What are the prices in Albania for goods and services for tourists in 2024? This is one of the first and most important questions for any traveler. It forms the basis for planning a travel budget. In this article, I will tell you about the prices for everything that can be useful to an average tourist.

Receipt from an Albanian restaurant
An ordinary receipt from a regular restaurant in Albania. A complete dinner for four, just got up from the table. The photo was taken at an exchange rate of 100 lek per $1.

Prices in Albania: general information

First, I recommend reading an article about the currency of Albania. There you will learn not only that the country’s currency is the Albanian lek but also what can be paid for in euros, where it is better to exchange currency, and where cards are accepted for payment in Albania.

I want to dispel one stereotype:

The film industry and Albania’s ranking as one of the poorest countries in Europe have created the stereotype that Albania is a very cheap country where you can vacation like a king for 5 euros. In reality, it cannot be said that a vacation in Albania is cheap. Yes, it is affordable, but it’s not all for a few pennies.

If we evaluate the overall price level, here are the conclusions I can draw:

  • Food prices are about the same as in stores in Germany or Spain, perhaps slightly cheaper.
  • Eating in restaurants is slightly cheaper, but not significantly.
  • Car rental prices are quite budget-friendly, but gasoline prices are sky-high, like in other European countries.
  • Accommodation, especially on the waterfront, especially during the high season, is also not €5 per day, but much more expensive.
  • Fresh fish, despite being a coastal country, costs the same as in Italy or Spain.

Well, you understand that it’s not an expensive Barcelona or astronomically priced Switzerland, but it’s also not Southeast Asia where €5 is a lot of money. Many prices are comparable to ours, some things are more expensive, some things are cheaper.

Prices in Albania for:

And now let’s move on to the prices themselves. It is also important to understand that the prices I will be mentioning are for tourists who come here on vacation. If you come here to live for a couple of months, many expenses will be much cheaper. But this article is specifically for travelers.

For your convenience, I will provide all prices not only in Albanian lek but also in euros. You can always check the current exchange rate in the header of this guide.

Cost of groceries

fresh fish price in albania
At the fish markets, there is an excellent selection, the main thing is to come early.
Milk, 1.5l1501,5
Ayran, 0,5l400,4
Eggs, 10 pcs2502,5
Package of biscuits for tea, 280gr1501,5
Chicken sausages, 600gr4004
Brine cheeses (feta, branza), kg100010
Philadelphia cheese, 150gr2502,5
Mountain tea, pack2502,5
Turkish coffee, pack1501,5
Pasta, spaghetti, pack1501,5
Rice, bulgur, chickpeas, pack1001
Water, 5l1001
Canned olives, 300gr1001
Canned peas, 300gr1401,4
Canned beans, 300gr1001
Greek yogurt with cucumber tzatziki, kg3503,5
Lays, small pack1001
Snickers bar, each1101,1
Toast bread1001
Сhicken, 1kg6006
Pork, 1kg8008
Beef, 1kg100010
Fresh fish, kg (price depends on size and type)700-15007-15
Table of food prices in stores

Read all about Albanian stores in this article.

Prices for fruits and vegetables

Prices in Albania for vegetables and products
Such vegetable stalls can be found in large numbers throughout the country.

The price heavily depends on the season. The prices in this article are for August-October when the harvest is gathered. In spring, most vegetables will be more expensive.

Bell peppers1501,5
Table of prices for seasonal vegetables and fruits

Alcohol beverages and Cigarette Prices

Useful to know:

Albania is a heavily smoking country. Many people smoke here, and there are almost no restrictions on smoking in public places.
cigarette prices in Albania
Standard assortment of cigarettes in Albania
Cigarettes, average price per pack3003
Local beer, 0,51001
Imported beer, 0,51501,5
Rakia, 0,54004
Skanderbeg brandy, 0,55005
Greek Malamatina wine, 0,54504,5
Local wine, bottle7007
Vranac wine, bottle8008
Fernet liqueur, bottle100010
These are average prices, especially for wines. Prices can be lower or significantly higher.

Read all about spirits and wines in Albania here.

How much are Albanian wines
Vranac – the most famous wine in the Balkans

Prices in Albania in Cafes, Restaurants, and Taverns

The table below represents the average prices you will find in most eateries in the country. As you understand, you can find both cheaper and much more expensive options.

Seafood prices in Albanian restaurants
Seafood in Albania is much more expensive than meat and meat dishes. The photo shows grilled octopus.
Salad, can be shared by two people. Large portion3003
Traditional hot dishes5005
Beer, 0,52002
Soup of the day2502,5
Large pizza6006
Seafood (grilled octopus, shrimp, calamari)around 100010

Useful to know:

The average bill for one person in a restaurant in any city in Albania: main course, salad + glass of wine or beer + tip amounts to around 1000-1200 lek or 10-12 euros. Our usual dinner for two: one salad, two main courses, bread and tzatziki for bread, two beers – 2000 lek. Approximately 20 euro

  • Read all about dining in Albania here. There is a lot of useful information about tips, portion sizes, waiting time for orders, and more.

Prices for Accommodation (Hotels, Apartments)

View from high value hotel
View from a room on the waterfront in Saranda for 45 euros per day

The prices in the table below are specifically for tourists who rent accommodation for a short period. For expats and other travelers looking for accommodation for a month or longer, the prices are quite different.

Interesting to know:

Those who still believe that Albania is a very cheap country will be surprised. Yes, it is affordable, but not everything is free here.
Double room (sea view hotels and apartments), per dayfrom 30-50
4-star hotelsfrom 50
Hostels, per bedfrom 10
Double room in mountain guesthouses with breakfastfrom 30
Studio apartment (not beachfront)from 20
Prices are listed in euros only because even the locals consider this expense article in euros. It is also preferable to pay for accommodation in euros.

Prices for Rental Cars, Gasoline, and Parking

A very detailed article about car rental in Albania can be found at the link. In short, Albania is an ideal country for car rental: it is safe, there are no idiots like ours, and the traffic intensity is low (except in Tirana). Public transportation will not take you far in Albania; the bus network is almost non-existent.

petrol prices in albania
Gasoline is outrageously expensive in Albania.
Economy class in low season, per day20-30
Economy class in high season, per day30-45
The country’s roads are all toll-free and of good quality
Gasoline 95, per liter1,8
Parking is only paid in the center of major cities. It costs 50-100 lek per hour, depending on the zone0,5-1
Table of car rental, gasoline, and parking prices in Albania

In general, car rental is affordable, and all energy sources in Albania are very expensive. However, the distances traveled are not long here. So, if you don’t rent a huge SUV with high fuel consumption, you won’t spend much on gasoline. The roads are good everywhere, and parking is free in 90% of cases. But in any case, it is preferable to find accommodation with parking space.

Useful to know:

Renting an economy-class car for 14 days in Albania will cost around 300 euros + about 80 euros for gasoline. This is a reasonable price to fully explore the entire country. It is two to three times cheaper than renting a car in Croatia, for example.

Taxi and Public Transportation Prices

Taxi fare in Tirana
Taxis in Albania are of the familiar yellow color.

Below is not a comprehensive list of public transportation prices, but it should give you an idea.

City bus fare in Tirana400,4
Taxi fare in Tirana, per kilometer1004
Tirana – Airport taxi fare200020
Tirana – Shkodra bus fare4004
Tirana – Saranda bus fare8008
Airport shuttle – Vlora or Durres100010
Shkodra – Theth transfer120012
Shkodra – Koman Lake transfer8008
Taxi and public transportation prices

Excursion and Tour Prices in Albania

Prices for excursions
Excursion to the ancient city of Butrint

There is a wide selection of excursions in Albania, and everyone can find an interesting tour. Most excursions are conducted in English, and Italian is also often available.

From Tirana to BeratFull day100
From Tirana to Komani Lake + FerryFull day150
Walking sightseeing tour of Tirana3 hours40
Vlora, Saranda, Butrint, Blue Eye, Gjirokaster round tripFull day200
Excursion from Berat to Osumi Canyon and Bogove WaterfalFull day90
Wine tour from Berat to a private winery4 hours50
Table of excursion prices per person

For a full list of excursions in Albania, including prices and where to find them, read the overview article: All about excursions. You will also find information about extreme activities in the country.

Prices for Entrance Tickets to Attractions

all about ticket prices
Most attractions in the country are free. Some have a fee of up to 4 euros per person, while only a few are priced at 8-10 euros.

Below is an incomplete list; you can find the full list in the article about all attractions in Albania.

Table provides a better understanding of the price range for cultural activities during your trip to Albania.

Tirana Cable Car140014
Enver Hoxha Bunker BUNKART7007
Rozafa Castle (Shkoder)4004
Himara Castle3003
Berat Castlefreefree
Ancient City of Butrint100010
Cost of tickets for attractions in Albania

In reality, the majority of attractions in the country are free. For example, all waterfalls, canyons, and hot springs. The paid attractions are usually man-made.

Prices for Souvenirs from Albania

Souvenirs in Albania cost
Souvenirs with the Albanian eagle on a red background are very popular here.

For a full list of gifts that tourists bring from Albania, refer to the article through the provided link.

Gift bottle of Skanderbeg5005
Fernet liqueur100010
Mountain Albanian Mali Tea2302,3
Hand-knitted woolen items: socks, hats, sweatersfrom 500from 5
Table of prices for souvenirs from Albania

Airfare Prices to Albania

How much is a ticket to Tirana
Flying from European cities to Albania is affordable, the key is to choose the right dates.
  • In short, it is possible to purchase round-trip tickets from major European airports to Tirana for approximately 100-300 euros per person.

Important to know:

For information on how and where to purchase tickets to Tirana with short layovers and convenient arrival times, refer to the article through the provided link.

In conclusion, you now have a good understanding of the main aspects of prices in Albania for various goods and services for tourists. You can now estimate your travel budget. While it may not be as cheap as the stereotype suggests, your vacation will still be relatively inexpensive. If you exclude accommodation and excursions, many prices are comparable to or even cheaper than what we have at home.

Wishing you reasonable purchases at reasonable prices!

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