This article will answer one of the first questions of a traveler going to the Dominican Republic: where is the Dominicana on the world map? With whom it borders, which sea or ocean it is washed by, which time zone, there will be a lot of useful information.

Table of contents:

Dominicana on the world map: general information

The Republic of the Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean in the Antilles.

And below are some interesting and useful facts about this heavenly place:

  • The Antilles is a huge archipelago between North and South America.
  • The archipelago includes more than 1000 islands and more than 20 countries of the world.
  • Of the most famous countries of the Antilles, which attract world tourism, you know for sure:
    • Cuba
    • Jamaica
    • Puerto Rico
    • Barbados
    • Martinique
    • Guadeloupe
    • and of course the Dominican Republic.
  • There are also countries in this region that are unsafe for tourists, which are not recommended for visiting by citizens of any country in the world.
    • This is, for example, the country of Haiti: one of the poorest countries in the world, where poverty and hunger, high crime and disease.

Below in the photo you can see map of the Antilles.

Dominican Republic on the world map
Right between Cuba and Puerto Rico is the Dominican Republic

Where is the Dominican Republic on the world map?

The Dominican Republic itself is located on one of the largest islands of the entire Caribbean – on the island of Haiti (Hispanola). In the article, follow the link for information on how long to fly to the Dominican Republic.

There are only two states on this island:

  • The Dominican Republic, which occupies about 72% of the island’s area and has several dozen small islands.
  • And the eponymous Haiti, which was mentioned just above.

On the world map it looks like this.

Dominicana on the world map
This red mark is the Dominican Republic on the world map

It is important to know:

The Dominican Republic has a land border with only one state – Haiti. But very close to the neighboring islands are also Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Some useful information about the Dominican Republic for tourists:

  • The country is washed from the north by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the south by the Caribbean Sea. Read more about this in the article “what is the sea in the Dominican Republic“. There you will read about the water temperature, the season, where it is better to rest and much more.
  • The highest peak of the Dominican Republic is Pico Duarte (3093m). Which is also the highest point of the entire Caribbean and the Antilles.
    • Read about the Dominican Mountains and their impact on the climate in the article at the link. There is also about the independent ascent of Pico Duarte.
  • The national currency is the peso. But the exchange rate is very unstable and how this problem is solved in the article about the money of the Dominican Republic.
  • Time zone: UTC-4. This means that there is a 4-hour difference with London. More about this and jetlag in the article about the time of the Dominican Republic.

Interesting to know:

Be sure to read the article about general facts about this country. From the article you will learn about the impact of Haiti’s poorest neighbor on security in the Dominican Republic itself. And many more interesting things.

Below you will find a dynamic map of the Dominican Republic. You can click, zoom in and view the country in more detail.

And in conclusion. You have just started studying information about this unique country and have already found the answer to the very first questions for yourself, such as: where is the Dominican Republic on the world map? Read on and you will be able to fully organize your independent vacation in the Dominican Republic from the articles of this guide.

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