I will tell you everything you need to know about packages and tours to the Dominican Republic in the post-coronavirus era, what are the features, what to be prepared for, where to buy a package, how much it costs, and a lot of other useful information for travelers.

Table of contents:

Tours to the Dominican Republic

About the pricing of packages, which package is better to look for, “all inclusive” or only with breakfast, how to catch a discount and much more, read the article about prices for packages.

buy a tour to the Dominican Republic
Resort on the Caribbean Sea, not far from Barahona. Around the corner begins the zone of 5 * hotels all inclusive.

Prohibitions and restrictions related to Covid-19

Pandemic 2020-2022 greatly changed the world tourism. I hope soon all countries will open and flights will resume as before.

The most popular question from travelers right now is: is the Dominican Republic open for tourism? Read more about this and how to get to the country, and what you need to do, read the link above.

It is important to know:

In short, today, the country is open for tourism without PCR tests and vaccination certificate!

There are some restrictions and points due to covid-19. Below we consider only restrictions within the country for tourists.

  • Wearing masks is mandatory in all indoor areas. You won’t surprise anyone about this now, but still.

Good to know:

As of the beginning of 2023, the curfew has been lifted and all covid restrictions have been lifted. Even wearing masks indoors is no longer mandatory.

Details about the Coronavirus in the Dominican Republic in a separate article. Learn about PCR tests, quarantine, who is allowed to enter the country, and so on.

holiday all inclusive
The hotel beach zone along the ocean at any resort in the Dominican Republic.

Packages to the Dominican Republic: features

I won’t surprise you if I say that during the pandemic, all tour operators stopped selling packages to the Dominican Republic. They started talking about the resumption of sales at the beginning of 2021.

After that, in mid-February, they wrote in the news that sales for March-April would begin from day to day. But then the country’s authorities imposed a curfew, and the start of sales was canceled.

The Dominican Republic has now been officially opened to tourists. Sales have resumed to all resorts in the country. And most importantly, for today, direct charters from many cities in the USA and Europe have resumed their schedule. This is an extremely important factor.

Package tours to the Dominican Republic: features
Bavaro resort beach. Our tourists most often come here and to Punta Cana. Hidden behind the palm trees are excellent hotels.

The most important feature of all packages to Dominicana:

  • 90% of hotels working with tour operators only offer all-inclusive packages
  • There are three types of all-inclusive system in the Dominican Republic, you need to know about it.
    • Ultra AI – Ultra all inclusive. As a rule, bars with alcohol work around the clock, as well as food. And there is also a free mini-bar in the room, which is paid for other tourists.
    • AI – Standard all inclusive with food and alcohol, not much different from Turkey or Egypt or other countries.
    • Soft AI – All inclusive, but without alcohol. Alcohol for extra charge.

Good to know:

In the Dominican Republic, alcohol is quite expensive. Only local rum is cheap. Beer in general in the store costs almost $ 2 per bottle. Therefore, consider for yourself which package is better for you.

Which resort to choose?

Punta cana beach tours to the dominican republic
The resort of Punta Cana is another great place where you can come with a package to the Dominican Republic.

Details about all the resorts of the country can be found in a separate article at the link. There will be only general points. But here’s what you need to know before choosing a resort:

  • The Dominican Republic is washed by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. What are the differences and what to choose in the article: What is the sea or ocean in the Dominican Republic.
  • Be sure to read another article about the season in the Dominican Republic and when is the best time to come here. If there is no time to read, then the best time is from September to April.
  • There is another important point:
    • The vast majority of flights from Europe arrive at the airports of Punta Cana, La Romano or Santo Domingo
    • If we consider the resorts in the area of this city, then there are no questions. And if you want to go north or to the Samana Peninsula, or to the Puerto Plata area, then the transfer can take 6-8 hours from the airport.
    • Therefore, the airport of arrival is also very important.
  • And from the USA and Canada to the airports of Puerto Plata, Samana and also Santo Domingo.

Below I will list the most popular resorts in the Dominican Republic and write which sea or ocean. This does not mean that if the resort is not on the list, then you cannot go there. Simply, these will be the most prepared resorts in the country both in terms of infrastructure and security 🙂

  • Punta Cana (Atlantic)
  • Bayahibe (Caribbean)
  • Boca Chica (Caribbean)
  • Bavaro (Atlantic)
  • Samana Peninsula (Las Galeras and Las Terrenas) (Atlantic) – this is heaven on earth!
  • Bani (Caribbean)
  • Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata (Atlantic)
  • Cap Cana (at the junction of the Atlantic and the Caribbean)

Where to buy a package to the Dominican Republic?

Today there are several sales channels: online and offline. Which one is better for you to decide.

  • Offline is a regular travel agency in your city where you usually buy vacation packages.
  • Online is the largest aggregators for the sale of packages via the Internet.

Currently, the online channel is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s faster, more convenient, safer and already cheaper. Major market players have round-the-clock support and a call center.

It is important to know:

There is no big difference in prices between offline and online sales channels. The difference is usually around 5%. Therefore, the prices are the same, but you can always get a promotion, a price reduction, or just grab a packages to Dominicana at a very low price. Therefore, I recommend that you look on the Internet yourself and find out from your favorite tour agent. Buy where it’s cheaper.
Dominican Republic tours for two
Expensive but cool resort of Cap Cana. Also very close to Punta Cana airport, which is a big plus.

Below is a link to the coolest online aggregator of packages to the Dominican Republic:

  • Expedia – is the world leader in selling packages from various cities in Europe and the USA, with an awesome support service and an intuitive interface.
  • CheapOair – Dominican Republic Vacation Packages from all US cities, Cheap Vacations & Deals.

how it works: Aggregators search for packages in all travel agencies and compare prices. This is much more convenient than looking for a tour with each operator separately.

The biggest benefit of a package to the Dominican Republic is the direct charter flight. 4-5 hours and you are in Dominicana. If you fly on a regular flight, then this is at least 1 connection and at least 11 hours of travel. And in the article on the link you will read information about flights to the Dominican Republic (not only charters).

In conclusion: packages to the Dominican Republic are an excellent solution to all vacation-related issues. Rest in this part of the world will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Low prices, direct flights and great hotels for you!

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