An informative article for those who are planning a trip to Qatar. I will tell you how much a vacation in Qatar costs, Qatar travel cost, and provide many useful tips and facts that are not always obvious but can significantly impact your budget. For many people, Qatar is an insanely expensive country, but in reality, this is one of the stereotypes that discourage tourists.

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Qatar travel cost: general information

There is a myth that I want to dispel. Qatar is annually included in the ranking of the richest countries in the world. The average salary for a citizen of the country starts from $10,000 per month, and the minimum pension by age is from $5,800. But whenever the topic of the richest country comes up, people also hear the most expensive one.


The richest country does not equal the most expensive one. On the contrary, local residents can afford to buy more goods and services with their salaries than a resident of wealthy Norway or Switzerland because prices for goods and services in Qatar are not high. That’s why Qataris are included in the ranking of the richest nation due to their high incomes and low prices.
qatar travel cost
At the regular market in the center of Doha, you can buy a falcon, almost like a parrot. Only the prices for them are around $20,000.

If desired, there is where to spend a lot of money. There are luxurious hotels and restaurants, and you can simply come to the regular market and buy a falcon for the price of a new car. The prices for them start at $10-20,000.

But an ordinary budget traveler can have a great rest here without any mind-boggling expenses. Expenses in Qatar are the most standard, like in most travels, and do not differ in exorbitant amounts.

How much a vacation in Qatar costs: expense items

Next, I will list all the expense items that await you on a vacation in Qatar. All prices are absolutely average, indicated in dollars for convenience, and if desired, in each expense item, you can still cut down or save.


For those who want to go here on a tour package for 1-2 weeks and want to know about package prices and the cost of a vacation, read the article: holiday packages to Qatar. There you will find all the necessary information, from package prices, what to pay attention to when searching, where to look, and so on.

In this article, expenses are for independent travelers who fly to Qatar independently, often in transit, for only a few days. Such tourists are currently the most in Qatar. The average length of a visit to the country is from 1 to 6 days.

I will calculate the cost of a four-day trip for two people. This is the minimum needed to see the entire country: Doha and the amazing attractions beyond it.

cost of traveling to qatar
If you arrive in Qatar for just one day, you will never have enough time to see anything outside Doha. But there are some really cool sights, like the one in this photo.
  • Accommodation: $30 per day for a nice room in a hotel in the Old Doha, where all the main attractions are located. Total: 4 days = $120.
  • Transportation in Doha: Unlimited one-day metro pass per person for $1.6. The metro in Doha is more than enough for getting around. Total: $13.
  • Internet (mandatory if renting a car) = $10 for a local SIM card with 2-3GB of data. This is usually enough for two people for four days. Free Wi-Fi is always available in the hotel.
  • Food: Dinner for two in an Indian or Pakistani fast food restaurant is about $10-15. In a decent Arabic restaurant in the city center, it’s about $30-40. In good European-style restaurants, it’s around $100. We eat great food in Pakistani and Arabic restaurants, and on average, you can budget $50 per day for two people on food without any special savings. Total: $200.
  • Museums and attraction tickets. Qatar has three amazing museums, and I recommend setting aside time for any of them. The museums are huge, and tickets are usually around $30. Total: $60 for two people for one museum.
    • Best Qatari museums.
    • The majority of attractions in Qatar are free, with only the museums and a few medieval forts being paid.
  • Car rental for two days. There are unique attractions beyond Doha that cannot be seen without a car. Although the country is small, there is no public transportation to these places. The total cost of a car rental in Qatar for two days: rental, parking, gas, and insurance will be around $100.
    • A detailed article about renting a car in Qatar: breaking down all the details. This is much easier than many people think.
how much travel to qatar costs
A rental car is essential here. It will help you see all the locations beyond Doha in two days. It doesn’t affect the cost of trip to Qatar much because the rental itself is not expensive, gas is almost free, and all roads and parking are completely free.
  • Souvenirs: there’s nothing particularly special to bring back from Qatar, a standard set of magnets, spices, and incense can cost around $20.

So, how much a 4-day trip to Qatar costs:

The total cost of trip to Qatar for two people is $500, not including air tickets. This is without any particular savings. If you want to save more, you can skip car rentals, but I recommend renting a car as Qatar is not just Doha, there are some amazing locations outside of it. Check out the top 12 attractions in Qatar outside of Doha.

Cost of trip to Qatar: travel tips

As you can see, Qatar is not as expensive as it may seem at first glance. Most goods and services have reasonable prices. Many countries in Europe have much higher prices.

In the article “Prices in Qatar” you’ll learn about food, entertainment, alcohol, gasoline, and other items that may be of interest to tourists.

Here are some tips for tourists that will help you save money or time and better prepare for your trip:

  • Always book accommodation in advance online. You won’t find it on the spot. It’s not like Vietnam or Thailand.
  • You don’t need a car to get around Doha. You only need it for trips around Qatar.
  • You can dine well in cheap Indo-Pakistani snack bars or buy ready-made food at any major supermarket.
  • If you plan to buy any excursions, always book them online in advance. It’s cheaper and you won’t find any excursions on the spot since no one walks around the streets selling them.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve realized that the Qatar travel cost is no higher than for any other trip. When people ask me how much a 3-4-5 day trip to Qatar costs, they are often surprised when I say “500$+tickets.” You don’t have to be a sheikh to come here for a few days or stay a little longer during a transit through this luxurious country.

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