Dhermi today is an important resort on the Albanian coastline for tourists from all over Europe. And during the peak season, there are plenty of vacationers here, if not as crowded as Rimini, where only the top layer of people sunbathes, but still a considerable number. Spoiler alert: there’s enough space for everyone on the beach here.

dhermi in albania
The old part of the town is quite small but very beautiful.

Dhermi: Facts about the City

A small coastal town on the southern coast of Albania, facing the Ionian Sea. By the way, Dhermi is the first town after the Llogara Pass. For those who don’t know, Llogara Pass is an incredible tourist attraction with a viewpoint where you can see two seas meet. But more about that later.

The total population of the town and its suburbs is around 6,000 people. And Dhermi itself is not big. If you come here to explore historical landmarks, it’s better to choose larger cities, as you can cover all the interesting spots in Dhermi in an hour or two. You can pretty much explore all of Dhermi in an hour or two.

People come here for beach vacations, which can be combined with trips to fascinating places within a 70km radius from the city. In the travel map, you’ll find all the interesting places from this guide. It will help you plan your perfect trip and not miss anything.

Dhermi: Where to Stay?

Today, the city is actively developing its tourist infrastructure. There’s plenty of accommodation available, but you won’t find 4- or 5-star hotels here. Even apartments are not as abundant as in other cities. Over 50% of rental accommodations are guesthouses. In the linked article, you can read about the types of accommodation in Albania, their peculiarities, the difference between apartments and guesthouses, and much more.

Below are a few excellent options to stay in Dhermi.

  • Perivolos Apartments – a small apartment-hotel with a kitchen in each apartment. According to tourist reviews, this option has a rating of 9.5 and is one of the most popular places in Dhermi. The biggest advantage is that there’s a swimming pool on the premises, which is rare for Dhermi.
  • Penelope 2 – one of the best guesthouses with lovely hosts and a view of both the sea and the mountains.
  • You can find the complete list of accommodation options in Dhermi below.
where to stay in dhermi
The view of the city and the mountains, with the sea behind the photographer. On the hill to the right, you can see the road and the church, which is the main attraction of Dhermi.

Important to know:

Although Dhermi is a small town, it can be conditionally divided into the old and new parts. The old town is situated 200 meters above sea level and about 2 km away from the beaches, while the new tourist area is located along the coastline. Always pay attention to which part of the city your accommodation is in

Attractions and Beaches in Dhermi

As the city is small, and the list of attractions within Dhermi itself can be counted on one hand, let me tell you what else you can see outside the city. Even if you don’t have a car and there’s no public transport to some places, you can easily reach them by taxi at a reasonable cost.

Beach and Attractions in the City Itself

The main attraction of the city is the Church and Monastery of Saint Mary – Manastiri i Shën Marisë.

  • Located on a hill in the old town.
  • Coordinates: 40.153124, 19.642570
  • The church is situated at an altitude of about 250 meters.
  • It’s 3 km away from the main beach of the city. As the road is uphill all the way, plan about 1 hour to get there and 30-40 minutes back.
  • Entry is free, but the doors are not open around the clock. Usually, you can access the complex during the daytime.
what to see in dhermi
View of the entire city from the Church of Saint Mary

Author’s rating:

9 out of 10. Even if you’re not fond of churches, this place deserves your attention. Firstly, apart from strolling around the old town, there’s not much else to see here. Secondly, you get the best view of the entire city of Dhermi from here.

The main beach in Dhermi. It’s actually the second and last attraction of the city.

  • The special feature of this beach is its length, which spans 2 km—larger than the city itself. Even during the peak season, the beach remains quite spacious. There’s enough room for everyone.
  • The beach has pebbles.
  • The beach is exceptionally beautiful, as you will see from the Llogara Pass. From the observation deck, you get an excellent view of Dhermi and the beach.
dhermi beach
All beaches in the country are free, and this one is no exception.

Author’s rating:

Considering the small size of the town, this beach offers one of the best beach experiences on the entire Albanian Riviera.

Attractions Beyond Dhermi

The list of places outside Dhermi is much more extensive. Some places are accessible on foot, while others require a car. Within an hour’s drive, there are numerous fascinating locations. You can easily diversify your stay in Dhermi by dedicating half a day to sightseeing and the other half to relaxing on the beach.

Below is a list of places in the vicinity of Dhermi that you will surely enjoy. The list is brief; you can find more details about each place through the links.

Pirate Cave

  • Pirate Cave.
    • Distance: 300 meters from Dhermi Beach, but you can only access it by boat.
    • It’s quite an unusual, small, and beautiful cave in the rock. I’d say it’s more like a grotto. It can only accommodate one boat. There’s a natural hole in the ceiling, which makes the cave well-lit and adds more charm to it.
    • Coordinates: 40.132922, 19.650245
    • The easiest way to visit it is as part of an excursion on a small boat.
    • You can buy tickets on the beach. The excursion takes half a day. The route is from Dhermi Beach – Pirate Cave – Gjipe Beach and back.
    • The cost is 2000 lek per person (20 euros).

Author’s rating:

I recommend it especially for those who love boat trips on the sea. Because you can walk to Gjipe Beach, paying 20 euros just to see the cave might not be worth it. Though it’s beautiful, it’s quite small, and you’ll spend only about 5 minutes inside.

Other attractions:

  • Gjipe Beach and Canyon. One of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. It’s relatively wild and secluded.
  • Llogara Pass and a fantastic viewpoint where two seas meet.
    • 12 km from Dhermi, or 20 minutes by car.
  • Himara town, a castle on the hill, and a bunker in the rock for a submarine.
    • 16 km, or 30 minutes by car.
  • Borsh village.
    • You can visit a medieval fortress on the hill.
    • 32 km from Dhermi, or 50 minutes by car.
beaches bear dhermi
Gjipe Beach, which is, in fact, the entire beach.

Travel Tips

Dhermi is a perfect place to stay for 2-3 days, explore the surrounding attractions, sunbathe, and continue your journey. Staying for more than 3 days might not offer much to do unless you are a beach lover who enjoys spending the whole day by the sea.

  • Know that this region has been inhabited by ethnic Greeks since ancient times. They make up over 60% of the population here.
  • This cultural influence is evident in many aspects of your vacation:
    • Numerous dining establishments are owned by Greeks, offering cuisine with Greek flavors.
    • Every household produces its own olive oil, which you can purchase.
    • Greek signage and indicators are frequently seen.

In conclusion, Dhermi is an excellent resort on the Ionian Sea. Personally, I find it more appealing than Adriatic resorts like Golem, Durres, and Vlora. However, if you prefer a larger city with better infrastructure, neighboring Himara or even the southern Saranda might be better choices. Nevertheless, I am confident that your stay here will be unforgettable; this place has it all: beautiful sea and magnificent mountains.

This destination is truly worth your attention!

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