In this article, there will be 5-star hotels in the Dominican Republic that operate on an all-inclusive system. There will be ratings, prices, descriptions, reviews, and general information. The list is not the most comprehensive, the main goal is to give you an idea of hotels at this level in the Dominican Republic. And probably highlight the most interesting options. To find and book all kinds of 5 star hotels, you can follow the links at the end of the article. There will be many of them.

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all about dominican hotels
In any 5 star hotel there is always a huge pool. And sometimes more than one. This is the Barcelo Hotel in Bavaro.

All-inclusive 5 star hotels in the Dominican Republic: features

It’s hard to say that five-star hotels in the Dominican Republic differ in any significant way from five-star hotels in Turkey or Zanzibar. In general, all these hotels have a similar level of service, give or take. And if you’re a fan of staying at hotels from big international chains like Hilton, you can expect the same level of service no matter where you go. The only thing that might vary is the menu at the buffet, because of regional differences.

But what I want to tell you about is what you might find in hotels and apartments below the five-star level in the Dominican Republic, and what you definitely won’t find in five-star hotels. Some of these points are specific to national characteristics.

Interesting to know:

If you have just started reading about vacations in the Dominican Republic, then I advise you to read a large article at the link. There are many tips and trends for holidays in this country.

5 star hotels amenities

In the list below, what you will definitely find in a 5 star hotel, but this may not be the case in lower class hotels.

  • Glass on the windows. It’s like a Dominican thing.
    • The Dominican Republic is known for its warm climate all year round, with temperatures averaging around 20 degrees Celsius. As a result, the need for traditional windows may not be as important. However, some hotels may still choose to cut costs by not installing them.
    • All windows in the Dominican Republic come equipped with mosquito screens, but actual glass windows may not be present. This can be a downside, as the lack of glass windows can also mean a lack of sound insulation. This can be particularly uncomfortable if your room faces a noisy pool or a busy street. Keep this in mind when choosing a hotel or apartment.
  • Air conditioning. This is a continuation of the next paragraph.
    • The absence of glass windows means that air conditioning units cannot be used, as they require a closed space to function properly. Instead, all rooms in the Dominican Republic are equipped with ceiling fans, which can provide some relief from the heat.
    • Air conditioning units are typically only found in 5-star hotels, so it’s important to pay attention to this detail when booking a room, if it is important to you.
5 star hotels in the Dominican
The more swimming pools, the better.
  • You can laugh, but – a door to the bathroom.
    • This is some kind of their national feature.
    • Often there are accommodation options without a door to the bathroom.
    • And a couple of times we even saw the option when such a bathroom without a door is exactly opposite the bed.
  • Tiled flooring in all rooms.
    • This feature is common in many hot countries around the world, especially in regions near the sea.
    • Tiles cool better.
    • And not afraid of moisture.
    • And it’s easier to clean and maintain.
    • I don’t see any cons in this, just keep in mind.
  • In a good 5 star hotel, there will always be in the room, or you can ask at the reception, a couple of adapters to the socket. Even with a strong desire, you will not insert your charger with our plug into a Dominican socket. Unless you are from the US of course. In this case, the sockets are the same here.

Resorts with All- inclusive 5 star hotels

Read more about the best resorts in the Dominican Republic at the link. And then there will be brief information for those who do not want to follow the link :). The list of resorts where you can find the best 5 star hotels will be arranged in order of popularity among tourists:

dominican hotel beach
This is Bavaro Beach. And behind the palm trees, 5 star hotels are located one to one.
  • The most important resort for most tourists is Punta Cana.
  • Bavaro is no less than the previous one. And they are less than 10 km away from each other.
  • Bayahibe
  • Boca Chica
  • Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete. The three resorts in the north of the country are more popular among Americans. All three resorts are within 20km of each other.
  • The Samana Peninsula. There are 5 star hotels here, but they are few. It is still more of a place for independent tourists who love peace and solitude.

Good to know:

If you are looking for a package tour or a hotel separately and you see one of these names, you can confidently consider this option. All resorts are absolutely safe, with well-developed infrastructure. And by the link, you can read all about package tours in the Dominican Republic.

All-inclusive 5 star hotels

All ratings you find below will be dynamic. Click, choose options, see photos and read reviews. And most importantly, you can find out the price.

  • 5 star hotels in Bavaro and Punta Cana

Read the rating of 4 star hotels in a separate article.

And here you will find information about last-minute tours to the Dominican Republic, where to look for them and how much they cost, as well as tips and recommendations.

In conclusion: Almost all 5 star hotels in the country operate on the “all-inclusive” system, meaning all meals, drinks, and activities are included in the price of your stay. The most popular destinations for this type of vacation are Bavaro and Punta Cana, as they boast the highest concentration of all-inclusive resorts. So, if you’re looking for a worry-free vacation where everything is taken care of, these two resorts are definitely worth considering.

And we wish you a pleasant and relaxing holiday, with comfortable and modern amenities like glass windows and doors in the toilet.

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