This is a general information article about vacation in Qatar. You will find out what leisure activities are available, why tourists fly here, what the sea is like, and what the weather and seasons are like. You will also learn the truth that swimming in a bikini is not allowed on the beaches (and neither is swimming without one). I will tell you about safety, peculiarities of the country for tourism, and prices. Everything that concerns tourism in Qatar will be covered.

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General aspects of vacation in Qatar for tourists

Looking for a new destination for your vacation? And you set your eyes on Qatar? Don’t miss it – Qatar has opened its borders to tourists today, and vacation in Qatar will appeal to many. The pros here are dozens of times greater than the cons.

Let’s start with the main aspects you’ll encounter when planning your dream vacation:

  • Qatar is a Middle Eastern country located on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The capital is Doha. With a population of 2.6 million people, 50% of Qataris live only in Doha.
    • Details about Qatar on the world map, neighbors, and peculiarities can be found in the article via the link.
  • Citizens of 95 countries can obtain a visa for 30 days free of charge upon arrival at Qatar airport.
  • Today, Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. There are no petty thefts here. A tourist is absolutely safe here at any time of the day.
vacation in qatar
Vacation in Qatar is both an Eastern fairy tale and a modern metropolis.

Qatar resorts or where to stay

Qatar is a very compact and small country, with all its borders, both maritime and land, being less than 600 km. This is a big advantage for tourists. Everyone arrives at the Hamad International Airport, located on the outskirts of Doha.

Here’s what you need to know about Qatar resorts and vacation:

  • All the resort areas for package tourists are located in the north of Doha.
  • In fact, there is even a metro that goes there directly from the airport.
  • There is only one resort in another part of the country, where there are several “All-Inclusive” hotels and good beaches, which is not in Doha. I won’t write about it as it is intended for tourists from the closed Saudi Arabia and is located in the middle of the desert, 20 km from the border with this country. European tourists do not vacation there, and it is about 120 km from Doha.
qatar resorts price
Here is what one of the hotel areas, where package tourists arrive for vacation in Qatar, looks like. This is the Pearl or Al-Jamila district. There is “All-Inclusive” and the best beaches.

Here are the two main resort areas of Qatar and Doha, where tourists come for beach vacation:

  • The Pearl Qatar (Al-Jamila) – one of the artificial islands with a lot of hotels, beaches, and restaurants.
  • Lusail used to be a small fishing village in the north of Doha about ten years ago, but today it is a modern district.
tourism in qatar
For convenience, here is a map of Doha: 1 – airport, 2 – The Pearl, 3 – Lusail, 4 – Old Doha, 5 – New Doha. Zones 2 and 3 are considered the beach resorts in Qatar.

To give you an idea of the distances on the map above, from the airport in the south of Doha (1) to Lusail in the north (3) is only 28 km, and there is a metro that runs through the entire city center between them.

  • As for vacation packages to Qatar, you can find information on prices, where to look, and other details. This is where you can find tours to Lusail and The Pearl. You can also learn about alcohol policies and other peculiarities of such tours.

Beaches and beach vacation in Qatar

There are three types of beaches in Qatar in general, and in Doha in particular:

  • Public or city beaches are free of charge, but swimming in bikini swimwear is prohibited. It’s important to remember that Qatar is a Muslim country.
  • Beach Clubs are paid beaches that offer loungers, umbrellas, drinks, and clean beaches. There are not many of them, but here you can wear bikini. Two loungers and an umbrella for the whole day cost between $30 and $500 for a separate cabana.
  • Private beaches are located in hotels where package tourists are staying. You can sunbathe there as much as you want. Locals are prohibited from entering there, as well as anyone who is not staying at the hotel. Of course, it’s all free for hotel guests.

Detailed information about beaches, beach vacation, and great beachfront hotels can be found in the article at the link.

Important to know:

There is not a single beach, even a public one, in the center of Doha, old or new, along the entire 11 km of the embankment. All the best beaches are concentrated in the north of the capital. And there are a couple of Beach Clubs near the airport, but there are no beach hotels there.
beaches in qatar
One of the beaches in Doha at sunset is a Beach Club in the ethnic village of Katara. Actually, the locals are not big fans of swimming. They like to come with their families to such beaches on weekends and just sit by the water. Tourists who buy tour packages relax on private beaches at the hotel. And transit tourists don’t have time for the beach, as there is plenty of other interesting things to see.

About weather, sea, and season

  • Qatar is washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf. To be more precise, it is located in the Persian Gulf, which is divided into even smaller water systems.
    • What sea is in Qatar, what is the water temperature by month, and when is the best time to swim can be found in the article at the link.
  • In Qatar, there is a year-round summer and season. But there are a few peculiarities:
    • In the summer months of June-July-August, the heat reaches 40-45 degrees in the shade. There are no people on the streets, everyone goes out only closer to sunset.
    • In winter, in the coldest month of January-February, the average daily temperature is about 20 degrees. This means that it is hot and good in the sun during the day, around +25 – 27. And at night, the temperature drops to +13. In the morning, when you go out, you sometimes want to put on a sweater.

Those who crave sunshine and a tan can come here all 12 months of the year. There is no rainy season, clouds, or winds. The sun shines for all 12 months of the year (well, almost). For those who love to swim and require warm seas, all months except December to March are suitable. Details on the season and weather in Qatar are available.

resorts in qatar lusail
Vacation in Qatar during the summer is specific. In July, the center of Doha is deserted during midday, with no people or cars on the streets, and +45 in the shade.

Types of vacation in Qatar

In fact, there are three types of tourists who come to Qatar. From this, the main types of vacation arise.

  • Beach vacation. This type of vacation is mainly for package tourists who fly to Qatar for 1-2 weeks in a tour package. They have access to good beaches in northern Doha, and their main goal is to relax by the sea and get a tan.
  • Today, an active-excursion vacation has become popular. Many travelers come to Qatar for 5-7 days. They don’t need the beach and the sea. They want to see Doha, rent a car, and drive to Qatar’s coolest locations. And they will see:
    • The Inland Sea in the desert.
    • Ancient petroglyphs, also in the desert.
    • Remains of an extraterrestrial civilization (in reality, no, but it looks like it), and again in the desert.
    • Arabian fortresses.
    • And this is far from a complete list.
    • In general, if you plan the route correctly, you can see all the attractions of Qatar, including Doha itself, in 4-5 days.
tourism in qatar
For me, a vacation in Qatar is primarily about the sights both in Doha and throughout the country. And only then the beaches and the sea. Beach vacation spots can be found anywhere, but exploring Qatar from the inside can only be done in Qatar. Such installations are installed in the desert, which are not found anywhere else in the world. All photos are personal, and there is information about each of these places in this guide.

Well, the third, in my observation, is the most common. This is transit vacation in Qatar. Today, Doha is a large logistics hub, with a mega-modern and huge airport that is home to one of the world’s largest airlines, Qatar Airways. They have direct flights to more than 150 cities in the world.

Today, many transit tourists fly through Doha to reach destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and the Maldives. Some have transit through Qatar for 7 hours, while others for a day or more. Even if you have a 5-hour transit in Doha, you can take the metro to the city center, walk around the old market, and continue your journey to your final destination.

If you have a day or more, you can explore Doha thoroughly, without even visiting the beaches, which are not necessary in this case.

Things to know for tourists in Qatar

If you are planning a vacation in Qatar, whether in transit or for a 2-week beach holiday, here are a few things you should know:

  • Qatar is a Muslim country with all the associated features, such as difficulty with alcohol, no pork dishes, and morning prayers every day from mosques.
  • Qatar is the richest country in the world, and people assume it’s the most expensive. However, prices here are generally moderate, and it’s not hard to spend money if you want to.
travel to qatar
In the evening, after the heat has subsided, you can enjoy a stroll in the city center of Doha and visit the shops.

Interesting fact:

A vacation in Qatar and Doha today is like being in Dubai 5-10 years ago. It’s already very cool and modern, and the vacation experience is fantastic, but there are still not too many tourists flooding the country. Visit Qatar before it becomes mainstream, and every second travel blogger on YouTube or Instagram is telling you what they had for breakfast in Qatar.

In conclusion, a vacation in Qatar today is wonderful. There are virtually no downsides, and the country has fully opened up to tourism. It’s safe, unusual in an eastern way, and very technologically advanced. Qatar is likely to follow in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and become a tourism powerhouse. Be one of the first to see this unique country.

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