This article is for those who are independently looking for a convenient option for air travel and flights to the Dominican Republic. Below you will read about the most convenient or fastest flights, about direct flights or charters, and, in general, about all flights to the Dominican Republic.

The pandemic has made strong adjustments in the schedule of regular flights. And if there were a hundred flights to the cities of the Dominican Republic every week before Covid-19, now everything is not so. There are fewer flights and higher prices. But there are already changes for the better.

flight to dominican republic transit
The most convenient, fastest and easiest way to fly from European cities to the Dominican Republic is through Paris or Madrid. From these cities, a large number of direct flights to Dominican airports.

If, reading this information, the pandemic has not yet been defeated, I advise you to read the article: is the Dominican Republic open now?

From the good news:

  • Today, most airlines promptly resumed flights to the Dominican Republic
  • And about 15 airlines have already received the necessary flight permits. And some of the flights have already returned to the schedule. The authorities predict a full recovery of the tourist flow to the level of 2019 by the 2024 season.

Flights to the Dominican Republic

Now will be not only information for action, but a list of flights that can help you find the most convenient flights to the Dominican Republic for you. Information changes quickly, so it may not be the most complete when you read this article.

I recommend reading the article: how long to fly to the Dominican Republic. There you will find answers to common questions regarding flights, times and transfers.

flights to the dominican republic food
Air France: The flight is long, but the food is good. Several times and that’s including alcohol.

Transit flights to the Dominican Republic

If you do not live in large metropolitan areas near international airports, then the easiest option today is to consider flights with transit (with 1 stopover in any major airport)

More details about transit flights to the Dominican Republic through European cities.

Through Paris

  • Through Paris. Charles de Gaulle airport. Perhaps the most convenient option for all Europeans.
    • Just one connection. You can easy find flights from your city with a short connection in Paris up to 3 hours.
    • Popular routes:
      • Your city – Paris – Punta Cana
      • Your city – Paris – Santo Domingo
    • Also, the schedule includes flights to La Romano and Samana airports. The latter is convenient for those who want to go on vacation to the north of the country, such as the Samana Peninsula or Puerto Plata.
    • Flights are operated by AirFrance and Air Caraïbes.

Below is a dynamic schedule of direct flights from Paris to the Dominican Republic. It is updated daily and is current as of the date you are reading this article. You can see what days and which airlines make direct flights to the Dominican Republic, and pick up convenient flights from your city, via Paris. All links can be clicked.

Direct flights to Punta Cana from Paris:

Direct flights to Santo Domingo from Paris

It is important to know:

I try not to indicate the prices for flights, since now is the time that they change every week. And what is relevant today, does not mean relevant in a week.
direct flights to the Dominican Republic
The flight from Paris to Punta Cana takes 9 hours and 20 minutes.

Via Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Via Frankfurt am Main. This is one of the largest airports in all of Europe.
    • As well as through Paris, you can make a convenient flight from any city in Europe with just one connection.
    • They fly only to Punta Cana.
    • About the best hotels in the Dominican Republic, rating, reviews, prices, read the link.
    • Lufthansa flights have already appeared in the schedule today. But even more low-cost airline Condor received a flight permit. So very soon, two airlines will fly to the Dominican Republic through Frankfurt Airport.
    • And competition means discounts on tickets.

Dynamic schedule of direct flights from Frankfurt to Punta Cana:

Via Madrid

  • Through the main airport of Madrid.
    • Today, 3 airlines fly this route
    • 6 direct flights per week, with more coming soon

And about the visa to the Dominican Republic for tourists, read separately in the article.

Schedule of direct flights from Madrid to Punta Cana:

Flights to the Dominican Republic from the USA

For those who fly to the Dominican Republic on vacation from the USA, it is even easier. It’s closer, the flight is only 2 to 5 hours, the tickets are much cheaper. And there are much more airports from where there are direct flights to the Dominican Republic. But the most popular are:

  • Miami Airport: A large number of direct flights, over 20 per week and only 2 hours in flight.
  • New York Airport: Over 5 direct flights daily and over 50 weekly. Between London and Paris there is no such communication as between New York and the Dominican Republic 🙂

Charters to the Dominican Republic

Today, not only regular flights, which you read about above, fly to the Dominican Republic. There is also a huge number of charters from different cities of Europe, USA, Canada.

It is important to know:

Everyone knows what a charter is. For those who don’t know, I’ll briefly explain. This is a plane that is chartered by some major travel agency for a specific route. You can get on this plane only by purchasing a package tour from this tour agency. Where the price of the tour will include the flight. Sometimes, of course, charter tickets appear on free sale, but this is rare.

Remember, not every package tour guarantees a direct charter flight, sometimes they are regular flights and even with transfers. But if you are flying on a charter direct flight, then you bought a package tour.

Where to buy a ready-made tour at the best price can be found at the links at the end of the article. Only the largest players in the global package tour market are listed there.

Following the link you will find a rating of 5-stars hotels in different resorts of the Dominican Republic.

Flights to the Dominican Republic
Here is an example: TUI is a charter airline. Twice a week there are direct charters from Amsterdam to Punta Cana, which means you can find a package tour to the Dominican Republic for these days of the week.
  • Cheap tickets to the Dominican Republic from Europe, USA, Canada and other countries can be found on the largest aggregator Aviasales. Tickets are searched for all airlines in the world.

In conclusion: this is not the most complete list of all flights to the Dominican Republic. But these are perhaps the most convenient routes. Now, when searching for tickets, you know which routes, air companies and cities to pay attention to. And if you have any difficulties with the selection, write in the comments or email me, I will always help in any way I can.

We wish you fast flights and short connections!

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