An article for those who are looking for a new direction for their vacation. For those who value the beach and the sea, and who are flying here not for 1-3 days, but for two weeks. Everything about beach holidays in Qatar, I will tell you what a tourist needs to know about it, as there are plenty of nuances and peculiarities here. You will learn about the beaches of Doha, hotels with private beaches, resort areas, prohibitions, and water temperature. There will be a comprehensive overview of Qatar’s beaches.

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Beach holidays in Qatar: general information

Here are some key points to help you better understand the big picture:

  • Qatar is surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf on three sides.
  • In the summer, the heat here is unbearable, with temperatures in the shade reaching +45 degrees Celsius daily. However, in winter, the temperature is a comfortable 20-25 degrees Celsius. While the water in the Gulf warms up to +34 degrees Celsius in the summer, it is only +19 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Season for beach holidays in Qatar:

You can sunbathe and relax in Qatar all year round. From December to March, it is quite cold to swim, but the sun is excellent during the day. It is very hot in the summer, and even the water in the Gulf does not cool you down. The most comfortable time for beach holidays in Qatar is in the spring and autumn. The water is warm, and there is no unbearable heat.

Click on the link for more information on the sea in Qatar and water temperatures by month.

doha beach holidays
Doha’s main promenade, the Corniche. It runs through the entire center of Doha. Crowds stroll around in the evening. It is difficult to even sunbathe on a lounger in +45 degrees Celsius, and there is no one outside. Life in Qatar in the summer starts closer to sunset.
  • All of the country’s resorts and beaches are located only in Doha. Outside of the capital, there are hardly any beach hotels. If you plan to fly here on a package tour, then 99% of the time, your hotel will be in Doha.
    • Only now, hotels are being built 100km away from Doha in the desert on the shores of the Persian Gulf. There are only a few of them. Perhaps in 5-10 years, there will be large resort areas here, but for now, all beach holidays are only in Doha.
    • Find answers to most of the questions about tourism and today’s trends in tourism in Qatar.

Interesting to know:

Today, Qatar has completely opened up to tourism, but about 90% of all tourists are transit travelers who fly through Qatar. Some have a 5-hour layover, while others have three days. These tourists are not interested in beach holidays in Qatar because most of them fly to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam for beach holidays. They are interested in seeing the city and the country, and Qatar has something to offer them.

And only a small part of tourists fly to Qatar on a package tour to the beach for 1-2 weeks. This type of holiday has been gaining popularity in recent years. Qatar today is an excellent alternative to neighboring resorts in the UAE, especially Dubai, which is overcrowded with tourists.

Types of beaches in Qatar and their features:

There are unique characteristics and subtleties that you need to know and understand:

Important note:

Qatar is not a beach country, nor do they position themselves as such. There are numerous world-famous attractions, exquisite cuisine, and eastern culture to be found here. The beach and sea are not the top priorities for tourists in Qatar, but everything is changing, and we’ll see how the country is in five years.

As a result, there are no beaches, either free or paid, along the main 11 km Corniche promenade in the center of Doha. If you want to swim, you have to go closer to the outskirts of the city because it’s impossible to do so in the center.

Types of Beaches in Qatar:

  • Municipal Beaches. All municipal beaches are free of charge, but there are hardly any in Doha, especially in the city center. The most popular and famous is Sealine Beach, which is about 20 km from Doha. I’ll tell you more about it later.
  • Beach Clubs. These beaches became popular during the 2022 World Cup. They are private beaches where you have to pay to enter, or sun loungers with umbrellas are paid for. There are budget Beach Clubs with sun loungers for $5 per rental, while others charge a $30 entrance fee, including not only sun loungers but also drinks and even snacks. Everything is very individual here.
doha beaches photo
Beach Club Katara, located in the north of Doha. You can get here by metro. These cabins in the foreground cost about $400 per day. It’s already sunset in February, and there are no vacationers.
  • Private hotel beaches. In simple terms, these are hotel beaches for their own guests. They are usually for package tourists who came to Qatar for a beach holiday. For hotel guests, the beach and all its facilities are free of charge, but if you are not a hotel guest, you cannot even enter the beach for money.
doha qatar hotels with beaches
This is what private beaches at hotels look like, in particular, the InterContinental Hotel beach. Classic beachfront hotels, like those in Egypt.

Ban on swimwear in Qatar: Burkini or Bikini?

The country is Muslim, and morals are strict here, but the opening of borders and the policy of tolerance and acceptance are quickly being introduced among the locals. Three years ago, it was impossible to imagine that a man would only swim in swim trunks. There are now many relaxations in this area.

  • In Qatar, women are only allowed to swim and sunbathe in bikinis on private hotel beaches.
  • However, nowadays, almost all Beach Clubs allow it. A year ago, there were many places where it was not allowed, but now, it is permitted everywhere.
  • On the other hand, women can only wear burkinis on free public city beaches.
beach holidays in qatar
If you want to sunbathe there, be sure to wear a burkini instead of a bikini to avoid any misunderstandings.

Qataris are very tolerant people, so if you decide to sunbathe in a bikini on a public beach, no one will call the morality police or beat you with sticks. However, people will stare at you, and politely ask you to cover up. It will be embarrassing and uncomfortable for you. It’s important to respect the traditions and culture of the country you are visiting, not just at the beach, but in all aspects of life.

In Qatar, the female body is considered taboo in Islam. If you want to sunbathe in a swimsuit, it’s best to go to a private beach club where no one will say anything.

all about the beaches of qatar
It is possible to relax on a free beach in a regular swimsuit, but locals will openly discuss and stare at you. This is not entirely appropriate, as a person should have a sense of tact and respect for the traditions of the country they have come to.
  • There are even more prohibitions in Qatar that any tourist will encounter. Follow the link to read not only about swimwear but also about pork, alcohol, and more.

Doha resorts and beaches: map

As I mentioned earlier, all the beach and resort life in Qatar is concentrated in Doha and its outskirts. There are no resorts outside the capital, and no beaches either, just a desert that meets the sea, with a single deserted beach for 200km without a single tree or umbrella.

doha and qatar beaches
However, outside of Doha, Qatar is one big desert. You can even swim naked on such beaches.

Below is a dynamic map to help you better understand where you can find beaches in Doha and swim, if you really need to. These are not all the beaches in the country, but they are certainly the most well-known and popular.

  • The blue umbrellas on the map represent public free beaches, which are only located outside the city. The best and most famous beach is Sealine. More details about it can be found in the article “Qatar’s Inland Sea: Where the Desert Meets the Sea.” To give you an idea of why it would be uncomfortable to swim in an open swimsuit on a public beach, here is a photo from Al Wakra beach on the weekend (Friday, if you’re wondering).
free beaches in qatar
Al Wakra beach on the outskirts of Doha on a Friday. Local families come here with barbecues and hookahs. Sorry for the poor quality, there is no other photo available. Would you feel comfortable sunbathing in a bikini here? 🙂
  • The most popular Beach Clubs are marked with red umbrellas. The entrance fee typically ranges from 50 to 100 QAR (up to 30$) for the whole day. Relax and sunbathe in your bikini on a clean equipped beach with toilets, bars, and drinks. Keep in mind that prices for everything are very high, and anything outside the entrance fee is an additional cost. For example, a can of Coca-Cola costs around 6-7$.
    • For instance, the Beach Club in the north of Doha called Katara is quite large and has budget areas where entrance is 5$ per person, as well as private cabanas by the water for 400$ per day.
    • Here is an example website for the B12 beach club (marked on the map above): For 200 QAR (60$) per person, you’ll get one sunbed, two towels, and a bottle of water. Everything else is an additional cost 🙂
    • Prices for Beach Clubs vary greatly, with differences of 10-20 times in price.
beach club in doha
Beaches in Doha are primarily these Beach Clubs. There are many of them, and you can even sunbathe in a bikini.
  • Three hotel zones are marked in yellow. Two large ones are in the north, modern new districts of Doha: The Pearl and the city within a city, Lusail. There is also a small area with three great beach hotels near the airport. All of them are marked on the map.
    • If you are planning to fly to Qatar on a package tour specifically for a beach vacation in a hotel, you will most likely be staying in one of these three zones.
    • It’s important to choose the right hotel because some hotels don’t have a private beach, only a pool, but they are in the center of Doha. Others have their own beach in Lusail, but it’s far from the capital.
    • Learn all about holiday packages to Qatar: prices, where to find them, and what to pay attention to.
beach hotels in qatar
And these are the beaches in Doha on the island of the Pearl, near the beachfront hotels. You can only access this area by booking a room here.

Mini list of beachfront hotels

Hotels with private beaches located in the yellow zones can be accessed not only as part of a tour but by simply booking a room. If you are interested in these options, below is a mini list of beach hotels in Doha with private beaches. This is not an exhaustive list, but they are certainly the best and most popular among tourists.

The list is dynamic, and all links, photos, and reviews are clickable:

In conclusion, beach vacations in Qatar are definitely possible. Today, tourism in the country is gaining momentum, with hotels being built and beaches being developed. In terms of service, food, and comfort, it is already comparable to neighboring UAE. However, in terms of the number of tourists, it is just the beginning.

Perhaps in 10 years, instead of Egypt, Turkey, and the Emirates, all tourists will be flying to Qatar for beach vacations. And you have the opportunity to be one of the first. You will then be able to say that you vacationed in Qatar before it became mainstream 🙂

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