A small article that will answer the question of how and where to find tickets to Qatar. You will learn how much they cost, what to pay attention to when buying, and what nuances are involved in this process. Most importantly, you will find an up-to-date schedule of direct flights to Doha from European cities, as well as which airlines fly this route.

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Tickets to Qatar: general information

The main points of the article are:

  • Qatar is a small state located on the Arabian Peninsula (near the UAE, if that helps to imagine). The capital of Qatar is the city of Doha.
  • The super-modern and huge international airport, officially called Hamad (IATA code: DOH), is located in Doha.

Good to know:

You may hear about tickets to Qatar or tickets to Doha, but they are the same thing. No matter where you are flying to in Qatar, you will arrive at the same place 🙂

A comprehensive airport review article about Qatar will provide you with a lot of useful information, including about the metro from downtown Doha to the airport. The article is titled “Qatar International Airport.

tickets to qatar
Hamad airport is one of the largest in the world and is only 10km from the center of Doha.

It is important to understand that direct flights are often more expensive than flights with one stopover. Therefore, it is recommended to consider all options and buy tickets that fit your budget and travel schedule.

Major airports, such as Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, and Cairo, offer great discounts on tickets for transit passengers. This means that a flight, for example, from Paris to Doha via Istanbul will be cheaper than a direct flight from Paris to Doha.

  • The national airline of Qatar, for which Doha airport is a hub, is Qatar Airways, a very cool 5-star airline that is consistently ranked among the top 10 in the world.

The review of Qatar Airways includes information about how much baggage you can bring with you, how short layovers in Doha are handled, the loyalty program, and much more.

Schedule of direct flights from some European cities to Doha

When looking for tickets to Doha in Qatar from any city, it is recommended to use Aviasales, the largest airline ticket purchasing service in the world. The search for tickets covers all airlines and agencies, offering dozens of options ranging from the fastest and most expensive to the cheapest.

All schedules below are dynamic, which means they show current flights on the date you are reading this article. Click on any of the links in these dynamic blocks to search for tickets on your desired travel dates.

  • Tickets to Doha from London (direct flights only):
  • London – Doha (convenient flights with 1 stop).
  • Flights Rome – Doha (flights both direct and with transfers)

All about vacation packages to Qatar, believe it or not, they are gaining popularity today and are a great competitor to neighboring Dubai.

  • Warsaw – Doha

What to pay attention to when buying tickets to Qatar

Let me give you some advice, as it’s not just the price you should be paying attention to. There are a few peculiarities.

  • If you’re flying with a layover in Doha, make sure both segments are operated by the same airline. This is useful in case of any force majeure situations or flight delays. If both segments are operated by the same airline, resolving compensation issues will be much easier.
  • Citizens of 95 countries around the world do not need a visa to enter Qatar; rather, it is granted free of charge upon arrival at the airport. Make sure your layover is also in countries where no visa is required, such as Istanbul (Turkey) or Abu Dhabi (UAE).
    • Everything about visas in Qatar, entry rules into the country, what documents are required, and how much money you need to have with you can be found in the linked article.

Here are a few more small details that may help you save money, but it’s not a certainty. It’s important to pay attention to the arrival time in Doha, especially when traveling to Qatar:

  • Friday is a day off in Qatar, as it is a Muslim country. The metro from the airport to Doha only starts running on Fridays from 2 pm. Taking a taxi is significantly more expensive. Everything about the metro in Doha will also be useful for transit passengers who are in Qatar for a few hours and are thinking about seeing the city.
  • All hotels in Qatar charge an additional fee for early check-in before 12 or 1 pm, which is appropriately called an early check-in fee. Typically, this fee is 50 Qatari riyals (15 USD).

In conclusion, today tickets to Doha cost much more than in 2019, and the prices have increased significantly. However, there are direct flights from many cities in Europe daily. It only takes 5-6 hours of a direct flight, and you’re in a mega-cool country that is absolutely safe and welcomes every tourist.

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