The eco villa with ocean view in Las Galeras is a unique and interesting option for accommodation. My favorite place in the Dominican Republic is the Samana Peninsula, and within it, the small town of Las Galeras on the Atlantic coast is the best spot. Staying in this beautiful location would be a truly unforgettable experience during your vacation.

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Eco Villa with Ocean View in Las Galeras
Actually all this bungalow will be at your disposal.

Eco Villa with Ocean View in Las Galeras

You can read more about Las Galeras in a review article about this tiny town.

Las Galeras is a quaint and secluded town nestled amidst lush jungles. Here you won’t find luxurious hotels or crowds of tourists, but you will find nature in abundance.

In addition to the charming town of Las Galeras itself,

  • the area boasts breathtaking beaches, including Rincon beach, located right in the heart of the town.
  • There are also many natural wonders to explore, such as the spectacular El Limon waterfall in the jungle,
  • the best beach in the Caribbean sea – Playa Fronton
  • and the equally impressive Playa Madama.
  • From here, you can easily embark on excursions to watch humpback whales
  • and visit the paradisiacal island of Bacardi.
  • And of course, there’s the million palm trees, endless ocean and majestic cliffs that make this place truly special.
Fronton beach near the villa
A piece of Fronton beach. From the villa in Las Galeras here through the jungle just a few kilometers. This is a wild beach, you just can’t get here.

It is important to know:

Most of the places listed above require a car to visit. But a car in the Dominican Republic is needed even without Las Galeras. It is very bad with public transport, and consider it non-existent.

Description of eco villa in Las Galeras

This villa in Las Galeras is located on a hill on the outskirts of the city and has an incredible ocean and surrounding view. Here are a few facts you should know about it:

  • it’s an 8-9 minute walk to the beach
Eco villa with ocean view road to the beach
Go to the beach through such a palm grove.
  • The owners, Bill and Nuris, live on the property. Bill has been living here for many years, originally from Washington.
    • The property includes their ranch, two homes, and a garage with parking.
    • The larger home is where they live with Nuris, while the second home is the small villa where you will be staying.

Why I call it an eco villa:

Because the villa in Las Galeras is nestled deep within the jungle. Surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery. In the garden and on the terrace, where you will enjoy your coffee and dinner, even hummingbirds fly around. The main thing is to look around. The property has a rainwater harvesting system, its own septic system, and some clever garbage disposal system. Everything here is seamlessly integrated into the natural environment.

Eco villa with ocean view: what is inside

The villa in Las Galeras is located in a secluded corner of the ranch, and inside there is one large open space, in addition to a bathroom and an outdoor shower overlooking the ocean. The space is two-story. On the first floor, there’s a large living room and a small kitchen where we ate and relaxed. On the second floor, there’s a bedroom with breathtaking views.

Eco Villa with Ocean View inside view
Here the second floor with a bed and partially the first one got into the frame.
Вид из спальни на океан
View from the bedroom on the second floor. You don’t even notice the lack of windows in this place. I would demolish the entire wall.
  • As they say: if the view from your bedroom is not like this, you can not invite me to visit.

In the bedroom, there is a canopy over the bed, and a fan if it gets too hot. This is an eco-villa, there are no windows glasses. And the ocean breeze is very pleasant, it freshens the whole space. You can see the size of the window in the photos, it is very well visible. It takes almost the whole wall, and there is one window on both floors.

It is important to know:

As there are no windows glasses, there may be mosquitoes. The canopy over the bed completely solves this problem. But the villa also has mosquito coils, you know how they look like. You light it and it slowly smolders and releases a smell that repels mosquitoes. Also, when traveling in the Dominican Republic, we always take our own mosquito repeller plug. It’s a thing that will definitely come in handy in the Dominican Republic. And what else to take with you to this country is a must-read by following the link.
Eco villa with ocean view from the bedroom
And this is another view from the same bedroom. While the wife is in bed, who do you think makes breakfast?

The villa in Las Galeras is equipped with ample electricity and outlets, so you need not worry in that regard. However, if you are coming from Europe rather than the United States, please note that the outlets here are different from those in Europe and the voltage in the network is different as well. For more information on Dominican Republic outlets and where to purchase an adapter, please see our separate article.

There is a small but sufficient refrigerator available.

Terrace in the Dominican Republic
A terrace where you will drink Cuba Libre in the evenings and look at the ocean.
View from the terrace of eco villa Las Galeras
And you will look at the ocean from the terrace like this.

Kitchen amenities

The villa in Las Galeras also has a kitchen. The kitchen is small and consists of a gas stove and a table. For understanding, the kitchen has everything for your own culinary masterpieces: several pots, 2 or 3 pans, a cutting board, a percolator, a water cooler, coffee, sugar, salt. We even had vegetable oil and some spices. Knives, forks, spoons, ladle, toaster, plates, cups, and glasses.

Overall, there’s everything you need here. Yes, you probably won’t be able to make chocolate brownies, but you can easily make a breakfast like the one in the photo below.

breakfast in the dominican Republic overlooking the ocean
If you bought groceries, then everything you need for cooking is there. These are the breakfasts I made for my wife.

Eco villa with ocean view: how to get there

The villa is located in a secluded spot, with no public transportation nearby. Las Galeras can be reached with multiple connections to Guagua, but it will take several hours. From there, it’s about 3km to the villa by foot. Renting a car is the best option for not only visiting the villa in Las Galeras, but also exploring the Samana Peninsula and the Dominican Republic in general.

View from the toilet
This is the view from the bathroom. I really wanted to post this photo, but didn’t know where.

The map below shows the location of the eco villa with ocean view.

Eco villa with ocean view coordinates: 19.290877, -69.178764

Where to book?

Bill and Nuris are great hosts who go above and beyond to ensure their guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. They are friendly, unobtrusive, and always available to help with any questions or concerns. They also provide extra touches such as fresh juice from fruits grown in their own garden and have some handyman skills that they are willing to use to help guests. Overall, they are dedicated to making sure their guests have a great experience at their villa.

This villa can be booked on the AirBNB website using the link.

  • WhatsApp and tel nimber +1(809) 840-41-50
  • Email:
Bill from Las Galeras
Meet Bill from Las Galeras

By the way, there is an excellent free Wi-Fi with good speed for the Dominican Republic here. But if someone needs faster internet, Bill’s villa has great 4G with the Claro operator. For more information about mobile internet in the Dominican Republic, including how and where to connect, please refer to the article linked.

  • This villa is simply amazing in terms of value for money. For such a price, it’s not often you’ll get the chance to stay in such a place.

Travel tips

Outdoor Shower Las Galeras
Outddor shower. It’s summer all year round and you can shower all year round in the middle of the jungle.

If you have chosen this accommodation option and plan to spend a few days here, as we did, here are a couple of tips:

  • The store is quite far from the villa. Be sure to buy all the necessary products in advance. We prepared tuna pasta and omelets with salami for breakfast.
  • There are not many restaurants close to the beach. But you won’t go hungry. And you can always head out for an evening stroll along the beach in Las Galeras. There are plenty of restaurants on the main street.
  • Bill’s villa is perfectly located for those planning to walk to Playa Fronton and Playa Madama. This jungle walk will definitely be a lasting memory.
  • And in February, you can watch the migration of humpback whales from the villa’s terrace as they swim into Samana Bay. If you want a cool excursion in Samana to watch the whales, ask Bill for contacts.
  • The beach is 9 minutes walk away, and the beaches here are simply incomparable.
Beach on the outskirts of Las Galeras
This is the closest beach to the eco-villa. The place is very beautiful. And yes, there are plenty of beaches. You just need to walk along the coast.

Many people usually travel further towards Punta Cana from the Samana Peninsula. I would like to draw your attention to one karst lake that many people often miss. Laguna DuDu is definitely worth your attention.

In conclusion: A bungalow or eco villa with ocean view in Las Galeras is a unique and perfect way to spend a vacation with such a view on the Atlantic coast. When have you ever lived in such a place? These places are usually shown on television on the Travel Channel.

Bright emotions to you from staying in a villa in Las Galeras!

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