One of the first questions that travelers ask me is about Qatar on the world map. Whether you’re looking for a new and interesting destination for a package holiday or flying through Qatar and Doha in transit, this article will provide you with all the key information to better understand this mysterious Eastern country.

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Doha and Qatar on the world map: general information

If the following couple of sentences seem funny to you, don’t laugh. Not everyone liked geography in school, it happens. Do you know what the most common question is from people planning to fly to Qatar or through Qatar? I’ll write it verbatim:

  • In which country is Qatar located? (Spoiler alert: in Qatar)
  • Is Doha a country? (Spoiler alert: it’s a city)
  • What country is Qatar? (the correct answer – Qatar is the country)

Good to know:

Qatar is an independent state in the Middle East. The capital of Qatar is the city of Doha. Qatar is located on the Qatar Peninsula, which is itself located on the Arabian Peninsula. And more than 90% of the country is desert.
Qatar on the world map
See the small piece of land in the red circle? That’s the Qatar on the world map.
which country is Qatar located
1 – is the Arabian Peninsula. It’s easy to see on any map, as it’s shaped like a snow boot. And the Qatar Peninsula and Qatar itself are in the circle.

Qatar is an Asian country. Here are a few more interesting facts about the country:

  • Qatar on the world map has an area of only 11.5 thousand sq. km. Can you imagine how small that is? For instance, Switzerland, which spans 42 thousand square kilometers and can be crossed by car in half a day, boasts an area nearly four times larger than Qatar’s.
  • Lithuania is 6 times larger than Qatar. Well, you get the idea 🙂
  • There are around 195 countries in the world, and Qatar ranks 155th in terms of area.
  • The population of the country is just under 3 million people. In the link, you’ll find an interesting article about the people of Qatar. You’ll learn about religion, prohibitions, how they treat tourists, and much more.
  • Qatar today is an absolute monarchy, and I think you can guess what that means. I recommend the article: rulers of Qatar, where you’ll learn about the difference between a sheikh and an emir (may Allah forgive me for having to explain such a simple truth) and who is currently in power in the country. And of course, what kind of power he has (spoiler alert: unlimited).
map of qatar
Administrative division map of Qatar: the country is divided into 8 baladiyahs (or regions in English). To understand just how small Qatar is, the scale of this map is 10km = 1cm.

Dynamic map of Qatar

Below you will find a dynamic map of Qatar in your language. You can click on it, zoom in, and study it in more detail.

  • A large amount of static data about Qatar can be found on Wikipedia, so there is no need to reprint it here.

Neighbors of Qatar

I will be brief here, as there are detailed articles on this travel guide’s pages. I will provide links where necessary.

  • 90% of Qatar’s borders are maritime. Qatar is completely surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf.
    • You can learn all about the Persian Gulf in Qatar, its water temperature, and the inland sea in the article “What sea surrounds Qatar?” I recommend reading about the inland sea – it is one of the country’s most remarkable attractions.
  • If you take another look at the map of the world, you can see that Qatar only shares a land border with one country, Saudi Arabia. The length of this border is 60km, and there are only two border crossings.
    • Qatar is connected to the rest of the world by two roads.
  • However, the country also shares a maritime border with the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.
qatar where is it
You might think that it’s just one vast desert with nothing interesting, but that’s not true. In Qatar, you can come across objects that will surprise many, such as the installation of Danish artist Eliasson shown in the photo: “Shadows traveling on the sea of the day”

At the very least, all of these countries are on your radar as some of the richest countries in the world in terms of oil and gas reserves. Qatar has a very interesting history of conflict with all its neighbors. You can learn all about it in the article “History of Qatar and the Qatar crisis of 2017.”

Based on personal experience, the second question people ask is: where is Doha and Qatar on the map, about visas, whether the country is open for tourism, and what are the entry requirements. I have covered all these questions in detail in the article “Visa to Qatar for travelers

In the same place, you will find links to information about transit through Qatar for those who have layovers of either one hour or three days. There are many interesting aspects to this, but that is a story for another time.

In conclusion, I hope that it is now much clearer to you where Qatar is located on the world map, and that Doha is not a country, but rather the capital of Qatar. Although the country is quite small, it cannot be called a dwarf state. If you want to visit all of the country’s attractions, which are scattered throughout its different regions, you will have to travel 400-500 km, which is considered a considerable distance by local standards.

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