I don’t think it’s necessary to say that insurance to Qatar, and generally on any trip, is mandatory, just like a passport and money. Politely speaking, travelers without insurance are making a huge mistake. The cost of insurance is insignificant compared to the overall travel budget, but in case of an emergency, it will pay off hundreds of times.

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Insurance to Qatar: general information

Medical treatment for tourists in another country is almost always expensive. In Singapore, the treatment for the common Dengue fever cost us over $2000 per person. In Qatar, a visit to the dentist for emergency dental pain costs $600. Qatar is an expensive country when it comes to healthcare. In the linked article, you can find prices in Qatar for all categories of goods and services.

A plea:

Tourists often come to me for help in despair, having fallen off a moped and injured their leg, unable to walk, and wondering where to go for affordable medical care. Or they went swimming and stepped on a sea urchin, asking where to find a cheaper clinic. If you cannot afford to buy travel insurance, even the cheapest one for $5, then don’t go anywhere, stay at home! I don’t sell insurance, but it hurts me to see this human stupidity.
  • Insurance will never make your vacation safer, but it will certainly make it more peaceful. Unfortunately, fools learn from their mistakes, and they begin to buy insurance after something happens to them abroad, and they end up paying thousands of dollars for something that would have been free at home.

I hope I have made enough arguments, as I work a lot with tourists, and this is a very big problem today.

clinic in doha qatar
All clinics in Doha are equipped with ultra-modern equipment. Healthcare here is of a very high standard, as are the prices :).

Mandatory insurance to Qatar for tourists

In short, everything is straightforward. From spring 2023, the Qatari authorities have introduced mandatory insurance for all tourists. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The insurance costs 50 Qatari riyals (around $15).
  • This is the most basic insurance, similar to any that are included in any tour package. In our country, such insurance costs $5. Below are the differences.
  • You must purchase this insurance only from a Qatari insurance company. All links on where to do this can be found in the article: Visa to Qatar. There you will also find the entry requirements, in addition to insurance.
  • And the most important thing: this insurance is mandatory only for tourists who are staying in Qatar for more than 30 days. For the vast majority of tourists who are here in transit or on a two-week beach holiday, it’s easier and more convenient to buy insurance at home. And it will cover more cases.
travel insurance to qatar
The basic insurance in Qatar only covers cases of emergency toothache when only the extraction of the tooth is required. Under basic insurance, the tooth will not be treated.

Types of insurance: important differences

If we don’t delve into the details, there are two types of travel insurance to Qatar on the market today:

  • Basic insurance, also known as standard insurance. These are the cheapest policies for $5-10 that we get for a Schengen visa or that are included in any tour package.
  • Comprehensive insurance. There are many more incidents that would be considered an insurance event. Yes, these insurances are more expensive, but the coverage is much better.

Good to know:

No matter what insurance in Qatar you have. Even if it’s the most basic one – it’s already good. It’s much better than having no insurance.
mandatory insurance to qatar
The service in Qatari clinics is almost like a 5-star hotel. I don’t wish it on anyone, but if you find yourself here, you will be satisfied.

Below are the most general differences between basic and comprehensive insurance. There are many more differences, but to avoid going into details, I will tell you the most significant ones. All of the items listed below are covered by comprehensive insurance and are not covered by basic insurance. If an insurance event occurs and you only have basic insurance, unfortunately, you will have to pay for it yourself.

  • Sunburn. Basic insurance only covers children under 14 in this case. It is believed that adults should be able to control their time in the sun on their own.
  • Injuries during any sports or other activities.
  • Aggravation of any chronic diseases. Basic insurance does not cover such cases. You must treat chronic illnesses on your own. Comprehensive insurance covers these expenses.
  • Any complication of an ongoing pregnancy. This is not an insurance event under basic insurance.
  • There’s no need to mention things like flight cancellations, lost luggage, payment for taxi services to the clinic, or phone calls. Comprehensive insurance in Qatar and beyond covers all of this.

And there are 58 more points on the list, that’s only a small part of it.

Where to buy comprehensive insurance in Qatar

You can buy insurance to Qatar anywhere you like, whether it’s basic or comprehensive. This includes your favorite travel agency, visa center, or insurance company. If you search for “insurance in Qatar” online, hundreds of companies will be displayed.

Good to know:

Around the world, injuries sustained while under the influence of alcohol are not considered an insurable event, even under extended insurance policies.
  • Extended coverage insurance from EKTA. They offer two insurance packages where alcohol tests are not conducted in the event of a clinic visit. Additionally, they offer one of the most comprehensive insurance packages, which you can verify by checking out the MAX+ package on their website.
For maximum coverage insurance in Qatar, pay attention to the Gold and Max+ packages.

How much does insurance in Qatar cost?

Nowadays, almost all services and insurance companies offer insurance that covers all countries in the world, including Qatar. There is hardly any difference in price, so it’s better to buy insurance that works in 200 countries worldwide (excluding the USA, Israel, and Canada, which have their own insurance requirements) rather than just purchasing insurance for one country.
  • Basic insurance for two weeks costs an average of $5-10.
  • Comprehensive insurance starts from $15, and the cost will depend on the coverage and the insurance events covered. On average, you can purchase excellent insurance with great coverage for $30 per person.

The linked article provides detailed information about the cost of independent travel in Qatar.

In conclusion, insurance in Qatar is currently mandatory for those staying in the country for 30 days or more. However, even if you’re only staying for three days, I honestly don’t understand why anyone would travel without insurance. Buy basic insurance for at least $5 from any insurance company near your home. If something does happen, it will be invaluable. And remember, any insurance should be purchased before leaving your home country, not while abroad. Otherwise, there are many nuances that may not be in your favor.

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