A country that few people know about, recently closed off and not popular among tourists. But today everything has changed. Let me tell you about 10 reasons to visit Qatar. You will be surprised, but today Qatar exceeds the expectations of travelers from all over the world, including yours.

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10 reasons why you should visit Qatar

This article will focus on the pros of Qatar, providing brief explanations where necessary, and linking to more in-depth articles that will answer all of your questions on the topic. And believe me, there are far more positives than negatives.

We won’t dwell on the negatives, as there are only two: alcohol is prohibited and it gets very hot in the summer. Alcohol cannot be purchased or brought into the country, but where it is available, such as in restaurants in tourist hotels, it can be quite expensive at $15 per glass of beer. As for the heat, it can reach +45 degrees Celsius in July and August, making it difficult to be outdoors, but the winter months are comfortable at +20-25 degrees Celsius.

reasons to visit qatar
Doha is already impressive today, and this is just the beginning.

Doha is a magnificent transportation hub and home to one of the best airports

Doha is the capital of Qatar and is shown in the photo above. It is a city of the future that will amaze you. It is home to a massive and modern international airport, the Hamad International Airport, which is the hub of one of the world’s most amazing airlines, Qatar Airways. This airline is considered to be a five-star airline and is a member of the powerful Star Alliance group.

Good to know:

Today, direct flights from Doha can take you to more than 150 cities around the world. This means that from almost any European capital, for example, with one layover in Doha, you can reach any point on the planet, whether it’s New York, Singapore, or Sydney.
why visit qatar
Qatar Airways is an excellent airline, and even economy class is a pleasant experience.

Visa is free and granted on arrival

It’s simple: for citizens of 95 countries around the world a visa to Qatar can be obtained free of charge upon arrival for up to 90 days.

It’s easy to do, and there aren’t many difficulties involved. You just need to have: tickets from Doha, a hotel reservation, medical insurance, and proof of financial resources. Details on this can be found in the article on visas to Qatar.

Interesting fact:

Even if you have a 5-6 hour layover in Qatar, you can easily take a stroll around Doha.

Compactness and developed infrastructure

In this regard, Qatar is simply out of this world:

  • The country is very small and compact with the capital in the center.
  • The roads throughout the country are perfect, wide, and all highways are toll-free.
  • Public transport is well-developed.

Interesting fact:

For me, an important indicator of a country’s development is a metro from the airport to the capital city. Where it does not exist, and this is the case in many places in Europe, it usually takes a long time and is expensive to reach the capital. The metro solves both of these problems.

From Doha airport, you can reach the city center in 30 minutes and for less than $2 (a day pass) by metro. It is very convenient for everyone, including those with short layovers and those who come here on vacation.

qatar transportation
You can get to any corner of Doha by public transport: metro, buses, trams, and even electric minibuses like the ones in the photo.

Cheap car rental with our standard driver’s licenses

Everyone on the internet seems to say that you need a local driver’s license to rent a car in Qatar. I don’t think these people have been to Qatar. You can rent a car with your standard driver’s license (even not International), there are a few peculiarities and nuances, but believe me, you will have enough to explore the country.

And the prices for the richest country in the world are ridiculous, no higher than in most countries in the world, or even lower. There are many options for $30-50 per day. Car rental in Italy and Croatia was much more expensive.

visit qatar reasons
The installation is called East-West/West-East. We even drove here in a regular car. At first glance, it may seem like the tracks of an alien civilization, but no – it’s a sculpture in the middle of the desert by a modern American sculptor.

Sights you won’t find anywhere else

On one hand, Qatar is 90% desert with nothing in it. But the country’s authorities understand that to attract tourists, they need places of attraction. And they are actively creating them.

Today, in Qatar you can find (for free) and easily reach many unusual art objects:

  • The “Golden Finger” monument (actually bronze) in honor of Qatar’s national football team winning the 2019 Asian Cup.
  • Installation in the middle of the desert, “East-West/West-East” (pictured above).
  • Another unusual installation in the desert, Shadows travelling on the sea of the day (pictured below).
  • Ancient petroglyphs right on the rocks in the desert.
  • Qatar’s Inland Sea, where there are no roads and you can only get there by 4×4 SUV.
10 reasons why Qatar is unique
“Shadows travelling on the sea of the day”. You don’t accidentally stumble upon such places. You can only come here on purpose.

This is a small part of what awaits you in Qatar. And you can see it all in 1-2 days, even during a transit through the country. The main thing is to know how to plan. In the article linked below, you will find detailed information about each attraction in Qatar, how to get there, prices, and tips.


Today, Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. Absolutely nothing threatens you at any time of day or night, in any corner of the country. There’s even no intrusive service like in other Eastern countries.

It’s important to understand:

Qatar is much safer than Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, New York. There are no drug dealers in the center, like in Paris with illegal African migrants. There are no car break-ins due to a jacket left on the seat, like in Barcelona. Nobody begs for a dollar or steals your wallet, and pickpocketing is as rare here as rain.

No taxes and “cheap” shopping

Here’s a paradox. On one hand, everyone knows Qatar as the wealthiest country in the world, where prices for everything are very high. But on the other hand, there is no VAT, income tax, or other taxes in Qatar that would increase the cost of goods.

Here, you can buy branded items and electronics at reasonable prices. For example, an iPhone without VAT in Doha is cheaper than in our home stores by 100-200$. And, of course, for those who love yellow gold, it will be paradise here. There is a huge selection, and prices are low.

qatar pros for tourism
A golden finger (actually bronze), but made on a large scale 🙂

10 reasons to visit Qatar: Beaches and package tours

Qatar has beach areas right in Doha, beachfront hotel districts with private beaches, warm sea, namely the Persian Gulf (in the summer, the water temperature here is 30-33 degrees), and all the necessary infrastructure for relaxation.

Today, Qatar is focusing on package tourists. Tours to Qatar are already available from almost any European capital city. And believe me, they are no worse than in the Emirates.

My opinion:

Today, Doha is like Dubai 10-15 years ago. Qatar has just started on the path of development of the UAE, and it seems that they want not only to catch up but also to surpass them. And you have the opportunity to witness this moment when progress, technology, and the city of the future intersect with the East, local culture, and history.
qatar for tourists 10 reasons
The center of new Doha is an ultra-modern metropolis

Qatar is a true Oriental fairy tale

Continuing the previous point: Qatar is both an ultra-modern city of skyscrapers and an Oriental Arab market. It is a city of glass, where camels stroll in the center. The contrast is incredible. I recommend everyone to come and experience it for themselves.

advantages of traveling qatar
And one metro station away from the center of Doha, you find yourself in its old part. The Oriental Bazaar of Souq Waqif.

The place where the sea meets the desert

They say (I cannot vouch for the veracity of this claim) that in the world there are only two places where the real sea or ocean meets a real desert, with dunes and sandbanks, where one literally butts up against the other. These places are Namibia in Africa and Qatar. Here, it’s not just white sand by the water, but a true desert that abuts the sea.

In Qatar, the dunes meet the Persian Gulf, and this area begins just 30 kilometers from Doha. Even a regular car can reach this place.

unique places in qatar
These dunes are one of the 10 reasons why you should visit Qatar.

In conclusion: these were 10 reasons why you should visit Qatar. In short, it’s a country of contrasts, where ancient East blends seamlessly with ultra-modern districts. Where you can find unique installations in the desert, unlike anything else in the world. Where there’s sea, summer all year round, and tourists are completely safe.

Qatar is worth a visit, even if only for a couple of days.

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