I will not only tell you where to find tour packages to Qatar and how much a trip to this incredibly interesting country will cost, but also what to pay attention to when buying a package, what nuances, peculiarities, and pitfalls exist.

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Packages to Qatar: features and advantages

Good to know:

Today, direct flights to Doha fly from 150 cities worldwide, as well as charter flights that bring only package tourists. Charters to Doha are available from many European capitals. So getting here is easy: 5-6 hours, and you are already on a luxurious vacation in Qatar.
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Beaches and hotels for package vacations are only available in the north of Doha. The metro even goes there, which is very convenient.

Below are the main advantages and benefits you will get from buying a package to Qatar.

  • All of Qatar’s main resorts are located in Doha. You will be relaxing on the beach in a mega-modern city, and in the evening, it’s easy to take the metro to the center for a stroll around the city.
  • Qatar today is the UAE and Dubai 15 years ago. So hurry up to see the country without the crowds of tourists.
  • Doha is already the city of the future. 10 reasons to visit Qatar.
  • All hotels are modern, the service is high-quality, and the service and cuisine at the hotels are simply mind-blowing.
  • Detailed information about beach vacation in Qatar, where the best resorts and hotels are in Doha, can be found in the article at the link. (Spoiler alert: the best areas for vacation package are Pearl and Lusail, the map will be below)

The most important thing that a vacation in Qatar gives you is that you will not be staying in a hotel in the desert, like in Egypt, but in an infrastructure and modern city, on a private closed beach. More information about the beaches will be provided below.

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A map for a general idea: 1. International airport where you will arrive. 2. Pearl Island, where there are many hotels with beaches. 3. Lusail is a mega-modern hotel district of Doha, where there are also beaches. Today, zones 2 and 3 are where you should look for packages to Qatar. 4. Old Doha, its historic part, where most of the attractions are located. There are also many packages sold to this area. The hotels here are good, but there are no beaches. 5. New Doha – West Bay, a district with skyscrapers – this is where all the shopping is.

What to consider when buying a package to Qatar

No matter how sweetly I sing odes to Qatar and Doha, there are certain things to keep in mind. Not necessarily downsides, but things that you should plan ahead for, so that your vacation in this country is not marred in any way.

Here are some key points, and each one has detailed articles in this travel guide:

  • July-August in Qatar can be scorching hot, with temperatures in the shade reaching up to 45°C, and the sea temperature at 33°C. It’s even too hot for those who love the heat. The ideal season for beach holidays is during autumn and spring.
  • When booking a hotel, always make sure that it has its private beach. Qatar is a Muslim country, and it’s not allowed to wear bikini swimsuits on public beaches. However, it’s allowed on hotel beaches.
  • Most tour packages sold for Qatar include Full Board meals or “Soft AI.” Note that this is not the classic AI package, as it doesn’t include alcohol. However, alcohol is available in these hotels, but it comes at an extra cost.
  • If you want an all-inclusive package with alcohol, look for the “All-Inclusive” package, but please note that these are rare.

Important to know:

It’s important to know that Qatar is a Muslim country where alcohol is strictly prohibited. You cannot buy alcohol in stores in the city, and the limit for import it to the country is 0 liters. You’ll only have access to alcohol in your hotel. The standard price for a glass of beer is 50 Qatari riyals (~$15). If you can comfortably spend a week without alcohol on your vacation, I envy you.
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This hotel opened in 2022 and the building is called Lusail Iconic, and it’s a 5-star Raffles hotel, a world-renowned chain. It’s located in Zone 3 on the map above.

Where to look for packages to Qatar and prices

You can search and buy packages in Qatar wherever you want, below are links to services that are currently the largest tour operators. There are packages available both on charter flights and regular flights. Look for options everywhere, book where it’s cheaper, there are often good discounts. All services have round-the-clock support.

  • Expedia is one of the largest service for holiday packages. It is very convenient to choose packages specifically in Qatar, as each hotel has a mark “Private beach” or not. This is important for Qatar.
  • CheapOAir has a large selection of packages to Qatar. Remember that the best beach hotels are in the north of Doha.

Today, cruises on luxurious liners in the Persian Gulf are gaining popularity. And almost every route includes a one-day stop in Doha. But this is already in another article: sea cruises to Qatar and Doha.

Prices for packages to Qatar:

As this is a very dynamic industry, I will indicate approximate prices so that you understand the order of expenses for your vacation. All prices are for two people with flights from Budapest to Doha and back, and accommodation in a hotel for 7 days:
  • from 1200 EUR in hotels in Old Doha without private beach with breakfast
  • from 1400 EUR in the same hotels with all-meals package
  • from 1800 EUR in 4* and up hotels in the beachy north of Doha. These are “breakfast only” packages.
  • from 2500 EUR, these are already excellent beach hotels with all meals and a private beach. To give you an idea, these are hotels such as Ritz-Carlton, Ryxos, Four Seasons, Kempinski, Hilton – I am sure you know them.

Of course, you can also find packages with stays in luxury rooms on an all-inclusive basis and much more expensive. But these were average prices for package tours in Qatar today.

In conclusion, tours in Qatar are an excellent opportunity to get to know this exotic destination. The huge advantage is that your holiday will take place in the capital of the country. During the day, you can swim and sunbathe, and in the evening, take a walk around Doha. In 10 years, crowds of tourists will be coming here, just like today in Dubai.

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