AI vacation package to the Dominican Republic for two all inclusive and what you need to know about it. I’ll tell you about prices, an alternative, where to buy, and what is better: a package to the Dominican Republic or an independent trip.

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Tour to Dominican Republic for two All inclusive
A room in such a hotel can be booked either independently or bought as part of a tour. As part of the tour it will often be cheaper, but not always.

Alternative to a package: what is cheaper

The most common question when traveling to any country: what vacation is cheaper for two? Package tour or independent travel?

I want to immediately note that in the post-coronavirus era to visit the Dominican Republic neither quarantine nor a PCR test is needed. All you need is your desire to travel. If you are reading this article and we have not finally won Covid-19. Then read the information separately at the link: is the Dominican Republic open now.

There is a unique paradox here. Before the pandemic, self-guided travel was definitely cheaper than a ready-made tour. If you can’t save much on a 5 * hotel, then the main savings were when buying tickets for regular flights.

But today, there are fewer regular flights. Ticket prices have risen, and the number of tourists in the Dominican Republic has not returned to pre-pandemic levels.

However, there are still discounts. And if you are still thinking, then here are two good articles for organizing an independent trip, instead of a package tour for two:

Good to know:

If you found air tickets, chose the hotel you liked, added these two numbers. Added 100 dollars for two for a taxi, since there will be no transfer, and insurance. And if the price of the package below this amount, then you buy a package. Otherwise, you can fly on your own.
all inclusive tour dominicana
This is Fronton Beach. You can only get here by traveling around the country on your own. There are no hotels for package tourists.

AI vacation package to the Dominican Republic: prices

  • Today, prices for a package to the Dominican Republic for couple from Paris, Madrid, London for 7 days start from 2000 euros.
  • And from the cities of the USA and Canada the same tour is 30-40% cheaper. There are so many good deals up to $1000 per person.


The best option to buy a cheap package is to book 3-4 months in advance. Then you fix the low price for the tour you found. The main thing is to buy with insurance against non-departure or buy it separately. At the end of the article all the necessary links.
Bavaro beach ai vacation packages to the Dominican Republic for two
This is Bavaro Beach. And a lot of package tourists come here. This is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic 🙂

Prices for a package to the Dominican Republic All Inclusive for 7-12 nights

The biggest advantage of a package for a couple is a direct flight. Since almost all the tours that are being sold now are air charter flights. This means that literally 7-9 hours from Europe, and less than 5 hours from New York and you are in the Dominican Republic on vacation.

Below are the average prices for package to the Dominican Republic for two All inclusive:

  • Hotels 4-stars 7 nights – from $1500
  • 5-stars hotels 7 nights – from $2000
  • 13 nights 4-stars for two – from $2500
  • 13 nights 5-stars for two – from $3000

It is important to know:

All prices are for All Inclusive hotels.
Tour to Dominican Republic for two "All inclusive"
Here are great options on one cool resource for tours for two in the Dominican Republic. Links will be below.

Where to buy an AI package to the Dominican Republic

Today, it is no longer surprising to buy a package via the Internet. There are many online agencies and websites that sell such tours.

They have buyer protection, round-the-clock support, great service and, most importantly, search for tours for all tour operators at once. I recommend buying package to the Dominican Republic for two via the Internet, it is already cheaper than in the agency’s office, and absolutely safe.

package tours to the dominican republic
A good hotel when buying a tour is the key to a good holiday. And the more palm trees the better.

It is important to know:

If you have questions or doubts, they have excellent service support. Order a call, you will be called back for free within a minute and answer all your questions. I was advised on a tour to Cuba for 40 minutes by phone.
  • Expedia – one of the world’s largest resources for selling package tours online. A huge number of tours to the Dominican Republic for two from the cities of Europe, Canada, USA
  • CheapOair – Dominican Republic Vacation Packages from all US cities, Cheap Vacations & Deals.

Often there are discounts and promotions. There are also hot tours.

Read more about vacation in the Dominican Republic in a separate article.

And another important point: before booking a package, choose a resort. There is a choice and all resorts are different. All about the resorts of the Dominican Republic in the article at the link.

In conclusion: today there is no answer which type of vacation will be cheaper: a package or an independent trip. In any case, package to the Dominican Republic for two all-inclusive with a direct flight and transfer to the hotel will definitely be more enjoyable. And you will need to spend less effort and energy on finding, booking and organizing your vacation.

Cheap tours and huge discounts!

Resources to help you plan your dream trip to Dominican Republic

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  • Car rental in Dominican (cheaper – only by bus):
  • Hotels and apartments all over the country: Booking
  • Vacation packages:
    • Expedia – best deals from Europe.
    • CheapOair – cheap packages from all US cities.
  • Tours, excursions and activities (including extreme ones):
    • GYG – more than 150 tours (whales tours)
  • Comprehensive travel insurance: EKTA
  • eSIM virtual sim card with internet in Dominican
  • Taxi and transfers from Dominican airports: Intui.Travel