In this article you will get the information about the best hotels in the Dominican Republic, descriptions, reviews, where they are located and, of course, prices. All ratings will be dynamic. This means that you can click on each and read more detailed information on each hotel or villa.

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лучшие отели доминиканы
Пляжи лучших курортов страны выглядят приблизительно вот так. На фото курорт Баваро и первая линия отеля 5 звезд.

The best hotels in the Dominican Republic

In this article, I want to give not only a list of hotels. But also to explain some of the subtleties that can be expected from the number of rooms in the country. Everything is clear that in the best and most expensive hotels everything will be perfect. But if you are renting more budget hotel options, or maybe just villas, condominiums or apartments, then there are some things that may surprise you.

Features of the hotels in the Dominican Republic

The best hotels in the Dominican Republic punta cana
Punta Cana beach. Hidden behind palm trees are the secluded villas of an excellent hotel. By the way, palm trees are everywhere in this resort. And the beaches are just to the horizon.

Be prepared that low-cost lodging options may or may not have:

  • Not be a door to the toilet. And it’s really very popular when you rent apartments from locals, even if they are expensive.
  • Ceiling fan instead of AC
  • Because it’s summer here all year round. It happens that there are no glasses on the windows, but only mosquito nets. And as a result, there is almost no sound insulation from the street.
  • In continuation of the last point, there are mosquitoes here. So bring your mosquito repeller plug with you. What else to take in a trip, read the link.
  • Sockets in the Dominican Republic as in the USA, and voltage as in the USA. If you are from Europe, then you cannot do without an adapter. More about this: what sockets in the Dominican Republic.
  • It is safe on the territory of all resorts and hotels. And about safety in the Dominican Republic, read in a large review article.
best bavaro hotels
The best beach in the Bavaro resort, there are many cool hotels here

It is important to know:

All that I have listed above is in the best and most popular hotels in the country. Well, except for the mosquito repeller plug, you still need to bring it from home.

Also, do not forget that throughout the country it is very popular when there are bars on the windows and doors. And padlocks for them.

The best hotels in the Dominican Republic at the best resort

I am often asked where to look for the best hotels. Here are the criteria that are very important for most tourists when choosing a hotel:

cap cana great resort
There are hotels with secluded terraces in the shade with such a cool view

When choosing the best hotel for tourists, it is important:

  • All inclusive
  • Seafront
  • Safety
  • Large territory
  • Beautiful ocean
  • Close to the airport. Since no one wants another 5 hour transfer to the hotel from the airport.
all about punta cana hotels
Hotels in Punta Cana, Bavaro and Cap Cana, all have huge beaches with sun loungers and a million palm trees.

Therefore, we will build on these criteria. In this case, I recommend the province of Punta Cana. The most popular resorts of Punta Cana that meet all the criteria above are:

  • Punta Cana itself
  • Insanely beautiful beach in the resort of Bavaro. Which is 10 km from Punta Cana.
  • Cap Cana is the most elite resort in the country. Just a few kilometers south of the Punta Cana airport. It is believed that this is where millionaires rest.

It is important to know:

There are more than 5 international airports in the country. And 80-90% of flights from Europe and even from USA and Canada arrive at Punta Cana Airport. To the northern resorts of the country, for example, Puerto Plata, from here it takes 6 hours by bus. And in Bavaro or Cap Cana 15 minutes.

Rating of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic: Punta Cana, Bavaro, Cap Cana.

Here we are not talking about package tours and prices for them, but only about hotels. You can buy plane tickets yourself and book any hotel. It can be either cheaper than a package tour, or more expensive. Everything is very individual. But be aware that many tourists vacation in the Dominican Republic according to this plan.

palm trees on bavaro beach
Here, for example, is a hotel in Bavaro with a cool palm grove right on the beach.
hotel with bavaro palm trees
And here is the same hotel from above. The photo was taken during a plane trip over Bavaro beach.

Top rated Bavaro hotels with cool pools

Best Dominican hotels in Punta Cana

Pay attention to hotel ratings. It is very high, this is an important point

The best hotel in Cap Cana

There are not so many hotels here, since the Sanctuary Hotel occupies almost the entire beach of the resort. By the way, this is one of the few hotels where holidays with children are prohibited. Yes, I know, children are the flowers of life and so on, but there must be places where you can quietly, calmly relax without them.

And where and how to look for last-minute tours to the Dominican Republic and how much it costs, read here.

In conclusion: the best hotels in the Dominican Republic are not limited to this list. I am sure that everyone can find the option that is right for him and for comfort and budget. Links to where else you can find more hotels and villas right at the end of this article. All resources are personally verified, reliable and provide a high level of service.

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