Below you will learn about transfers and taxi in Albania. I will answer any questions you have on this topic and also provide tips on where you can save not only money but also time. All information will be presented briefly and concisely.

taxi in albania
Taxis in Albania are yellow and green, and there are also white ones. However, there is no difference between them. Just know that green taxis are electric cars and they can be cheaper.

Transfer and taxi in Albania: general information, differences

Let’s start with what distinguishes one mode of transportation from another specifically in Albania.

  • Taxis are taxis in the traditional sense as we are accustomed to. Yellow cars (or green ones) can be called by phone, through WhatsApp, or hailed in the city.
  • A transfer in Albania is a concept applicable only in very small towns where there is no proper regular bus service. A transfer is more like a shuttle without any schedule. But sometimes, it is the only way to get out of a remote area of the country at a reasonable cost.

It is important to know:

Taxi in Albania are completely safe for tourists. The likelihood of robbery or deception is practically zero. Albanians don’t engage in such activities. You can confidently hail a taxi on the street and go wherever you need to.

Yes, it is always better to agree on the price in advance, and then you won’t have any questions at all. But you can also ride based on the taxi fares displayed in each car. Also, note that all taxis are equipped with taximeters. And they provide a receipt after the trip!

  • Don’t forget that you can pay in euros if you wish.
  • And if you plan to travel by taxi in Tirana, read the article about parking and roads in the country. There, you will find specific information about Tirana’s traffic jams. Spoiler: the capital has severe traffic jams every day during rush hours.
taxi in tirana
However, driving around Tirana at night and in the early morning at sunrise is a delight.

Everything about taxi in Tirana

Why only in Tirana? Because taxis are hardly needed in other cities, almost non-existent. Why? Read the article about cities in Albania, and you will find out that the second-largest city in the country has a population of just over 100,000, while all the others are smaller.

Only in Tirana does taxi exist as a service. In all other cities, taxis are not the most popular service. Yes, they exist, and if your budget allows, you can take a taxi to visit attractions around Saranda or Gjirokastër, but that’s more of an exception.

Here are a few more interesting points:

  • Albania is about 5-8 years behind our taxi service market.
    • Uber does not exist here.
    • There is no centralized taxi service.
    • There are several local companies with websites and apps, such as
    • Additionally, some companies allow you to book a taxi through their website, phone, or WhatsApp
tirana transportation
There are many taxis in Tirana, just hail one with a wave of your hand.

Also the taxi in Tirana are represented by around 30-40 relatively large car fleets. There are also thousands of independent taxi drivers who work on their own. I repeat, traveling with any driver is safe for tourists.

Cost and fares of taxi in Tirana

Almost all taxi drivers have same fares. You can see them in the photos below.

Taxi fares in Tirana
Taxi fares in Tirana

If you haven’t agreed on the price in advance, the trip will be based on the taximeter.

Useful to know:

Even if you have agreed on the price, the driver will still activate the taximeter. And don’t worry if the trip hasn’t ended yet but the amount on the screen is already higher than agreed and keeps increasing. You will only be charged what you agreed upon. Well, at least that’s how it has always been for me.

So here are the taxi fares in Albania, specifically in Tirana:

  • Daytime fare from 7 am to 10 pm:
    • If the trip is less than 1.5 km, the price is 300 LEK (3 euro).
    • Up to 5 km – 100 LEK/km (1 euro) or 25 LEK/minute. This depends on traffic. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, the taximeter counts the time.
    • Up to 10 km – 85 LEK/km or 20 LEK/minute.
  • Nighttime fares:
    • If the trip is less than 1.5 km, the price is 350 LEK (3.5 euro).
    • Up to 5 km – 120 LEK/km (1.2 euro) or 25 LEK/minute. There are no traffic jams in Tirana at night.
    • Up to 10 km – 95 LEK/km or 20 LEK/minute.

In summary:

If we take the average, expect to pay 100 LEK per kilometer. That’s 1$. If you see that the city is congested, and the distance to your destination, for example, is 5 km, immediately negotiate with the taxi driver for 500 LEK. Because in traffic, it will be more, around 600-700.


Electric taxi services are gaining popularity in Albania today. They significantly undercut the market. Especially their fares from Tirana to the airport are cheaper. If the standard taxi fare is 2000-2500 LEK, these guys can take you for as low as 1500 LEK. And that’s because gasoline in Albania is terribly expensive, 1.8 euros per liter. Such taxis are usually painted green.

All about transfers in Albania

To begin with, I recommend reading the article about public transportation in the country. There you will find information about public transportation in Tirana and intercity bus services.

In short, the situation with public transportation in Albania is rated three out of ten. It is scarce and infrequent. Small towns often lack regular bus services altogether, and that’s where private transfers come to the rescue. Here’s what tourists need to know, the most important points:

  • There are no websites or schedules for these transfers.
  • They are essentially minibusses as we understand them.

The most crucial point:

The locals are the ones who know the most about transfers in a specific area. If you need to go somewhere, ask the owner of your apartment. Not only will they provide all the necessary information, but they will also call the driver, make arrangements, and even arrange for pickup from your accommodation. And the cost will be the same as for locals. This is the best way to get the most up-to-date information.
transfer in albania
Here is an example of a typical transfer vehicle in remote areas of Albania.
  • For instance, in the mountains of Prokletije, there is no public transportation from the village of Theth. However, there is a local resident who travels to Shkodër for errands every day. Everyone in the village knows him, and he offers rides to and from the city in his old Mercedes. You won’t be able to find him on your own without the help of your guesthouse owner.

Be aware that the standard fare for such transfers between cities within a 70 km mountainous route is around 7-10 euros per person.

Car rental in Albania is affordable, and the driving conditions are similar to ours. It is safe everywhere, and there are fewer reckless drivers compared to our country. If possible, renting a car is the best mode of transportation in Albania.

In conclusion, I hope you have no more questions about transfers and taxi in Albania. May your journey be hassle-free and filled with pleasant moments.

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