This is a general information article about vacation in the Dominican Republic in today’s post-COVID times. It covers trends in vacationing, the cost of a tour for two, planning a self-guided trip, and the best time and place to vacation in the Dominican Republic. It will be useful to anyone just starting to research information and considering the Dominican Republic as their next vacation destination.

Table of Contents:

Is the Dominican Republic open now?

Gradually, the whole world is being vaccinated and borders are opening up. But still, the first question that every tourist asks before choosing a country for vacation is: is it open? The Dominican Republic is no exception.

In short: as of 2024, the Dominican Republic is open to tourists from all countries. No PCR test or vaccination certificate is required to visit this country.


The situation with the opening or closing of borders changes regularly in many countries today. Always check the current information on the websites of embassies/consulates and travel agencies that sell tours. Links at the end of the article. But know that the Dominican Republic has never closed its borders since coming out of lockdown in summer 2020. This is a good sign of stability and permanence for tourists.

For more information on whether the Dominican Republic is currently open and what COVID-related restrictions exist within the country, follow the link.

the best time to relax in the Dominican republic
Beach holidays in the Dominican Republic are the most popular among tourists. This is not surprising when there are such beaches in the country.

Travel trends in Dominicana

Here, I’ll tell you about the travel trends in Dominicana. What kind of vacation is popular, what are the alternatives and several events or attractions that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to this country every year. You may also want to come to the Dominican Republic not just to the beach.

Below are data from the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. I provide them so that you can understand the trends in tourist flows to this country.

  • 81% of tourists come to the Dominican Republic on package tours.
  • 19% are independent travelers

It is useful to know:

By the way, planning your own vacation in the Dominican Republic is easier than simple. Tickets, hotels or apartments, car rental. These three points are 99% success. There are articles about all of them in this guide.

  • 65% of all travelers arrive in the Dominican Republic from North and South America. This is understandable – it’s close to get here.
  • 28% – from Europe and countries of the CIS.
  • The remaining 7% from the rest of the world.


Everything is logical here. Europeans travel more often to Turkey, Egypt and even Zanzibar – because it’s closer. Nevertheless, the beaches of the Dominican Republic are a piece of paradise and the flow of European tourists has always been consistently high. And after charters and direct flights from Paris and London were resumed, tourists again reached out to this part of the world.

As for the type of vacation, there is complete domination of beach vacations here. I believe that in addition to the beach, there are also interesting activities and events in the Dominican Republic. Tourists just don’t know about this and spend their entire vacation by the ocean.

Vacation in the Dominican Republic: why tourists come here

Below is a list that reflects the main goal of tourists who come to the Dominican Republic on vacation. There is no official percentage data, but indirect data is still available.

  • Beach holidays. Of course, the absolute majority comes here for the beach.
    • The Dominican Republic has the most beautiful beach in the entire Caribbean. There are no hotels and infrastructure, and there are almost no tourists. But just for the sake of such places, it’s worth flying halfway around the world. All about Fronton Beach: just look at the photos 🙂
  • Every year, 500 to 900 humpback whales swim to the very coast of the Dominican Republic at the same time. If you know all the necessary information, then this is a unique chance, up close, from a boat to watch whales. There are not many places in the world where you can do this. Statistics say that every year from 20 to 50 thousand tourists come here in search of whales.


In February, the probability of meeting whales is 99%. Therefore, the situation that you flew halfway around the world for whales and did not meet them is practically excluded. All about whales in the Dominican Republic at the link.
  • The annual Dominican Carnival. The holiday is almost like in Brazil. It is celebrated from the end of December to March throughout the country in all cities. And in the capital of the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo, the main carnival is usually at the end of February.
    • This is a bright, daring and memorable holiday. A lot of tourists come here to vacation during the carnival.
  • Pico Duarte (3083m) is the highest peak of the Caribbean and all the Antilles. And this includes more than 20 countries. By the way, it is also a mountain on which you can make a very exciting climb..

Above are the 4 main goals of tourists in the Dominican Republic. If you manage to do all 4 during your vacation, you will earn the title of a Dominican active traveler, rather than a beach bum 🙂

vacation in the Dominican republic cost
A rental car is almost mandatory if you want to go to Pico Duarte and on a whale watching tour.

Cost of a tour for two in the Dominican Republic

The topic is extensive but very important and useful. I will remind you that although the Dominican Republic was open to tourists, there were no direct regular flights or charters. And there were no package tours for sale.


As of August 9, 2021, air communication has been resumed in the Dominican Republic. This means direct flights, ready-made tours have become available, and it takes only 2 hours from the US and 7 hours from European cities to get to the Dominican Republic.

About the prices of tours to the Dominican Republic, read the full article at the link. There you will also find a list of the largest tour booking services to the Dominican Republic.

The cost of the package tour per person to the Dominican Republic:

A ready-made tour for two people from London for 7-8 days, 4 or 5 stars, with a direct flight, all-inclusive meals, and a hotel on the first line will cost an average of $1500 – $2000 per person. From New York, you can find a similar tour for $1100 – $1500 per person. There are cheaper options on sale, but there are also luxurious options that are more expensive. The average price is indicated above. Most tours are usually within this range.

I also want you to understand that independent travel is not always cheaper. This rule applies specifically to the Dominican Republic. Because the most expensive thing about independent travel is the airplane ticket, and they have become much more expensive in the post-coronavirus era.

Planning an independent trip: flight features

But if package tourism is not about you. If you’re a solo traveler looking for cheap tickets, here’s what you need to know:

  • The best connecting routes to the Dominican Republic via the following cities:
    • Paris
    • Amsterdam
    • Madrid
  • If you bought a ticket from Europe with transit to the USA, you will need a visa.
    • The UK and the USA, even for transit tourists who do not leave the transit area of the airport, still require a transit visa.


Do not forget that for most citizens, a visa to the Dominican Republic is not needed. But there are countries who need to get a visa in advance. All about visas to the Dominican Republic here.
where to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic
The famous Fronton Beach

Vacation season in the Dominican Republic

For those who have already decided to come to the Dominican Republic, but don’t know when – great news. If briefly, the season in the Dominican Republic is year-round. The air temperature here is always +30 +-5 degrees. And the ocean is warm all year round.

This is due to the fact that the main warm current on the planet flows around the Dominican Republic – the Gulf Stream.

Yes, there is a rainy season here. And it falls on the summer months. But what is important to know about the rainy season in this country:

  • Here the rains are not as intense as in the Asia. Usually, in the rainy season in the Dominican Republic, it rains once a day, more often at night, for a couple of hours a day.
    • Even if the rain falls at night, it is extremely rare for it to rain all day.
    • After a rainstorm, the sun always comes out right away.
  • The second point is that the climate on the Caribbean Sea on the south of the Dominican Republic is drier than on the north on the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Sometimes it even happens that in the rainy season on the south it rains once a week.

In conclusion: you can vacation in the Dominican Republic all year round. We prefer to fly here in the winter because it’s cold in our country and +30 in the Dominican Republic at that time. And at this link, you will find a detailed article about the weather in the Dominican Republic, the temperature of the water and air by months, and many tips.

The best vacation in the Dominican Republic: when and where

Here is the bonus section. Let’s consider that you already know the general points about vacationing in the Dominican Republic. And now there will be a tip, it is subjective, and the opinion of the author (me). But I have helped organize travel routes in the Dominican Republic for more than 50 couples, and have traveled all the way and across, and I can recommend the following::

  • The ideal time for your vacation in the Dominican Republic: from January to March
    • It’s snowing in Europe and the north of the USA, but it’s hot here
    • It’s the dry season
    • At this time there is a carnival in the country, you can easily visit
    • At the same time humpback whales come to the shores
    • It is better to climb Pico Duarte in the dry season, since the road is not washed out and it is easier to climb.
  • The ideal resort in my opinion is the Samana Peninsula.
vacation in the Dominican Republic all inclusive
And there is also the coolest El Limon waterfall on the Samana Peninsula. You can swim in it.

In conclusion: vacation in the Dominican Republic is beautiful and unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling here independently or on a package tour, sunbathing on the beach or conquering the Pico Duarte. You will be delighted by the power of the ocean, by the million palm trees and the white sand.

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