The article will not only provide a list of the best cheap hotels in the Maldives, but also links to find fresh reviews, descriptions, numerous photos, and up-to-date prices specifically for your vacation dates. The focus will be on affordable hotel-resorts. Hotels and guesthouses on local islands will not be covered in this article.

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General information on cheap hotels in the Maldives

Firstly, it is important to clarify the definition of budget hotels in the Maldives. Hotels that cost $50 per room per day do not exist on resort islands. Anything cheaper than $200-300 per day is only available on local islands.

The most basic villas or overwater bungalows on resort islands start from $300-400 per day, and it is impossible to find a room on an island for less than $200 per day. However, for this price, you will not have your own personal pool and water slide into the ocean. Not everyone will agree to such a vacation 🙂

Another important point to consider is that resort islands often have multiple types of accommodation. The main building with hotel-style rooms on 1-2-3 floors is the most budget-friendly option, but even there, nothing will be cheaper than $200 per day. There are also secluded beach villas or overwater bungalows, which will be twice as expensive as the hotel-style rooms.

cheap hotels in the Maldives
The hotel-style rooms in cheap hotels in the Maldives.
  • This article will cover everything you need to know about travel cost to the Maldives, or how much money you need to spend for a paradise vacation.

List of affordable hotels in the Maldives

I recommend another list: Top 7 three-star resort hotels in the Maldives.

Below you will find a list of affordable hotels in the Maldives, and by clicking on each link, you can access complete information, including photos, reviews, prices, air tickets, and all the necessary details about the specific hotel.

About the table:

  • Distance from Male – the distance in kilometers from the international airport to the hotel. The closer the hotel, the cheaper and faster the transfer will be. For hotels that are 150km from Male and beyond, transfers can cost up to $1000 for two people.
  • Room rate – the price is only for the room/villa for two people per night if you book only the hotel. Prices are in US dollars. The links are clickable.
  • You can choose and purchase tours through one of the most convenient and reliable services – Expedia.
from Male, km
Room rate, $
Fihalhohi Island37from 250
Equator Village455from 160
Malahini Kuda Bandos9from 280
Biyadhoo Island32from 350
Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon66from 350
Sun Island Resort and Spa110from 250
Sandies Bathala65from 360
Reethi Faru160from 250
Barefoot Eco Hotel300from 190
South Palm Resort Maldives430from 140
Remember, if you’re simply booking a hotel without a tour package, you’ll need to add the cost of transfers, which can sometimes be more expensive than the hotel itself.

Travel tips

All of the hotels in this list are excellent and you’ll have a fairy-tale vacation at any of them. I have two pieces of advice to offer. The first you already know – it’s the distance from Male. Since all tourists, including yourself, will fly to the Maldives and land at the airport in the capital, it’s important to understand how you’ll be traveling to your hotel and how much it will cost.

For example, one of the cheapest hotels in this ranking is the South Palm Resort Maldives on a resort island, with rooms starting at $140 per night for two people, but they offer transfers to the hotel for $760 for two. The long distance from Male not only means expensive transfers, but also time – in some hotels, like Equator Village, it can take an additional day to reach your destination if you miss your domestic flight.

The second piece of advice I give to all tourists heading to a resort in the Maldives, even in 5-star hotels, is important to keep in mind.

Important note:

The prices in the list above were for “bed and breakfast” meal plans, mostly. “All-inclusive” usually costs significantly more. It’s important to understand that on resort islands, there are no shops or cheap restaurants – all infrastructure is hotel-owned and the prices there are set by the hotels without any competition. You won’t be able to have dinner for $50, it’s usually much more expensive. As a rule, a purchased all-inclusive package ends up being more cost-effective.

For those who are considering a budget vacation, I suggest considering the option of staying on the local island of Rasdhoo. It is one of the most popular islands, where you can definitely find mantas, turtles, sharks, and bioluminescent plankton. And finding a comfortable hotel for $50-100 per day with breakfast included is easy. Check out this comprehensive review of Rasdhoo Island.

affordable hotels in the Maldives
Sharks swim into the harbor of Rasdhoo Island every evening. Remember, the ocean, beach, and palm trees are the same for all tourists on all the islands. It’s the same for the rich and for those staying at inexpensive hotels in the Maldives.

In conclusion, the list of inexpensive hotels in the Maldives should have helped you understand the price range, so you can realistically assess your budget. The Maldives are very different from other world resorts, as there is affordable accommodation, but not in the resort hotels. Even the cheapest hotel with meals in a resort will cost you around $300 per day. With that budget, you can live like a king in Southeast Asian countries 🙂

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Resources to help you plan your dream trip to the Maldives

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  • Tour packages (from budget to luxury): Expedia
  • Hotels and guesthouses on any island:
    • Hotellook compares prices among a dozen other services and platforms and offers to choose the best one.
    • Booking – the most popular service for booking accommodation.
    • Agoda – the main competitor of Booking.
  • 12go is the largest Asian transfer service. It gathers all Maldivian carriers, even the small ones that operate between local islands.
  • Tours and excursions: Viator – a limited selection of excursions, but convenient and reliable.
  • Comprehensive insurance: EKTA
  • eSIM at the same price as in telecom office in Male.