Below is a short article where you will find the best hotels in Doha. Whether it’s luxurious 5-star hotels with private beaches and all-inclusive packages, or budget accommodations in Old Doha for transit tourists. All lists are dynamic, meaning you can click on each link to view photos, current prices, and guest reviews.

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Hotels in Doha

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General information about the best hotels in Doha:

Here are the basics:

  • How to choose accommodation, which area is the best to stay in, and features of hotels in Qatar – all covered in the article linked below. You’ll learn where the most budget-friendly area is, where the beaches and chain hotels are.
  • Most tourists believe that Qatar is a very expensive country before traveling there. This stereotype didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Read all about travel cost to Qatar to find out how much your stay will cost. I break down expenses, and believe me, it’s not as expensive as many people think.
  • For those who are transiting through Doha, there is a lot of useful information in the article linked below. And for those with two free days, I’ll tell you how to plan your time in Qatar.
Best hotels in Doha
Not all hotels in Doha have private beaches. It’s important to choose carefully if it matters to you! 🙂 This hotel – InterContinental Doha – is the one that does.

For those who are still thinking and haven’t purchased tickets to Qatar yet, but are only gathering information, I recommend the article on how to get to Qatar and how to buy cheap tickets. It may save you some money.

Best 5-star hotels in Doha

The best 5-star hotels in Doha are often part of well-known international chains, which is an advantage because they maintain consistent service standards across their locations worldwide.

  • Be sure to enter your travel dates in the pop-up window as prices can vary significantly.

Best hotels in Doha by popularity

This list includes all hotels with the highest ratings from tourists, from 3-star to 5-star hotels. The list is dynamic and up-to-date as of the day you’re reading this article.

Hotels in Doha with pool or private beach

For those who don’t know, Qatar is a Muslim country, and it’s not allowed to wear bikinis or swimwear on public beaches. You can only do so on private hotel beaches, but these aren’t available everywhere. If your goal is to have a beach vacation in Qatar, choose a hotel with a private beach.

Budget hotels in Doha for short stay

If you are in Qatar for 2-5 days and would rather explore the country and stroll around Doha instead of relaxing by the sea, it’s better to choose hotels in the city center. It’s worth noting that there are no beaches in the center of Doha, not even public ones, so those who want a beach vacation stay on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs.

Below are some Doha hotels that are located in the city center, near the main attractions of the capital. This is a much more important criterion for transit tourists. There are budget hotels with high ratings from foreign tourists and good location.

In conclusion, Qatar is not as expensive as it seems. Looking at these Doha hotels, you realize that there are good options for as little as $30 a day. And a room in a world-famous chain hotel like Ritz-Carlton is not more expensive than in Europe, and sometimes even cheaper, and many can afford it too.

There is accommodation for every budget in Qatar, but at the same time, there are no hostels and very few apartments with kitchens, which is a Qatari peculiarity.

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