An informative article about the hotels in Qatar and Doha. You will learn about the various accommodation options available for tourists in Doha, what to expect from hotel rooms or apartments in Doha, and whether it is expensive for tourists to stay in Doha. Most importantly, the article will cover the unique features to consider when booking a hotel or apartment in Doha.

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Hotels in Qatar: features of accommodation in Doha

  • This article provides a link to a list of best hotels in Doha, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious hotels such as Rixos.

Good to know:

the rental housing in Doha does not have daily apartment rentals by local residents. Instead, 90% of the options are classic 3-4-5 star hotels. Although apartments are available, they are limited, and it is essential to be aware of their unique features, which will be discussed below.

Here are the primary characteristics of all hotels in Qatar:

  • Private kitchens are not available, only in apartments. In most cases, in a hotel room, a kettle and tea and coffee in sachets will be available.
  • Air conditioning is available everywhere, even in the most inexpensive hotels. It is impossible to survive without air conditioning during the summer when temperatures can reach +45 degrees Celsius in the shade. Find out more about the holiday season in Qatar and the weather by month here.
  • In Qatar, electrical sockets are often of the British (and American) type, particularly in older and more affordable hotels. Adapters are not always available, so it is advisable to bring your own.
where to stay in doha
This is the type of sockets in Qatar. You can’t even force a European plug here
  • The hotel staff speaks English well, but it is still recommended to read an article about the language in Qatar. You can learn the basic vocabulary required for tourists, distinguish Arabic numerals, and find a lot of useful information to assist you in communicating effectively.
budget hotels in qatar
Many hotels in Qatar have such interiors. This is a 3-star budget hotel in old Doha.
  • Today, all hotels provide free Wi-Fi.

Interesting fact:

Interesting to know: If you find an arrow on the ceiling in the center of your room, it is not an emergency exit indicator :). It points towards the holy city of Mecca, which is significant for all Muslims. Muslims face in this direction while performing their prayers or namaz.
qatar hotels
In every hotel in Qatar, you can find an indicator pointing towards Mecca.

Where to book accommodation in Doha: map

Links to all hotel and apartment booking services can be found at the end of this article. But first, let’s talk about which areas of Doha are best for tourists.

Good to know:

Qatar is a completely safe country for tourists. There is no danger in any area at any time. So when renting accommodation in Doha, you don’t even have to think about whether it’s a district where migrants live or an old building. Pay attention to other factors that are important to you, such as proximity to the metro.
hotels in qatar where to stay
Qatar hotels: Map of areas where it’s best to find accommodation
  1. Old Doha. This is the historic part of the city, home to the Emir’s Palace, the Souq Waqif Arabian market, and all of the country’s best museums. The most affordable hotels in Qatar are located here. However, there are no apartments with kitchens or hotels with private beaches in this area. It’s convenient for those who are only in Doha for a few days and don’t need a beach vacation.
  2. New Doha. The West Bay skyscraper district. This is where you’ll find the best shopping and one of Qatar’s largest shopping centers. Chain hotels that offer apartments with kitchens are located in modern residential skyscrapers here. However, accommodation prices in this area are significantly higher. The downsides are that there are almost no attractions and no hotels with private beaches, but there is a metro.
  3. The Pearl Island. This is a modern hotel complex. This area is for tourists who come to Qatar on a package tour. There are many private beaches where you can sunbathe in a bikini. All-inclusive hotels are available here, as well as large shopping centers. Learn more about packages to Qatar: prices, where to buy them, and what to expect.
  4. The ultra-modern Lusail district. It used to be a small fishing village, but today it’s a suburb of Doha. Overall, it is similar to The Pearl Island area, especially the part of the district that is on the island. There are private beaches and hotels for package tourists (zones 3 and 4) who come to Qatar for a beach vacation.
qatar hotels with beach
On the background of the skyscrapers is the West Bay. And we are on the other side of the bay, in Old Doha.

Travel tips

And here are my tips regarding hotels in Qatar:

  • If you like to have a good night’s sleep and don’t want to wake up early, it’s still worth checking where the nearest mosque is when choosing a hotel. In Qatar, there is a pre-dawn prayer every day at 5 am.
  • Remember that this is a Muslim country, so it’s forbidden to sunbathe in bikinis or swimsuits on public beaches. Only on private hotel beaches is allowed.
  • If you’re transiting in Doha for a couple of days, choose hotels in zones 1 or 2.
  • If you need an apartment with a kitchen, choose only zone 2.
  • If you’re looking for a good budget hotel, Old Doha and zone 1 are the places to go.
  • For those who want a beach vacation and a hotel with a private beach, choose zones 3 and 4.

Hotel prices in Qatar:

It’s important to understand that Qatar in general and Doha in particular are not as expensive as they seem. A good 3-star hotel room in Old Doha will cost you around $30 per night. Yes, hotels in new areas are more expensive. Of course, there are hotels with rooms that cost $1,000 per night, but budget travelers will easily find something affordable.
doha hotels
Here’s what a standard room looks like for $30 per night in a budget hotel in Old Doha near the Souq Waqif market

In conclusion, there are hotels in Qatar for every taste and budget. The most important thing is that Doha is a very new and modern city, with almost no hotels that are 50 years old and falling apart. All buildings are generally modern, with all amenities. The only big downside is that there are hardly any apartments for rent from locals, but times are changing for the better. Below are all the links to resources for renting accommodation in Qatar.

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