Although the Dominican Republic is an island country and not of volcanic origin, the mountains of the Dominican Republic will delight many. In the central part of the country there is a mountain range of the Cordillera Central.


The Cordillera is the longest mountain range in the world, running through both Americas. And the Dominican Republic got a piece of the Cordillera millions of years ago, when it was still part of the super continent.

The Mountains of the Dominican Republic: General Information

I will say right away that 99% of tourists go to this country for beach vacations and do not even know that in central Dominican Republic they can find stunningly beautiful mountains.

Today, two large national parks have been created in the Dominican mountains, and all the flora and fauna is protected by the state.

Each park has hiking trails for walks and mountain hiking:

  • Parque Nacional Armando Bermudez
  • Parque Nacional Josе del Carmen Ramirez

You can see what the mountains of the Dominican Republic look like on a map in the photo below.

map of the Dominican mountains
The map of all the mountains of the Dominican Republic can be found at the start of the route to Pico Duarte

This central mountain range of the Cordillera has a very important function, it has shaped the entire climate of the region over millions of years. These mountains hold all the air currents going from north to south during the year.

And as a result, in the north of the Dominican Republic it rains twice as much as in the south during the year. This was reflected in the vegetation: in the north it is more lush and varied, and in the south shrubs and cacti in human growth predominate.

You can find more facts about the Dominican Republic in the article at the link.

High peaks of the Dominican Mountains

There are about twenty mountain ranges worthy of attention in the country. Tourists are primarily interested in three of them, which are located in different parts of the country. But first things first.

The highest peaks in the country are located in one place, just 2-3 km away from each other. There are three mountains in the Dominican Republic over 3000 meters tall. So if you have never conquered a three thousand meter mountain, this is a great opportunity.

the mountains of the Dominican Republic
El Limon waterfall in the mountainous jungle region of the Dominican Republic. Easily accessible by foot, with stunning views.

The highest peaks of the Dominican Republic

  • Pico Duarte (3093m), according to other sources (3087m) is the highest peak of all the Antilles, the entire Caribbean, Hispaniola Island, and of course the Dominican Republic itself.

Useful to know:

It is often written on the internet that the height of Pico Duarte is 3175 meters. This is its original height, which was recorded when it was discovered. But after man flew into space and more accurate methods of measurement became available using satellites and topographic surveys, the height was corrected to 3087 meters.
  • “La Pelona” (3085 meters). The mountain is only 2 meters lower than Pico Duarte. Located just a few kilometers from the highest point.
  • “La Rusilla” (3049m).
  • “Pico Yaque” (2760m).

All four peaks are located in the same area very close to each other. So, if you are going to conquer Pico Duarte, the route to it goes through Pico Yaque. And the other two three thousand meters will also be visible to you.

the mountains of the Dominican Republic duarte peak
The base camp in the mountains of the Dominican Republic at an altitude of 2450m on the way to Pico Duarte.


It’s clear that mountain enthusiasts are only interested in these four peaks, especially Pico Duarte. It is an excellent achievement to add to your collection – conquering the highest peak of the Antilles.

Here is the most comprehensive review on price, itinerary, useful tips and all you need to know to climb Pico Duarte.

The Dominican mountains visited by tourists

Next are the most popular peaks in the Dominican Republic for tourists. In this ranking, I will arrange them by popularity rather than height, which will be more clear.

Mount Izabel de Torres

  • Mount Izabel de Torres. Height 793 meters above sea level.
    • The mountain is located on the outskirts of a large city on the north of the Dominican Republic – Puerto Plata.
    • It is popular for one reason: there is a cable car that takes you to the top, where you can see beautiful views of the city and the ocean in just 10 minutes for $10.
    • Izabel de Torres is visible from any point in Puerto Plata.
View from the top of Puerto Plata.

Mount Redonda

  • Mount Redonda. Only 295 meters above sea level.
    • It is located in a remote part of the Dominican Republic, 20-30 km from the popular resorts of Bavaro and Punta Cana.
    • Due to an optical illusion, when one side of the mountain is visible and the other is a valley and ocean, it seems that the height of the mountain is no less than a kilometer. In reality, it is just a hill, but very popular with tourists.
    • The highlight of Mount Redonda is the sky swings, where you can take great photos.

Author’s opinion:

Mount Redonda is worth considering only if you are staying in the resort of Punta Cana or Bavaro. Well, or even Bayahibe in La Romano. It takes too long to get here from other places even by rental car. And the mountain is not worth it to drive here all day. Yes, it’s beautiful here, there is a swing, the photos are beautiful, but this is a marketing object, and there are many cooler places in the Dominican Republic than this.

List of the coolest attractions in the Dominican Republic.

Mount Redonda in the Dominican Republic
Compared to the other mountains in the Dominican Republic, Mount Redonda is just a hill. But beautiful photos are guaranteed.

Pico Duarte

  • Pico Duarte. 3087 meters above sea level.
    • A lot has already been written about it even in this article.
    • The ascent report was on the link above.
    • All you need to know is that only about 3,000 people conquer it every year. And you can be the next one!
Me and my wife at the top of Pico Duarte! It was cool.

In a country where there are such mountains, there are also caves. There are more than 5,000 caves in the Dominican Republic. One of the most famous is the Three Eyes Cave. I recommend everyone to visit it, as it is located in the center of the metropolis.

In conclusion: when going on vacation to the Caribbean, know that the mountains of the Dominican Republic and Pico Duarte are the highest peak of the Caribbean basin.

Today it is not a very touristy place, but only because tourists do not know about it and only come here for the beach. But there is the necessary infrastructure, amazing nature, and stunning mountains.

Better than mountains can only be mountains that you have not yet visited!

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