An article for those who are just choosing a resort country for their next vacation. I will answer the question: why Dominican Republic? 10 reasons to visit Dominican Republic. Some benefits will be obvious, some won’t. But in any case, the article should clarify many points for you and help you make a choice.

It is important to know:

There will be only the most important advantages for travelers, according to the author (me). But about the pros and cons of holidays in the Dominican Republic, read the article at the link.

Why Dominican Republic: 10 reasons to visit Dominican Republic

So let’s go. Is Dominican Republic worth visiting? Let’s start with the simplest and most understandable, and finish with the not-so-obvious ones, especially for those who weren’t there.

Reason 1: sea and ocean

Dominican Republic is a small island. But at the same time, its shores are washed in the north by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the south by the Caribbean Sea. If you do not like to sit still, and a trip around the country is what you need. It is easy to change an ocean resort to a Caribbean one within one day.

If the temperature of the water is the same in the north and in the south, then the color and strength of the water are completely different. And there and there it’s just insanely beautiful, but beautiful in different ways. I think this is a great reason to swim in two different water areas at once during your vacation.

Reason 2: beaches

Although the beaches throughout the Dominican Republic are different, there is one general trend. It is white sand, fine as flour, it is not so hot in the heat and all the beaches are many kilometers long.

If you take the rating of the TOP 10 Caribbean beaches, and this includes almost 20+ states. That 3 beaches on this list will be in the Dominican Republic. And if you open the article the best beaches of the Dominican Republic, then you will definitely be surprised by the views as from the picture. I always have a special delight from the beach of Fronton and Coson. This is a real paradise on earth.

Why Dominican Republic is the best caribbean beach
My wife and I are at Fronton Beach. Do you agree that the beach is amazing?

Reason 3: palm trees

Why I love Dominican Republic? Palm trees in the Dominican Republic grow like pines in a pine forest. They are everywhere. It is not uncommon to go for a walk and just meet a palm grove, look at the photo below. We just go to the ocean through such a Dominican forest.

Forest in the Dominican Republic
These are the groves in the Dominican Republic everywhere.

And of course palm trees on the beach. When you imagine a paradise beach, there is bound to be a beautiful palm tree there. There are many such photos from the Seychelles, Maldives and Zanzibar. But know that the Dominican Republic is no worse, and even better. On the beaches of the Dominican Republic filmed commercials such as the famous Bounty chocolate, and Rum Bacardi. These videos, and what other movies and commercials were filmed in the Dominican Republic, read the link.

Reason 4: national cuisine

Caribbean cuisine is great. This is Creole cuisine, it is hearty, simple and very similar to home cooking. If you come to the Dominican Republic, then you will like the local cuisine. Be sure to taste La Bandera and Guanimes.

Interesting to know:

Although the Dominican Republic is a maritime country, there is not a large selection of seafood here, and fishing is less popular here than agriculture.

The main ingredients of Dominican cuisine:

  • Chicken
  • Salami, local specific sausage
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Manga or Mangu (not to be confused with Mango fruit)
  • Dominicans also love chicken feet. We still fell in love with them when we lived in Singapore, and we adore them here too.

Read more about the national cuisine of the Dominican Republic in a separate article.

cuisine of the Dominican Republic is worth coming here for
Dinner prepared for us by our guide on the way to the highest point of the Antilles. Rice and chicken feet 🙂

Reason 5: The cheapest lobster in the world

Among other reasons to visit Dominican Republic is the cheapest lobster. Well, almost the cheapest. Although the choice of seafood here is not huge. But in any restaurant you can find on the menu:

  • Shrimps
  • Octopus
  • Several types of sea fish fillet
  • And of course Lobster.

It is important to know:

Lobster can even be bought in any large hypermarket. And it’s easy to cook it, you just need a large saucepan.

Dominican lobsters without claws. But they do have a very meaty tail. In many restaurants, the cost of a grilled lobster with a side dish is about 700-1000 pesos. At the current exchange rate, this is about $17. And the lobster will be 600-700 grams. And if you buy it yourself in the store, then for the same $ 17 you will buy a kilogram lobster. There are not many places in the world where you can buy a lobster for less than $40-50.

why dominican republic 10 reasons cheap lobster
Our classic dinner with my wife: medium lobster and spring salad!

Reason 6: Mountains

Why Dominican Republic? There are not only beaches, as 99% of tourists think. It’s also mountains. On the territory of the country, in its central part, there is Peak Duarte. This is a real three-thousands meters mount, which can be conquered in two days with an overnight stay at the base camp. And also this:

  • the highest point in the Dominican Republic
  • as well as the highest point of the island of Hispanola, where the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti are located
  • the highest point of the Antilles archipelago, which includes 7 or 8 states
  • and the highest point in the Caribbean

To conquer such a peak is a great achievement.

Below is a report about our independent conquest of Peak Duarte.

10 reasons to visit Dominican mountains
Yes, this is also the Dominican Republic and the highest peak in the Caribbean. Me and my wife and Pablo Duarte (I am on the left).

Reason 7: small country

Why Dominican Republic, yes, because it is a compact country. Here in 6 hours by car you can drive from one end to the other. This is a huge advantage for those who like not to stay at one place. If you correctly draw up your travel route, then in two weeks you can visit all parts of the country. And see the main attractions of this country. And waterfalls, and mountains, and the bay of eagles, and flamingos, and the colonial buildings of the capital and, of course, humpback whales.

Reason 8: humpback whales

Yes, real humpback whales, which every year, as scheduled, sail to the shores of the Dominican Republic. There are not many places in the world where with a 99% probability and for only $50-100 you can meet real humpback whales.

It is important to know:

These are the largest mammals on the planet. Their size will exceed your boat. If you’re lucky, you can see the male jumping out of the water. It’s just amazing.

In the article, you can read a detailed travel guide on how, when, how much it costs and where to meet humpback whales in the Dominican Republic.

10 reasons to visit the Dominican Republic humpback whales
If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to take the same photo yourself.

Reason 9: currency and money

A huge advantage of traveling to the Dominican Republic is the currency in the country. No, here it is its own, the peso and is no different from other countries in the world. You also need to find a bank, change dollars or euros, and pay with local pesos everywhere.

Read more about it in the article currency and money in the Dominican Republic. In the country, along with the peso, you can pay with the US dollar.

For understanding, you can even pay with dollars in almost any store, gas station, restaurant, and so on. Yes, it is convenient to have small pesos, since change is not always available. But in the country you can fully live without even exchanging to pesos.

This is very convenient on the first day or two when you just arrived. And in the last couple of days, when the local money seems to be running out, but you don’t know how much to change. You may not change.


If you come to the Dominican Republic, bring dollars with you. Euros are not really needed here.

Reason 10: Easy journey through the Caribbean

Open the map and see how cool the Dominican Republic is located. If you have the opportunity to come here for 2-3 weeks, then you can easily visit the neighboring countries of the region. After all, everything is very close. And some micro-island states, which you definitely won’t come to on a separate vacation from Europe or Canada, but it would be cool to get here for 2-3 days.

neighboring countries of the Dominican Republic
The beaches in the neighboring countries of the Dominican Republic are also beautiful!

Here is a list of neighboring countries that you can reach by ferry or fly in 1-2 hours inexpensively by plane. By the way, many of them do not even need a visa.

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Anguilla
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Guadeloupe
  • Martinique
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • I do not include Haiti in this list. Although they have a land border with the Dominican Republic, there is nothing for tourists to do here. And all other countries are just a dream of any Instagram blogger.

It is important to know:

From the Amsterdam to Antigua and Barbuda you will get two days. But from the Dominican Republic it is easy by direct flight in a couple of hours.

In conclusion: Why Dominican Republic? 10 reasons to visit Dominican Republic should have answered this question. Oh yes, there is still summer all year round and below +25 degrees almost never happens. But in general, I can say that if you come only to the beach, then in addition to the Dominican Republic, there are enough countries with heavenly beaches.

But if you do not like to sit still, and journey is the main thing for you. The Dominican Republic is just perfect. Compact, but at the same time a huge number of attractions and cool exotic countries of neighbors.

Why I love Dominican Republic? Because it is a heaven on earth!

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