Everyone dreams of staying in villas in Maldives, you know what I mean: the azure Indian Ocean, a hut on stilts over the water, with your own private pool and a slide right into the ocean. These images are in the minds of many, and such a vacation in the Maldives is very popular. Yes, such private bungalows are not cheap, but you will remember this vacation forever.

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Houses, bungalows and villas in Maldives: general information

In brief, let me summarize the general aspects so that we have a common understanding.

  • This type of accommodation we are talking about is only found on private resort islands.
  • Typically, these are only 4 and 5-star hotels. But there are a few 3-star hotels with their over water villas.
  • In some hotels, they call them bungalows, while in others, they call them villas, and often, they are the same thing. If you come across terms like:
    • Overwater bungalows in the Maldives
    • or water villas
    • when booking a tour package or hotel, they often mean the same thing.
villas in maldives
This is what overwater bungalows in the Maldives look like. These are expensive options because each house has its own pool. This is a distinctive feature of expensive water villas as opposed to cheaper ones.

These overwater bungalows are very popular among newlyweds who come for their honeymoon. But in recent years, many couples have been holding their wedding ceremonies right here. You can read about the cost of a wedding on a private resort island in the article through the link.

Any good resort hotel in the Maldives is not just villas, houses, and overwater bungalows. There are also private secluded villas on the beach among palm trees. When you have a completely separate villa, not a hotel room in a building with other tourists. In this ranking, we will only talk about hotels that have villas and overwater bungalows in the Maldives.

The best resorts with bungalows in the Maldives

In the list below, all links are clickable. By clicking on them, you will open a page with up-to-date reviews, photos, hotel descriptions, and you can also find out the exact price of accommodation for your dates. And for those who love to travel on a tour, you can find out the price of a package tour from your city.

Brief description:

  • From Male, km – the distance from the hotel to the international airport in Male, where you will arrive. The closer the resort is, the cheaper and faster the transfer to the hotel will be. The ideal distance for a resort is up to 100km.
  • Room rate, $ – the price of stay in a villa or bungalow over the water for two people for one night in dollars. This is for those who separately buy tickets and separately book a hotel. By clicking on the links, you can see prices for your dates.
  • Tour package with a flight from your city, transfer to the hotel, and accommodation in villa or bungalow can be purchased here – Expedia.
bungalows in the maldives
Relatively cheap water villas, as they do not have a pool, but you can rent such a bungalow for $400-500 per day, almost for free 🙂
Hotelfrom Male, kmRoom rate, $
Grand Park Kodhipparu18from 570
Four Seasons Resort Landaa120from 2800
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island*90from 1500
COMO Maalifushi220from 1800
Kandima Maldives 170from 430
Embudu Village 3* 12from 450
Sun Island Resort & Spa100from 450
Fihalhohi Island Resort29from 490
Dreamland Maldives Resort120from 480
Reethi Faru Resort
(the cheapest over water bungalows)
150from 410
* Conrad Maldives Rangali Island – this hotel boasts an underwater glass villa called The Muraka. However, it’s better not to know the prices (starting at $10,000 per night).

The prices for overwater bungalows in the Maldives vary widely, but to give you a general idea:

  • The most budget-friendly overwater bungalows will cost you around $400-$500. For this price, you may not have your own private pool, but you will have a small terrace with lounge chairs and a ladder straight into the ocean.
  • The standard price for 4-star hotels offering such bungalows is around $400-$800 per night for a couple.
  • And the luxurious villas over the water with large square footage, multiple stories, private pools, and bars start at a minimum of $1000.

Travel tips

We have a few tips that can help you prepare for additional expenses, if not to save money:

  • If you’re booking a hotel separately from a tour package, make sure to find out the cost of the transfer to the hotel in advance. These are closed resorts where public transportation does not operate. You will still need to purchase the transfer from the hotel, and sometimes the cost of transfer from the airport alone can be over $1000. However, if you book a tour package, the transfer is usually included.
  • It’s always more advantageous to book an overwater bungalow in the Maldives or purchase an all-inclusive package. Often, prices for accommodation with only breakfast included are much cheaper, and this applies to all hotels in the Maldives. However, prices at private resorts are very high, and in the end, dinners, lunches, and alcohol that you pay for separately will cost you much more than taking the “all-inclusive” package right away.

One more great list: Top hotels with amazing house reefs for snorkeling.

In conclusion, villas, bungalows, and overwater accommodations in the Maldives are a unique vacation experience. For many, this type of lodging is considered the gold standard for a vacation, and I would have to agree. Waking up over the water in such a place evokes strong emotions, and the only downside is the price. Everything else is a plus.

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Resources to help you plan your dream trip to the Maldives

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  • Tour packages (from budget to luxury): Expedia
  • Hotels and guesthouses on any island:
    • Hotellook compares prices among a dozen other services and platforms and offers to choose the best one.
    • Booking – the most popular service for booking accommodation.
    • Agoda – the main competitor of Booking.
  • 12go is the largest Asian transfer service. It gathers all Maldivian carriers, even the small ones that operate between local islands.
  • Tours and excursions: Viator – a limited selection of excursions, but convenient and reliable.
  • Comprehensive insurance: EKTA
  • eSIM at the same price as in telecom office in Male.