I’ll tell you about tickets to the Dominican Republic from cities in Europe, the USA, Canada, about a direct flight and more. About the price, flight time and much more other useful information. I must say right away that we will not consider the pre-Covid times. Actually, you should forget about them. In the post-COVID era, ticket prices are higher, there are fewer flights. There is no need to wait for the next few years to return to 2019 prices.

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cheap tickets to the dominican republic
We fly to the Dominican Republic via Paris.

Tickets to the Dominican Republic: transit flights

I want to clarify right away that there is nothing wrong with transit flights. Yes, a direct flight is both faster and more attractive. But there are good routes with 1 connection and are much cheaper than direct flights. And the road is only 2-3 hours longer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing tickets:

  • If there is a stopover at London airport.
    • Even if you are not going to leave the transit zone, you still need a transit English visa. If you are not a citizen of the European Union, then a regular Schengen visa will not work.
    • Therefore, if you do not have such a visa, then it is better to avoid buying such tickets. Obtaining a transit visa to England isitime and money.
  • There should be no connections in US cities.
    • Everything is the same as with England. If you are not a US or Canadian citizen, you will need a special US transit visa. Getting it is not particularly difficult, but again it is time and money.
  • Personally, I don’t really like flights with two connections. They are very tiring, very stretched in time and there are high chances of being late for the flight, in case of a delay in any segment.
    • I prefer tickets from European cities to the Dominican Republic with one connection. And from the USA – direct flights.
Tickets to the Dominican Republic
Never buy such tickets, even if they are offered for free. 2 connections, more than a day on the road. This is logistical hell.

Transit cities:

Today the most popular cities in Europe with direct flights to Dominican Republic are:

  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Zurich
  • And also Istanbul (not Europe, but there are also flights).

Good to know:

When all segments of your flight are operated by the same airline, you are considered a domestic airline passenger. And they know about you where you are flying from and where. In case of a delay in the first segment, the air company itself must solve the problem of being late for the second segment. And when all your airlines are different, in case of delays, it will be more difficult to get refunds.
tickets to the dominicana from europe
Excellent flights with one short connection in Zurich from Amsterdam. The most important thing is that all 4 flights are made by one airline.

In case of a flight delay, always have extended insurance, which includes such cases. Read more about extended medical insurance in the Dominican Republic in a separate article.

It is important to know:

In which of the international airports in the Dominican Republic your flight arrives, there is not much difference. As a rule, 95% of flights from Europe arrive in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo or La Romana. And from the USA and Canada to Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo, and also sometimes to Punta Cana.

Read the article about the visa to the Dominican Republic. There you will learn not only about a visa, but also the rules for entering the Dominican Republic, what documents are needed besides a passport.

Tickets to the Dominican Republic: direct flights

As I wrote above, there are direct flights to the Dominican Republic from almost all major airports in Europe, in the United States and some airports in Canada.

Just some 11 hours and you are on the opposite side of the earth from Europe. It takes less time to fly from the USA, literally 3-5 hours.

It is important to know:

We are all talking about regular flights, for which you can freely buy tickets on your own. But there are many more charters, where you can only get if you bought a package tour. Tickets for charters are rarely available for free sale.

In the article Dominican Republic all inclusive for two, detailed information on how and where to look for tours, how to choose a tour with a charter and what to look for.

Dominican ticket prices and flight times

Let’s start with the flight time. If you buy tickets to the Dominican Republic from European cities on a direct flight, then the flight time will be 9-11 hours. This is very fast, given the fact that the difference is 4-7 time zones.

And if you buy tickets with one connection in the cities of Europe, which I wrote about above. Then it will take you about 15-17 hours all the way to the Dominican Republic, such a flight is just in the photo above through Zurich. Of the minuses, yes for a long time. From the pros: you can pick up a connection either very short, or 7-8 hours, which would still take a walk around the city of transit.

It is very difficult to write about the price of tickets to the Dominican Republic today. Covid-19 has not yet been defeated in the world. Every week the news comes, then one, then another country has closed or canceled all flights. Airlines are losing billions. Today, prices have grown a lot compared to pre-Covid era.

  • A round-trip flight from Amsterdam to the Dominican Republic with a connection in Paris or a Rome-Dominican Republic with a connection at Madrid or another airport will cost around 1,000 euros per person. There are discounts and you can find prices for 700 euros, today this is a very good price and you should buy without hesitation.
  • Prices for a direct flight on flights that are on the schedule reach up to 2000 euros for a round-trip flight. It is faster and more comfortable, but also more expensive.
  • And the cost of a package tour for 7 days, with a direct flight, accommodation, all inclusive – starts from 1500 euros for two. Where to find such tours, links at the end of the article, three paragraphs below.

Travel Tips

  • It is important to pay attention to transit airports: very often you can buy cheaper tickets through London or New York. Think 5 times if you need a visa for this.
  • I recommend buying tickets either with a short connection up to 3 hours or already with a long connection of more than 12-15 hours. If you buy tickets, for example, with a 5-6 hour connection, you will sit at the airport for a long time, since it makes no sense to go to the city center. And stopover at 15 hours will allow you to walk around Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid and even sleep.
  • Personally, I like AirFrance and the connection in Paris the most. But Amsterdam is also cool, there is a metro from the airport to the city center. You can get there in just 25 minutes.
  • And from the USA and Canada it is best not to consider transit flights. There are a huge number of daily direct flights from all major airports. And the prices are much lower than flying from Europe. Often there are tickets for $ 250-300 for a round-trip flight, for example, from New York.
tickets to the dominicana republic fro USA
There are such tickets from many cities in the USA. Direct flight 3-4 hours and you are in the Caribbean in the country of eternal summer. Convenient, fast, and much cheaper than flying from Europe.

In conclusion: there are tickets to the Dominican Republic from Europe, the USA, Canada and other countries, there are many direct flights. Prices today are even higher than 3-4 years ago in pre-covid-19 times. But often there are promotions and discounts, especially from Europe for passengers who fly with a connection. And where to buy: the link was above.

Cheap tickets to the Dominican Republic!

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