This is a very cool attraction, which is correctly called “27 Damajagua waterfalls” in the Dominican Republic. And these are not only 27 waterfalls, but also a mountain river with cascades. And most importantly, here you can and should swim. And now about everything in order.

Table of contents:

27 waterfalls of Damajagua
Here in such a canyon you will have to swim, jump and slide down the hills. Cool, yeah?

27 waterfalls in the Dominican Republic

Since this is a very wet attraction, not all photos are mine. Some will be from the Internet, but 90% of the photos from the article are personal. I recommend it to everyone, if you have a GOPRO, be sure to take it with you. Photos will be very cool.

Attraction 27 waterfalls, this is a section of a mountain river, with a large number of drops, rifts, waterfalls, slides and just places for cliff jumping.

The river flows through the rocky area. For millions of years, it carved a canyon and a tunnels right in the narrow rocks, which adds to its charm.

Parking at the attraction 27 waterfalls
Parking near the attraction 27 waterfalls is free and large. My wife and I arrived at 8 am one of the first.

27 waterfalls: map, how to get there

This cool attraction is located in a mountainous area 20-25 km from Puerto Plata. This is the northern part of the Dominican Republic.


If you do not stay in Puerto Plata, but came here for 1-2 days, then I recommend visiting 27 waterfalls in the morning. And then immediately go to Puerto Plata to Mount Isabel de Torres (after lunch).
Starting camp 27 waterfalls Dominican Republic
View from the parking lot to the starting camp, from where you will start your climb to the waterfalls.

Location map “27 waterfalls”


Navigation is a trouble in the Dominican Republic. The exit from the highway to 27 waterfalls is not marked at all. Move the point to the navigator and look both ways. We passed the exit when the parking lot was 400m away. And it’s not just here. Pointers to sights and navigation arrows are a rarity. Only the Bay of Eagles stands out for its good navigation. The rest of the sights of the Dominican Republic still need to be looked for :).
ticket office to the waterfalls
Ticket office where you can buy a ticket and pay for luggage storage.

How to get there?

If you have read other articles from this guide, you probably already know. If not – in the Dominican Republic, public transport is poorly developed. The 27 waterfalls from Puerto Plata can only be reached by:

  • Taxi
  • Motorcycle taxi or motoconcho. Provided that you are no more than 2 people.
  • Car rental.
  • as part of the tour. But this is very convenient: you were taken from the hotel and returned to the hotel, you don’t have to think about anything at all. About excursions in the Dominican Republic, read the article at the link.

I can say the following about a taxi and a motorcycle taxi: it will cost about $ 50 from Puerto Plata, if a motorcycle taxi is cheaper. And in more detail, what is motoconcho and in general about taxis in the Dominican Republic and pricing for tourists, read the article at the link.

At car rental, it also makes no sense to tell in details. It is clear that this is the most convenient and comfortable option. But most often, tourists refuse it, having read reviews about the fact that there is very dangerous traffic on the roads. All these are lies. You can read article about traffic rules in the Dominican Republic and driving culture. There will also be information about car rental.


The Dominican Republic is safe, the roads are calm and the local driving culture is no worse than ours. Everything is just a little different here and you need to get used to it.
souvenir shop 27 waterfalls
By the way, there is an excellent souvenir shop here. The prices are low.


If car rental is not your option, then it is cheaper and easier to take a ready-made tour with a transfer from the hotel.

27 waterfalls in the Dominican Republic: price, opening hours and many benefits

  • Cash desk opening hours: daily from 8 am to 3 pm.

It is important to know:

If you want to go on the longest route of 27 waterfalls, then you need to arrive before 1 pm. After 1 pm, tickets are not sold for it, because the route takes 4 hours.
  • As you already understood, there are three routes of different lengths (prices for foreigners and Dominicans are different, below will be indicated only for foreigners):
    • 7 waterfalls – 500 pesos (~$9)
    • 12 waterfalls – 550 pesos (~$10)
    • 27 waterfalls – 700 pesos (~$12.5)

But these won’t be your only expenses at the Damajagua waterfalls:

  • Free parking
  • Rent of special shoes – 100 pesos or $2
waterfalls Damajagua route start
Since we did not have shoes with us. The wife was given pink sneakers for 100 pesos. Disposable socks are included in the price.
shoes for rent in the dominican republic
And they gave me leather shoes from the 90s with laces. I wore these to school about 25 years ago. It even seemed to me that they were removed from someone. Better take your shoes
  • Luggage storage for things, keys, phones, bags. You understand that you can’t take anything with you on the route – this is rafting in a life jacket along a cascade of waterfalls. Luggage storage is available in 4 sizes.
    • The smallest (enough for keys, a phone, maybe a bag, a backpack won’t fit) – 100 pesos or $ 2
    • Small – 150 pesos or $3
    • Medium – 200 pesos or $4
    • Family 🙂 – 400 pesos or $8
storage room prices
Price tag for luggage storage. My wife and I took $ 100 (pesos), we just fit our things there. We didn’t have bags or backpacks.
luggage storage attraction 27 waterfalls
These are storage rooms. Please note they are different sizes. The advice is, you most likely came by car. Leave all things there, and take the smallest camera for car keys and phone.

It is important to know:

Entrance fee includes: life jacket, helmet and guide. Without these three points, the route is not allowed.

About guide

You can go to the cascades of waterfalls on any of the three routes only with a guide. Groups from 2 to 8 people. If there is no one else at the time when you arrive, then you will have a personal guide for two. It’s very cool and much more interesting and dynamic than when you are a large group.

rescued vests at the waterfalls of the dominican Republic
They also provide life jackets and helmets. And you can start

Because there is always a person in the group who gathers for 10 minutes to jump from a 7-meter cliff. Or those who need to take another 45 photos. The larger the group, the slower the rafting down. Since until everyone has passed one stage or obstacle, no one moves on to another. The perfect group is 2 people.

Good to know:

Of the costs, there will also be tips for the guide. Although they are not mandatory, but at the very end he will ask tips and decide for yourself whether to give or not. My wife and I gave 200 pesos ($4) and he was pleased. By the way, our group consisted of only the two of us.
27 waterfalls in the Dominican Republic
Here is our guide now showing how to jump. Ahead is a rock 8 meters high. It seems not much, but very scary)

Routes: 7, 12, 27 waterfalls – which one to choose. Itinerary

Everything is simple here. When you have paid for the entrance tickets and luggage storage, you go to the preparation area. Here you need to change into bathing suits, you will be given vests and helmets in size, as well as check your shoes. After that, you are introduced to the guide and your cool journey begins.

bridge over the dominican river
First of all, 100m from the starting camp, cross this bridge. And then the path is only uphill.

Below the route time is indicated for a circle from the starting camp to the starting camp.

It is important to know:

To start the descent along the canyon and the waterfalls, you have to walk uphill. And if it takes 25-30 minutes to climb 7 waterfalls from the starting camp, then it takes almost an hour and a half to climb 27 waterfalls. You need to take water with you.
  • 7 waterfalls – total – 1.5-2 hours
  • 12 waterfalls – 2.5-3 hours
  • 27 waterfalls – 4 hours

And then a few paragraphs that carry the most important essence of the whole attraction. I have an idea in my head. If I can formulate it, and you will understand it, it will be cool.

cliff jumping in the dominican republic
These jumps are waiting for everyone. There are 7-8 meters. Can’t get around. There are not one or two such places, but much more)

27 waterfalls: which route to choose?

The most important thing to know when planning. What season are you going to visit this place. As:

  • During the dry season, the water level in the canyon drops by 3 meters or more. And often the route of 27 waterfalls is closed. And in January-February, in the driest months, 12 waterfalls are closed too. Only 7 waterfalls are available.
  • During the wet season from May to October – the water rises by 3 meters and all routes are open.
canyon rafting in the dominican republic
Sorry for the quality of the photo, the humidity is very high here. These canyons will be around every turn.

Travelers often write to me in frustrated feelings that they have learned now that 12 and 27 waterfalls are closed and only the easiest and shortest route is open. And they do not want to go here because it will not be interesting. And here is the most important:

If you have come to 27 waterfalls and all three routes are open, then be sure to take only the longest one. In the wet season, short routes are really not interesting and boring. But if you are in doubt whether to go during the dry season, when two of the three routes are closed – do not hesitate. Be sure to go! Below is an explanation.

There are very high cliffs and places for jumping on the route of 27 waterfalls. But the closer to the end, the lower the waterfalls, slides, rifts. And the last 7 pieces are really boring in high water. Here the height of the jumping rocks is about 4-5 meters, and the slides are 3-4 meters each. But in the dry season, when the water falls by 3-4 meters, even on the route of 7 waterfalls, the height of the rocks is already about 8 meters. Slides about 6-7m. And it’s already scary and a lot of adrenaline.

cliff jumping in the dominican republic
This is downhill. There will be many of them too.

I hope that you have made the most important conclusion: if the water is high and all routes are open, we buy a ticket for the longest one, even if you are afraid of heights. But if there is a dry season and only 1 route works, we also go here – it will be cool here.

27 waterfalls water level
Here you can clearly see how much the water rises in the wet season. I point with my hand at the line between the dark layer and the light one. The photo was taken in February.

Travel Tips

Now a few tips that will help you a little in visiting this cool place.

  • Before you buy a storage room, and without it there is almost nothing, go look at the dimensions. Choose the one you need and then buy the camera separately.
  • Remember, the route is not allowed in slippers or beach shoes. But they let you in your sneakers or good coral shoes. If you have been planning to wash them for a long time – now is the time. Please note that you will have to swim in shoes. If you don’t have the shoes you need, you’ll have to rent it.
  • The most important advice: come here by 8 am, then you will most likely be alone and with a guide you will also go alone.
  • There is an excellent souvenir shop on the territory of the starting camp, with some of the cheapest prices for souvenirs that we have seen.
  • By the way, the water in the river is warm! Surprisingly.
  • If you have a photo-video equipment that is not afraid of water (like GoPro), take it with you.
  • Leave your fear at home: you will have to jump a lot and it will be scary every time.
finish route 7 waterfalls
This is the last slide (to the right of the stairs) and further 300 meters on foot to the starting camp. The places are very beautiful.

Read about the best sights of the Dominican Republic from the TOP-30 in a large review article.

In conclusion: the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua are definitely among the top ten attractions in the Dominican Republic. Yes, the place is far away, especially from the resorts of Punta Cana and Bavaro. But if you have time, you need to go here, at least on your own, or as part of an excursion.

High jumps and bright emotions to you!

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