Everything about prices in Qatar and Doha for tourists in 2024. Find out prices for most goods and services that may be of interest to travelers, including food and groceries, accommodation, transportation, restaurants, tickets to attractions and tours, internet, and souvenirs.

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Prices in Qatar: general information

Before getting into prices in Doha for all types of goods and services, here are some general points:

Interesting fact:

Prices are the same throughout the country, so there is no difference whether you are in a Doha store or any other city. Since most tourists rarely go beyond Doha in Qatar, and if they do, it’s usually on a desert tour, all the prices in this article will be for the capital city.
  • The national currency is the Qatari riyal.
  • Symbol on price tags: QAR or QR
  • The currency is used for all transactions in the country, even in taxis and for buying souvenirs at markets.
  • The exchange rate is 1 USD = 3.64 QAR. The country’s economy is so strong, and inflation is low, that the exchange rate has not changed in 10 years (except for the Qatari crisis in 2017). You can imagine that in 10 years, the currency exchange rate in your country has not changed to the US dollar even by a cent (in Qatar’s case, not even by a dirham?). Here are two useful articles on this topic:
prices in qatar for foods
Note the prices in Doha stores: although small coins are officially in circulation, no one writes 9.99 on price tags. Even in a large store, the change will be rounded to the nearest riyal.

Note the higher above:

Firstly, all the prices in the photos in this article can be converted to dollars by dividing them by 3.64. Secondly, the country has coins (dirhams). 100 dirhams = 1 riyal. However, today only 25 and 50 dirham coins are in circulation and are rarely given as change; instead, all amounts are rounded to 1 riyal. That is why even in stores, you will not see prices like 9.99, they simply write either 9.75 or 10.

Amazing facts about prices in Doha

Not only in Doha, but also throughout Qatar.

As you all know, Qatar is the richest country in the world. Here is a great and interesting article: why is Qatar so rich, or what does Qatari citizenship offer?

Qatari citizens’ incomes start at $10,000 per month. Here, the minimum pension by age is $5,800. The vast majority of tourists assume that since the country is the richest, the population must have the most decent life in the world, and if not the highest, then very high prices.

These rumors are further fueled by the fact that until recently, Qatar was a closed country, and there is not much information available online, mostly stereotypes and rumors.

prices in doha
Most of the sights in Qatar are free! The photo shows a desert installation “Shadows travelling on the sea of the day”. This guide contains detailed information about this place.

Price level in Qatar:

In fact, Qataris are considered the richest nation precisely because their incomes are high, and prices are low. With their $10,000 salary, they can afford to buy many times more goods than a Norwegian resident with the same $10,000 salary, as prices in Norway are five times higher.

Today, prices in Qatar for goods in standard consumer basket are not higher than in Paris, London, and may even be lower. You will see for yourself.

Prices in Qatar for foods

Standard prices for food and groceries in large hypermarkets will be indicated.

Interesting fact:

There is no such assortment of goods even at your home, even if you live in a European capital. You walk into a store and there are 15 types of tomatoes, 20 types of peppers, and so on. And I’m not exaggerating. Local stores offer products from all over the world, with corresponding price differences: local tomatoes are available for $1.5, or you can get them from Argentina for $30. Local beef costs $10, while chilled Japanese wagyu beef costs $110.
Breadfrom 10,3
Milk / Laban1l30,8
Chocolate100grfrom 3,51
Chilled salmon1kg5015
Large shrimps1kgfrom 257,5
Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants1kgfrom 41,1
Chicken, fillet1kg226
Beef1kgfrom 308,5
Fruits (apples, oranges, banana)1kgfrom 3,51
Mango, papaya1kgfrom 154
Table: Prices in Qatar for food products
doha food price
The prices in Doha of fruits are quite low. Even exotic Brazilian mangoes cost only $7, while those from neighboring countries are priced at $3-4. Oranges, apples, and bananas can be found for as low as $1.

Prices of transportation: Metro, Taxi, Bus

Transportation prices in Doha are pleasantly surprising, even for someone like me who is not well-off.

Metro (day pass)61,6
Bus (one trip)20,55
Taxi (in Doha)10-203-5,5
Taxi to the airportfrom 25from 7
Prices in Qatar of public transportation

There aren’t many airports in Europe where you can get to the city center for $10, but you can in Qatar. This article will cover everything you need to know about Qatar’s public transportation: how to use it, how to pay for it, and what routes are available.

prices in qatar for taxi
Metrolink is a free electric bus network that delivers passengers within a 2km radius from remote metro stations

Prices in Doha for accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, Doha is also surprising. It’s not like Singapore, where finding affordable lodging for less than $70-100 a night is quite difficult. Doha, like any modern city, has hotels in every price range.

One thing that sets Doha’s budget hotels apart is their high level of service and rich decor. They love gold and shiny decor elements, so even budget hotels are filled with them.

Interesting fact:

Unlike Europe, there are no private apartments or homestays in Qatar. Well, they do exist in new areas of Doha such as Lusail and West Bay. But these are modern skyscrapers and large apartments with corresponding prices. You can’t rent a budget one-bedroom apartment in old Doha; you can only stay in hotels.
qatar hotel prices
You can only find European-style apartments in the new part of Doha, for example in the West Bay area, which is shown in the photo. Prices here start from $100 per day.
  • 3-star hotels in old Doha start from $30.
  • 4-star hotels start from $50.
  • 5-star hotels in the new areas of Doha start from $200. There are all the major chains here: Hilton, Kempinski, Ritz, and many others.
  • Modern apartments in new areas start from $100.
  • You can find all information about accommodation and hotels in Doha at the link.

Admission tickets for attractions

There are a lot of interesting attractions in Qatar and Doha, and they can be divided into two types: most of them are absolutely free, which is great. However, the paid attractions are quite expensive. But, on the positive side, there are only a few paid attractions, such as museums and medieval Arab fortresses. Below are some of the top attractions in Qatar with ticket prices:

  • The Inland Sea of Qatar, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List – free
  • Purple Island – free
  • Ancient petroglyphs in the desert – free
  • East-West/West-East (photo below) – free
  • “Shadows travelling on the sea of the day” art installation (photo at the beginning of the article) – free
  • Abandoned Arab villages – free
  • All parks and recreational areas in Doha – free
  • But, where you need to pay, be prepared to pay:
    • National Museum: $30 (per person)
    • Museum of Islamic Art: $30
    • FBQ Museum: $20 (highly recommended, but located 15km from Doha)
    • The most remote paid attraction is 100km from Doha – Al Zubara Fort. Admission is only $10 per person.
admission tickets prices qatar
Cool free attraction: East-West/West-East.

Prices in Qatar for tours and excursions

Regarding tours and excursions in Qatar, information on prices and where to purchase can be found in a separate article through the provided link. However, here are the main points:

  • There are hardly any cheap group tours available, with only a bus tour of Doha available for $30.
  • All other tours require a private guide and a small group, often just your own party, even if there are only two of you. But, the prices reflect the personalized experience.

For example:

  • Private walking tours of Doha – starting at $150 for a group of up to 4 people.
  • There are also gourmet tours, but they are even more expensive as the prices at Qatar’s cafes are not low.
  • Tour of the Inland Sea – starting at $80 per person.
  • Tour of installations in the desert, as well as other interesting places in Qatar by jeep – starting at $300 for the jeep and guide for the whole day.

Prices in Doha for restaurants and cafes

I cannot describe Qatar’s cuisine as very diverse or unique. It is a Middle Eastern cuisine, which incorporates bits of the cuisines of all its neighboring countries. To learn what dishes to try in Qatar and which are national, read the article through the link provided.

prices in doha restaurants
Prices in Qatar in Indian and Pakistani cafes are very low. The “majbos” shown in the photo above for two persons costs $4-$5.

The prices in Qatar of food in cafes have a wide range. They can differ by 10 or 20 times. Below are the average prices in Doha for tourists at fast food restaurants and restaurants.

Indian and Pakistani restaurants,
dinner for two
(the dish in the photo above, one can serve two people)
Lentil soup61,6
Dinner at a European restaurant in the West Bay (dinner for two without alcohol)150-18040-50
Dinner at a European restaurant in the West Bay (dinner for two with alcohol).
It is rare for us to spend less than 200QAR ($60) per person
from 100$
Prices in Qatar restaurants

Prices for souvenirs, telecom services, cigarettes, petrol, and car rental

Next, here is a summary of everything left and what may be of interest to those planning to visit Qatar.

  • Magnets: starting from $3
  • Arabian figurines and other souvenirs: starting from $5-10
  • Spices, incense, tea: starting from $5
  • Arabian scarves, clothing: starting from $10.
  • Mobile phone services and internet: $10 for a SIM card with 2-3GB of data for 7 days.
  • Cigarettes: around 15 QAR on average for a pack of Winston (about $4).
  • Alcohol is prohibited and not sold in stores in Qatar.
prices for car rental in doha
Car rental prices in Qatar are also very low: we usually rent sedans like these for $25-30 per day.

I want to draw the attention of those travelers who want to explore Qatar’s landmarks outside of Doha. It is easiest to do this by renting a car rather than buying tours. Firstly, car rental in Qatar is available with a standard driver’s license with some caveats, and secondly, it is very cheap, petrol is even cheaper, the roads are perfect, and the distances here are quite short.

  • All about renting a car in Qatar: based on personal experience.
  • Economy car rental price: starting from $30 per day, sometimes even cheaper.
  • 4×4 jeep rental price: starting from $70 per day.
  • Petrol prices in Qatar: 2 QAR (0.55$) per liter.
  • All roads in the country are toll-free, and most parking in Doha is free.

Travel tips

Before our first trip to Qatar, we thought we would spend a fortune there, depriving ourselves of everything. But in reality, it’s not as scary as we thought.

Prices in Qatar for most goods are comparable to ours. Many things are much cheaper than in Europe. Renting a car and the price of gasoline is 2-3 times cheaper than, for example, in Italy.

Here are a few tips:

  • Staying in hotels and dining in European-style restaurants in the new areas of Doha can be really expensive. We prefer good places that owned by migrants from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, where the prices are 7 times cheaper. But they are mainly located in Old Doha, in its historic part. There are few such places in the new areas.
  • Visiting museums is also not cheap. But you should see what museums they have here. I recommend everyone to visit, regardless of the price, but keep in mind that you need to plan at least 4-5 hours for each museum. They are huge.

In conclusion, prices in Qatar and prices in Doha are not as high as many expect. Yes, there are places where you can spend $5,000 or $10,000 in one evening. But any reasonable, adequate tourist who doesn’t have that kind of money can still have a great time in Qatar. And their expenses will be absolutely standard for any trip.

There are a huge number of free locations, cheap transportation, budget-friendly and delicious Eastern cuisine, and affordable prices in grocery stores.

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