Coffee in the Dominican Republic is drink No. 1. Even rum is inferior to him in popularity. Locals drink coffee every day several times. They don’t drink tea here, they don’t sell it, and they don’t respect it. You’ll have tea at home there, but we only have coffee – that’s how the waiters usually answer. Next, I’ll tell you everything a tourist needs to know about coffee in the Dominican Republic.

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coffee in the Dominican republic
This is how the shelves of any store in the Dominican Republic look like. This is the best and most popular coffee.

The history of coffee in the Dominican Republic

It is interesting to know:

That the grains of Dominican coffee have a very rich aroma. Many international companies add grains from the Dominican Republic to their blends to enhance the aroma.

I will not retell you the history of Dominican coffee from Wikipedia. I will only list the main points so that you can get a correct picture in your head.

  • Before the Dominican Republic was opened by Christopher Columbus in 1492, coffee did not exist or grow here. You can read about the Dominican Republic and general facts about the country at the link.
  • According to unverified data, Columbus was the first to bring the grains here. However, historians tend to believe that the coffee was first brought by the same Spaniards, but 150 years after Columbus.
  • The first mentions of this culture in the Dominican Republic date back to the 1720-1740s.
  • However, for the first 100 years, the Dominicans were not successful in growing coffee.
  • Everything changed roughly in the 1850s when coffee plantations began to flourish and the Dominican Republic began to export coffee. The first exports were made in 1855, and by the end of the 19th century, the Dominican Republic had become one of the largest coffee producers in the world.
  • However, in the 20th century, coffee production in the Dominican Republic began to decline due to a number of reasons. The main reason was the emergence of new coffee-producing countries and the expansion of coffee production in other countries.
  • In the 1990s, coffee production in the Dominican Republic began to recover thanks to the efforts of the government and coffee growers. Today, the Dominican Republic is one of the leading coffee producers in the world. The country’s main coffee-growing regions are located in the provinces of San Cristobal and El Seibo.
  • These are the mountainous provinces of the Dominican Republic. And read all about the mountains at the link.

Today, Dominicans drink coffee at every opportunity. And tea in the store is usually presented in two types: black in bags and green in bags.

Why is it one of the best coffee in the world: how to grow

It all depends on where it is grown. These are the slopes of the mountain regions of central the Dominican Republic. Firstly, only Arabica is grown here. The temperature remains almost unchanged throughout the year. This is very important for the grains.

But the most important thing is that coffee plantations on slopes grow at altitudes from 1000m to 2200m and grow under the shade of taller trees. These are usually either cocoa trees or fruit trees. It is said that when direct sunlight does not reach the coffee berries, the composition of the grains is completely different. If anything, I am not an expert in coffee, I am just repeating what the locals told me.

Read about cocoa in the Dominican Republic and cocoa balls here.

Tinto Coffee - sweet coffee
This is a popular type of coffee. It is considered to have a bright fruity tint.

Dominican coffee is very strong, with a chocolate tint and an insane aroma.

It is important to know:

The Dominican Republic is a very small country in area. And there are few areas for growing coffee here. And with a very high domestic consumption of this drink, it turns out that very little coffee is exported. Statistics say that Dominicans export only 20% of what they grow. The rest of the coffee is drunk on the domestic market. Because of this, it is difficult to find Dominican coffee in the stores of our countries. And today it is a deficit. Therefore, a pack of coffee is just a great gift option for family and friends.

Coffee in the Dominican Republic: prices and where to buy

It’s very simple here. You can find coffee in any large, medium, or small store, and even in a 2 by 2 meter calmados. You can read about the stores in the country, their hours of operation, and what to pay in the review at the link.

There are several producers in the country. Reviews are often written about each of them. However, any coffee from any manufacturer is fine. The main thing when buying is to look for “made in republic dominicana” written on the package. You can just find an imported one, for example, from neighboring Puerto Rico.

It is useful to know

That the most popular and famous coffee in the Dominican Republic is called Santo-Domingo. It is sold both ground and in grains.

A little about prices. Coffee in the Dominican Republic is very affordable. In some places it is even served for free. A 250 gram bag of ground coffee costs from $2 in the store.

There are no limits or bans on exporting coffee from the Dominican Republic. Even if you bought 10 packs as a gift for all your friends, there will be no problems at the airport.

dominicana coffee where to buy
Santo Domingo is the most popular coffee in the Dominican Republic

Travel tips

  • If you are traveling around the country and changing accommodations several times, remember that there is either a cezve or a Moka pot in every apartment throughout the country.
    • If you are a coffee lover, buy a pack right away on the first day. And all your journey you will be able to make your own coffee in any place, wherever you stop.
  • If you drink coffee with sugar, then in the Dominican Republic they like to cook it on sweet water.
    • First, add sugar, stir it well, and then cook coffee on this water.
  • And read about a cool rental option with an ocean view and a terrace with a hummingbird here. You can sit with coffee on the terrace and enjoy life.
Breakfast in the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic with coffee
And here is a view of the jungle and the ocean in this cool place, which is referenced above. We have breakfast and drink Dominican coffee.

In conclusion: coffee is the main drink in the Dominican Republic, which is consumed at every convenient opportunity. Dominican coffee has completely taken over the domestic market, but it is difficult to find it at home. Therefore, if you come on vacation here, drink coffee. If you return to home – bring coffee as a gift. And you don’t need to drink coffee before bed. It is very strong here and you won’t be able to sleep for half the night.

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