An excellent gift from the Dominican Republic, along with coffee and rum – snail cream. Today, almost every tourist is carrying something from cosmetics, which is made from snail mucus. This series of cosmetics has become the face of the Dominican Republic. And the quality and price please all travelers. According to rumors, the Dominican manufacturer of cosmetics made from snail mucus is superior in quality to Korean counterparts.

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Snail cream from Dominicana

In fact, such an ingredient as the mucus of an ordinary grape snail in medicine and cosmetology began to be used quite recently. Literally 10 years ago.

Interestingly, the first to do so were the Koreans, who began incorporating mucin (the name for snail slime) as an ingredient in their cosmetics products and emphasizing it in various ways.

On the contrary, Americans believed that mucin would evoke disgust in many people, and the psychological effect would only harm the marketing aspect of such cosmetics. Therefore, they didn’t highlight this ingredient in the composition; instead, they hid it as much as possible.

Dominican cosmetics manufacturers are today one of the world leaders in the production of cosmetics from snail mucus. And this is not only a cream, but a shampoo, conditioner and a number of different personal care products.

Mucin – snail mucus: properties

I will say right away that I am not a doctor, not a chemist, not a cosmetologist. I can copy smart words and concepts from the Internet, but to no avail. Therefore, I will explain, in the simplest possible language, about the beneficial properties of the cream, which contains snail mucus. I read this in an advertising booklet in a pharmacy in the Dominican Republic, and also received advice from a pharmacist.

  • An ordinary grape snail is always covered with mucus. You must have noticed this.
  • This mucus (scientifically mucin) protects it from bacteria, regenerates tissues in case of cuts and damage, greatly reduces UV exposure, and also perfectly moisturizes.
  • Therefore, any cosmetics (self-care product) that contains mucin or snail mucin (this is the same thing) performs the following functions:
    • Great for smoothing the skin
    • Tightens micro cracks and damage
    • It also removes scars on the skin and traces of acne. Well, as far as possible 🙂
    • It also moisturizes well, especially good in shampoos and creams.
Dominican snail cream cosmetics
These are the creams, shampoos you need to look for on the shelves of Dominican stores

And another important point: collagen

it should be in the composition of a good cream. It is a protein of animal origin. Its main problem is that the synthesis of collagen is a very complex process. Therefore, it can be found in the creams of a more expensive segment. But the synthesis of collagen from snail mucus is several times cheaper. This is another plus in the piggy bank of this cream.

Snail cream in the Dominican Republic: who produces

A large international company HK Cosmetics which has production facilities in the Dominican Republic. They produce a range of cosmetics and personal care products. Before living in the Dominican Republic, I had never even heard of such people, so don’t be surprised if you do too.

But the most popular product of this company in the Dominican Republic is a line of cosmetics made from snail slime. The entire line is called Baba de Caracol. It has a bright yellow-green etiquette and always depicts a grape snail on it.

This cream and not only, you will not confuse with anything. The photo from this article will help you identify it faster.

Here is what you can buy in the Dominican Republic and bring home as a gift, where the composition contains mucus from the snail:

  • Face cream with regenerating and rejuvenating effect. This is the most popular product.
  • Moisturizing hand cream
  • Body cream
  • Shampoo. By the way, he is also highly praised. There is a shampoo both moisturizing and restoring, look for the word Regeneration on the package.
  • Hair conditioner
  • Sun cream
cream of snails
There is even a sunscreen SPF15 and much more from this line

Where to buy snail cream in the Dominican Republic? And how much it costs?

Everything is simple here. Let’s start with where to buy:

It is important to know:

I have not seen fakes in the Dominican Republic for snail cream and have not heard of such cases. You don’t have to worry about this. But since this is cosmetics, there are special storage conditions and expiration dates for it. And the climate in the Dominican Republic is hot, so try not to buy such a cream in souvenir shops, and even more so from sellers on the beach. No one knows where and how they stored these creams.

The most reliable option: a pharmacy, large stores and, of course, duty free at the airport. The duty free, however, is much more expensive than the others.

Now, as for the prices: the prices for snail cream in the Dominican Republic are not high. Almost any product from this line can be bought for $ 5-8 for a small jar.

There are gift sets that consist of several packages. There are the same creams in large jars. But a gift home from several types of snail cosmetics can be easily collected by yourself for 20-30 dollars. And it will already be a good set that everyone will definitely like.

Therefore, what you need to know is that a small jar of snail cream in the Dominican Republic costs 5-8 US dollars, a large 15-20.

Dominican snail cream gift set
This is the most popular gift set that our tourists buy and take home.

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In conclusion: today snail cream from the Dominican Republic is one of the main gifts home from travelers. A rare tourist flies home without rum, cigars, and snail cream.

Have a great shopping and bright emotions in the Dominican Republic!

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