and guest reviews in all the resort towns of Albania. All the hotels are clickable, you can click on the links, view photos, and read reviews.

In reality, there are many more such hotels in each city than what is mentioned in this article. Firstly, the goal is to show you what to expect from hotels in Albania. Secondly, at the end of the article, there are links to major resources and hotel databases in Albania. There, you can use filters for location and rooms with sea views. Whatever your heart desires.

Beach hotels in Durrës


The length of the beach in Durrës is over 30 km. The neighboring towns like Golem and Kavajë are considered part of Durrës. So, don’t be surprised if one hotel is listed in Durrës while another is in Golem. It’s normal; they are essentially the same hotel.

With such a long beach, it’s obvious that there are numerous beachfront hotels. Below, I’ll mention a few that I know and can vouch for their quality of service at reasonable prices. Their ratings speak for themselves.

Author’s opinion:

My least favorite resort in Albania: Durrës-Golem-Kavajë. It’s the dirtiest resort in the country. Durrës has the largest cargo port in Albania in the city center, and its proximity to the capital (40 km to Tirana) makes it the most popular holiday destination for locals. If you have the opportunity to choose any other resort, go for it. But if you’ve already booked your vacation, don’t worry, everything is fine in Durrës, and you’ll have a wonderful vacation; it’s just that the other resorts are much better 🙂
hotels on the beach in albania
Photo from our beach hotel in Durrës. The beach is endless, and you can see Golem on the horizon, followed by Kavajë.

Beach hotels in Albania in Vlorë

Vlorë or Vlora is the third-largest city in the country. On one hand, it’s somewhat similar to Durrës. It’s located along the sea, has a port, and is relatively close to Tirana.

But on the other hand, there are fewer tourists here, it’s much cleaner, has a beautiful promenade, and the port is not as busy as in Durrës. That’s why I personally prefer Vlorë for relaxation over Durrës. It has fewer downsides than Durrës and even more upsides.

Hotels in Saranda and Ksamil

Objectively, the best resort in the country. Everyone recommends vacationing here, in the southern part of Albania. And I wholeheartedly agree with them.

saranda hotel look
View from our hotel on the first line in Saranda: on the right, you can already see the Greek islands.

Saranda and Ksamil are two towns only 7 km apart. If you need more infrastructure and nightlife, then Saranda is the choice. If you want to spend the day relaxing on the beach with an amazing view of the islands, then Ksamil is your place.

Travel Tips when choosing a hotel in Albania

  • Don’t pay too much attention to the presence of breakfast. You won’t starve in this country.
  • Carefully read the information about the beach of the hotel you’re going to.
    • Yes, they are all free.
    • But the beaches in the country are completely different. Some are very small and crowded.
    • There are both sandy and pebble beaches, and they are all mixed together.
  • The best places for relaxation, the cleanest and most beautiful sea, are in the south of the country. These are the towns beyond the Llogara Pass:

In conclusion: there are beach hotels in Albania right on the coast. The selection is quite extensive. Beach hotels with 3 and 4 stars are the most popular. There are very few 5-star hotels. In most cases, breakfast is included in the room rate. And a standard room in such beach hotels costs 50-70 euros per day in the high season.

Wishing you magnificent views from your room on the Adriatic Sea!

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