In this article, I will tell you what a traveler needs to know about coronavirus COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic. Do you need a PCR test or vaccination certificate, is the Dominican Republic open now. What measures are taken by the government to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

  • From December 9, 2022, the Dominican Republic lifted all covid restrictions for both visiting tourists and residents within the country. No need for vaccination certificate, PCR test, no need to wear masks, etc. Life is gradually returning to its former course.

It’s been three years and a half since a previously unexplored virus that poses a threat to human health has made adjustments to life in all areas of activity. The restrictions hit tourism particularly hard.

And so far we have not been able to finally defeat the virus. Despite the successful start of vaccination in many countries of the world, we have to adapt and get used to new conditions.

COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic
In large stores of the country, absolutely everyone is wearing masks. This is monitored by staff and security. But since 2023, this restriction has been lifted.

COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic: the development of the pandemic in the country

The virus entered the country on March 1, 2020, when the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded. The first tourist from Italy fell ill (like the next 10 people), who was vacationing in the resort of Bayahibe. Two weeks later, the government decided to close educational institutions and transfer students to study online.

On the 20th of March 2020 a curfew was introduced (after 8 pm). The local population ignored him. And in a few days, more than 2,000 violators were arrested. In early April, the Dominican Republic closed its borders, hotels gradually emptied.

Given that tourism services bring about 60% of GDP annually, without tourism, the country would face an economic disaster. And from July 1, 2020, entry into the country was again open. But at the moment there are certain requirements and restrictions. I will tell about them further.

coronavirus in dominican republic
Pay attention to people. It’s in a typical Santo Domingo mall. Everyone is wearing masks without exception.

To date, 580 thousand cases of infection have been registered in the country. And the population of the country is slightly more than 10 million people. Officially, 4,300 people are considered dead from the effects of coronavirus in dominican republic. Every day (information for January 2024) about 10-15 new cases are recorded.

It is important to know:

Since July 1, 2020, after the opening of the borders, the Dominican Republic has never closed them again. The authorities are trying in every possible way to tell international tourism that there will be no more closures and lockdowns. Buy tickets and fly to us. It’s been almost 2 years and so far their promise has been kept.

Who can come (by sea, by plane) here: do you need quarantine and PCR test in the Dominican Republic?

Anyone. Anyone from any country can enter the Dominican Republic subject to visa requirements. Read more about a visa to the Dominican Republic for all citizens of Europe, the USA, Canada and others in the article at the link.

To enter the Dominican Republic:

  • A certificate of negative PCR test in the Dominican is NOT required for tourists arriving from most countries in the world.
  • DO NOT need to quarantine after arrival

According to the internal rules of the border committee, airport staff must selectively screen the temperature of tourists (except for passengers who present a certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test, although this is not required). Up to 15% of the total passenger traffic. Those with symptoms of Covid-19, in case of elevated temperature, the tourist is isolated and an express test is done.

By the way, health insurance is simply obligatory for everyone in such turbulent times. Follow the link in detail about extended medical insurance in the Dominican Republic.

pcr test in the dominican republic
The queue for one of the attractions of Puerto Plata. It is not visible in the photo, but even the musicians play in masks.

Where to do a PCR test in the Dominican Republic and how much does it cost

If you need to do a PCR test in the Dominican Republic for the reason:

  • Your personal wish
  • Required to return home
  • Required by the airline on the return flight

Then in most hospitals and laboratories (almost throughout the country) and even hotels, you will be provided with this service (of course, on a paid basis).

As of February 2023, the PCR test in the Dominican and antigen test do:

  • In all hospitals (major) and laboratories
  • In 70 hotels across the country, a full list on the website of the Ministry of Tourism
  • At international airports in the Dominican Republic. Laboratories at Punta Cana and Las Americas airports do an express test without an appointment. And they give you a paper certificate in 45 minutes.

And how long to fly to the Dominican Republic in time, read in a separate article.

Below are approximate prices for this service. Always check the current one, as prices change regularly.

A PCR test in the Dominican costs an average of 70 to 80 USD. Antigen test: 45 to 55 USD.

Coronavirus COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic: restrictions in the country

  • A mask is mandatory for everyone indoors:
    • banks
    • the shops
    • transport
    • tourist attractions – museums
    • etc
  • The use of an antiseptic. When you enter a bank or a large store, you will be urged to use it (and controlled).
  • Social distance. In large tourist sites and banks, staff (security) make sure that you do not get close to other visitors.
  • Temperature measurement. Again, staff with a pyrometer, at the entrance to large stores, controls that you do not have a fever.

In fact, these requirements do not greatly hinder the rest. Especially in the popular resorts of the country.

Today, as of the beginning of 2023, all these requirements have been lifted or relaxed. Masks are still worn, but no one forces them to wear them.

pandemic in the dominican republic
Coson beach. Quite a popular place with tourists. But in a pandemic, there are only palm trees, the ocean and me 🙂

General results about coronavirus in Dominican Republic

  • There is covid-19 in the country
  • Nobody knows its real level of distribution, the authorities hide it. Since the entire tourism sector of the country is at stake. By the way, the situation is exactly the same in Tanzania and Belarus, these are countries that I know from personal experience. And where to fly on vacation: Zanzibar (Tanzania) or the Dominican Republic, read here.
  • Official data that there is almost no coronavirus in the Dominican Republic.
  • The country is open to everyone
    • Without PCR tes in the Dominican
    • No quarantine

In fact, the observance of all security measures in the Dominican Republic leaves a double impression. We wear masks responsibly and change them every two hours.

But in small Calmados (shops and shops), sellers put on a mask only when they see that you put it on. In cafes and restaurants, no distance is observed. Taxi drivers are not always wearing masks, although scooter drivers for some reason do not take them off even while driving. And what kind of social distance is there on the beach.

Conclusion: take care of yourself and treat it with great responsibility, because we have to live and travel in this difficult time.

In an article about vacation in the Dominican Republic, you will read all the trends and general points about holidays in the post-COVID era. There is a lot of useful information there.

In conclusion: Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic will soon be a thing of the past, I so hope. Air communication with major international hubs of the world has already been restored. And tourism is starting to come back to this insanely cool country.

Negative tests to you and a safe trip to the Caribbean!

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