The weather in Albania during your vacation dates is one of the important topics for any traveler. After all, everyone wants warm sea, no precipitation, and comfortable air temperature. All of these can be found in Albania; you just need to choose the right time and have a little luck 🙂

When is the season in Albania
From July to September, the weather can be such that not a single cloud is in sight. Here’s a photo of Saranda in September.

The weather in Albania: general points

If you look at the world map, Albania is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Its coastal neighbors are Montenegro to the north and Greece to the south. We are familiar with these two countries as popular resorts. A significant number of tourists spend their vacations there. However, Albania is in no way inferior to them when it comes to weather. By the way, the same goes for leisure opportunities, but that’s a topic for other articles in the travel guide.

Here are some general points about the weather in Albania that you should know, which will influence your choice of resort:

  • Albania is a mountainous country. Although the mountains here are not very high, reaching up to 3000 meters, they occupy 71% of the country’s territory.
  • Albania is bordered by two seas. You can find more details about this in the article: which sea in Albania?
  • Since the country is small in size, the air temperature doesn’t vary significantly from city to city.
    • Usually, on a clear day, the north is only 1-2 degrees colder than the south. For example, in November, these 2 degrees will be noticeable, but during the season, you won’t even feel the difference between +31 and +33.
  • The rainy season is absent in the country. Well, it does exist, but the wettest months are December and January. Winter in Albania is humid. There is a lot of snow in the mountains, while the coastal areas never drop below zero.

It’s important to know:

If you plan to travel not only along the coast but also to the mountains, keep in mind that even during the hottest days when it’s +30 degrees at the seaside, in the city of Pogradec on Lake Ohrid, it’s unlikely to exceed +23 degrees. In the Albanian Alps and the Valbona Valley, it may be as low as +15 degrees. Don’t forget appropriate clothing. You can find more about the incredibly beautiful mountains of Albania here.
water temperature in Albania
In the mountains of Albania, at Lake Koman in September, it’s around +25 degrees, while on the coast, it’s much warmer. And here we are, all wearing jackets 🙂

When is the tourist season in Albania?

Here’s a brief but informative overview.


Albania enjoys over 300 sunny days per year, rivaling sunny destinations like Spain, Portugal, or Cyprus.

In reality, tourists visit Albania year-round. Even in January, people come here to relax by the sea or stroll through the cozy streets of Tirana during the Christmas and New Year. However, the high season starts from mid-April and lasts until the end of October.

Season in Albania:

From April to October

Yes, in April, the sea is still cold, and the nighttime temperatures can drop below 10 degrees. And in October, rain becomes more frequent. However, the weather is favorable for a great vacation. You can find everything about tourism in Albania and travel trends in a separate article.

  • The peak season in Albania falls in July and August. The only thing that can potentially disrupt your vacation during this time is the high number of tourists. Albania is becoming increasingly popular with travelers each year. Nevertheless, the weather during this time will definitely not spoil your experience.
  • There are two periods considered the “velvet” and comfortable season in Albania, when the heat is not excessive, and the number of tourists is not as high:
    • May to July
    • September to mid-October

Author’s recommendation:

If you love mountains and the golden autumn, I suggest visiting Albania at the end of October. If you’re lucky with the weather, you’ll witness an autumn in the mountains like you’ve never seen before.

Useful to know:

For those planning to visit Albania during the shoulder season: April and late October to early November, a lot depends on luck. Some years, it can already be quite cold during this time, while in others, like in early November 2021, the air temperature on the coast was +25 degrees. It’s more of an exception, but those who were there were extremely fortunate.

Weather in Albania by Month

To avoid writing lengthy text, I’ve decided to present everything in one clear image. In the photo below, you’ll find the average daily air temperature by month in the southern resort of Saranda, the most popular and, in my opinion, the best region in Albania for a beach vacation. Read more about Saranda in the article.

day temperature weather in albania
Weather in Albania by Month. 10-year average


Remember that temperatures in northern Albania are 1-2 degrees lower.

Water Temperature in the Sea in Albania

All the infographics regarding sea temperature in Albania are reflected in one image.

monthly water temperature in Albania
Water temperature in Albania by month.

There’s no need to invent anything here; it’s quite self-explanatory. The sea temperature is directly influenced by the air temperature. As mentioned earlier, the hottest months in Albania are July and August. By August, the sea warms up to 26 degrees Celsius and remains pleasantly warm even in September.

  • September is the ideal month for traveling in Albania.
    • The air temperature has slightly decreased, and the sun is not as scorching as in July and August. Overall, it’s comfortable. And the sea is still very warm during this time.
    • Moreover, the mountains are exceptionally beautiful in September.
    • And of course, autumn marks the harvest season: pomegranates, persimmons, and all kinds of citrus fruits. Everything about the fruits of Albania.

Travel Tips

I’ve answered all the key questions about the weather in Albania. Here are a few particularities, recommendations, or observations:

  • The Adriatic Sea in northern Albania is slightly murkier due to its sandy bottom. The waves bring sediment from the bottom, making the water less crystal clear. It might seem like a downside, but thanks to this, the water warms up a little better and is slightly warmer than in the south.
  • In the Ionian Sea in the south, on the other hand, the water is transparent as a tear. As a result, the sun rays warm it up less.
  • These are all personal observations and feelings from someone who practically lives in Albania.
  • Another piece of advice: if your travel itinerary includes not only the seaside but also the mountains, dress according to the weather. Don’t forget to bring sweaters and appropriate footwear. Shorts aren’t the best choice for the mountains.
  • Also, regardless of how hot it may be, bring warm socks with you. I recommend reading the article about the peculiarities of accommodation in Albania. It contains many interesting details.

In conclusion, Albania boasts 300+ sunny days per year. It has two seas and magnificent mountains. This country is made for an ideal vacation. The weather in Albania is more pleasant than in neighboring countries. The tourist season lasts for seven months a year. However, the perfect month for a vacation in this country is undoubtedly September. During this time, everything is wonderful: the sea, the mountains, and the fruits.

Wishing you excellent weather during your trip to Albania!

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