Although this country is known for its beautiful beaches and ocean, it also offers a variety of other attractions in the Dominican Republic for visitors to explore. Whether you’re interested in cities and architecture, mountains and waterfalls, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone.

In this article, you’ll find a list of some of the most exciting attractions the Dominican Republic has to offer. Along with a map, description, prices, and operating hours, each attraction will also include a rating from the author. So, whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply looking for a new adventure, be sure to check out the best sights the Dominican Republic has to offer.

It is important to know:

The rating is subjective, but it will give you an understanding of whether or not it’s worth traveling to a particular attraction or if you should prioritize something else. It can also help you decide if a certain attraction is worth visiting even if it is located on the other side of the country. It will be a personal opinion and a guide, but it’s ultimately your decision on which attractions to visit during your trip to the Dominican Republic.
sights of the dominican republic madama beach
Madama beach, cool place. There will be information about it in this article.

Table of contents:

  1. Santo Domingo and its attractions
  2. Bay of eagles
  3. El Limon waterfall
  4. Saona Island
  5. Cayo Levantado Island or Bacardi Island
  6. Falls of Aguas Blancas
  7. Whales in the Dominican Republic
  8. Fronton and Madama beaches
  9. Mount Redonda
  10. Pico Duarte is the highest point in the entire Caribbean.
  11. 27 Damajagua waterfalls
  12. Altos de Chavon or city of artists
  13. Mount Isabel de Torres and cable car in Puerto Plato
  14. Coson beach
  15. DuDu Lagoon – karst lake
  16. Magnetic Polo – or magnetic anomaly of the earth
  17. Oviedo lagoon and pink flamingos
  18. Las Galeras and Rincon Beach
  19. The town of Jarabacoa and what to see here
  20. Monkey park

Sights of the Dominican Republic

These are not all places from the list of attractions of the Dominican Republic. But according to the author, here every traveler will find a dozen sights that he wants to visit.

It is important to know:

I apologize for not mentioning the main attractions of the capital, Santo Domingo, as it is a city rich in history and culture with many must-see sights. As you mentioned, there will be around 20 more incredible points of interest that you can explore in the city. You can find more information by reading the article “What to see in Santo Domingo” that you will find in the link below. It is definitely worth checking out for a more comprehensive guide to the city’s attractions.

Attractions in the Dominican Republic: TOP 20 and sightseeing map

The map is dynamic. You can click on it, zoom in and navigate. If you have a question about any attraction, feel free to write in the comments.

1. Capital of the Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the largest and most densely populated city in the country and it is definitely worth a visit. Located in the center of the country on the southern coast, it is a hub for transportation and many travelers often overlook it as a destination.

For those who are not interested in reading a more in-depth article about the capital, here is a list of some of the main attractions in Santo Domingo:

  • Alcazar de Colón
  • Catedral Santa Maria la Menor
  • Parque Colón
  • Fortaleza Ozama
  • Parque Nacional Los Tres Ojos
  • Parque Nacional del Este
  • Mercado Modelo
  • Museo de las Casas Reales
  • Parque Nacional del Este
  • Teatro Nacional

These attractions are known throughout the country and definitely worth visiting. They could have been included in this article, but it is limited in space. It is important to explore the city and discover all it has to offer.

Caves Three Eye attractions in the Dominican republic
These caves with karst lakes are located in the heart of Santo Domingo.

So, a brief overview of the capital and its attractions to make it easier for you to plan your dream trip.

  • How much time to allocate: a minimum of 1 full day. In 2 days, you can easily see all the main attractions. 3 days may be a bit too much.
  • When to visit: year-round
  • Logistics: it’s very convenient to travel from here to the north to the Samana peninsula and to the east to Punta Cana. Great, wide roads.
  • Cons: there are no beaches and beach activities here. Not all areas of Santo Domingo are safe for tourists. Learn more about safety in the country.
  • A comprehensive overview of what to see in Santo Domingo is available at the link provided.

Author’s recommendation:

8 out of 10.If you have two weeks of vacation in the Dominican Republic, make sure to find one day to visit the capital. If you’re here for a week, there are other more interesting places to visit, especially if you prefer nature over architecture.

2. Bay of Eagles

Bay of Eagles is primarily a national park and reserve that is protected by the government. Building hotels, pools and other large structures is prohibited here. Even roads are not allowed to be built.

Bay of Eagles is located in a remote part of the country on the Caribbean Sea coast. This is one of the driest regions in the country. Even during the rainy season, it is relatively dry here. This is reflected in the vegetation. Instead of green palm trees as in the north, there are huge cacti and dense shrubs.

But what attracts people to this place is its sea, the color of the water, and the picturesque view.

It is important to know:

I am often asked if it is possible to go from Punta Cana to Bay of Eagles, relax here and return in one day. No, it is not possible, it will be your most wasted day in the Dominican Republic. You need to come here for 2-3 days
what to see in the Dominican Republic bay of eagles
This whole lagoon is the bay of eagles. The water is warm, clear, and look what color it is.

Total about Bay of Eagles

  • Coordinates: 17.831834, -71.627789
  • How much time should be allocated: you should come here for at least 1 night, but it’s better to come with 2 nights.
  • When is the best time to visit: all year round
  • Cost of entry to the national park: around $3
  • Cons: it’s very far away. 4 hours by rental car from Santo Domingo. Public transportation doesn’t go here.
  • Sights along the way: you can stop at Magnetic Field and, if it’s the right season, see the pink flamingos in the Lagoon Oviedo.
  • Advice: glamping is a popular activity here. You can stay in a tent with electricity and a normal bed right on the beach by the sea. It’s very cool.
  • At the link you will find a detailed report about our trip to the Bay of Eagles and glamping.

Author’s recommendation:

7 out of 10. The Eagle’s Bay is a beautiful place with stunning views, but it’s very far away. You should only go there if you have enough time and a rental car. And by the way, there are more than enough beautiful places and beaches in the Dominican Republic without the Eagle’s Bay. But this place is worth visiting in any case.

3. El Limon Waterfall

The El Limon waterfall is a stunning 55 meter waterfall located in the lush jungles of the Samana peninsula. While it is the third highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic, it is also the most easily accessible.

The hike to the waterfall is perfect for people of all fitness levels and offers a variety of experiences such as hiking through the mountains, tracking through the jungle, crossing streams, and taking in the beautiful views. And of course, the highlight of the hike is the waterfall itself- located deep in the jungle, you can even take a refreshing swim in its cool waters. It truly is an otherworldly experience.

And if horseback riding is on your bucket list, but you don’t have the time to learn and practice, this is the perfect spot to live out that dream.

attraction waterfall lemon
The guy in the photo is me. If you want the same photo, read the big article about El Limon. Link below.
  • Coordinates: 19.270665, -69.445824
  • Opening hours: from 8 am to sunset
  • Ticket price: $1 if you go on foot
  • How much time to schedule: 2.5-3 hours
  • Nearby Attractions: There are many in this region. Bacardi Island, Whales watching, Coson beach, Rincon beach, Fronton beach, Madama beaches are among the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.
  • Best time to visit: All year round, but best from May to October during the rainy season. Then the waterfall is much fuller.
  • A report about our independent visit to El Limon can be found at the link, there are also excursions there. There will also be tips on how to get there, so that there would be no tourists at all.

Author’s recommendation:

10 out of 10. Every traveler must see this place. It doesn’t matter where you are vacationing, a visit to the Samana peninsula is a must for everyone. And within a 30km radius, there are many amazing places to see. The map at the beginning of the article confirms this.

4. Saona Island

The island of Saona is the largest island in the Dominican Republic and is entirely a nature reserve. Building of any kind is prohibited on the island, so there are no hotels to be found here. Just a couple of years ago, it was not possible to stay overnight on the island, but today, the residents of the small village (the only one on the island) offer their huts for rent.

Located in the Caribbean Sea on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, Saona can only be reached by boat. There is no regular ferry service to the island, only private boat operators. To get to Saona, you must first make your way to the beach at Bayahibe, find a boat, negotiate a price, and then be whisked away to the island in just 30-40 minutes. In the evening, the boat will return to take you back.

The island of Saona boasts crystal clear water, some of the best snorkeling in the Dominican Republic, starfish, and paradise beaches. The color of the water will take your breath away, with an abundance of aquamarine and green emerald hues to be found.

The downside to the island is that during the high season, it can be quite crowded with visitors.

sights of dominican saona
The beaches of Saona are a dream, the water is amazing. But if you look closely, you can see how many people are in the water and on the beach.

Total about the island of Saona

  • Coordinates: 18.130183, -68.736748
  • Opening hours: from 8 am to sunset
  • Ticket price: about $20-30 per person for a round trip boat. If you look for it yourself in Bayahibe. Excursion from $70 with a transfer from Punta Cana and a delicious lunch.
  • How much time to plan: almost a whole day
  • Nearby attractions: it is very convenient to visit Saona if you are relaxing in the resorts of Punta Cana, Bavaro, Cap Cana. Very close and the road will not tire.
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • A detailed report about visiting the island of Saona at the link.

Author rating:

9 out of 10. While I personally don’t enjoy spending my whole day lounging on the beach, the location here is truly amazing and I highly recommend it to others. If you have the option to visit Saona or the Samana peninsula, with its many attractions, I would suggest the latter. But, in my opinion, both Saona and Samana are great options for a vacation.

5. Bacardi Island

Baсardi is a small island paradise with stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. While it may resemble Saona, Baсardi is a unique destination with its own charm and character.

The island is only 1 square kilometer in size, with one half occupied by an upscale hotel and the other half open to visitors.

You can reach Baсardi by boat from the port of Samana, or as part of a whales watching tour. The island’s beach is a must-see, with 500 meters of white sand and clear waters.

It is important to know:

In the season, cruise ships sail to the islands, and all passengers are taken to this island. And if you are still here during the whale season, then all the boats after excursions to the whales sail here. Therefore, several thousand people can relax on this small beach at the same time.

Bacardi Island is officially called Cayo Levantado. But about 30 years ago, the famous advertisement for Bacardi rum was filmed on this beach. And since then, the island has been called that. In advertising, the beach is empty without a single tourist. Follow the link for an article on what other movies and commercials were shot in the Dominican Republic.

sights of the Dominican Republic Bacardi
This is all Bacardi Island. And in the foreground is the famous beach from advertising and tourists are brought to it. Only usually there are 25 times more people here than now.

Total about the island of Cayo Levantado

  • Coordinates: 19.167382, -69.279563
  • On your own, you can get to the island by boat for $ 10 round trip.
  • As part of a whale watching tour – free of charge. It would be correct to say: a visit to the island is included in the price of the tour.
  • How much time to plan: apart from the beach, there is not much to do here. With a tour you are brought for 2.5-3 hours. If on your own, you can do it all day. Personally, 1 hour was enough for me.
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • Follow the link for a detailed article: everything about the island of Cayo Levantado.

Author rating:

3 out of 10. Personal opinion that there is nothing to do here. Crowds of people on a small piece of land. And all for money: a sunbed, water, etc. And the worst thing is not to leave before the boat comes for you. On the Samana Peninsula, which is 800m from Bacardi Island, the beaches are no worse, and maybe better, and there are much fewer tourists. For me personally, Fronton and Coson beaches are better.

6. Falls de Aguas Blancas: what to see in the Dominican Republic

Cool waterfall, which is the second highest in the Dominican Republic. Its height is about 83 meters. This is not the most popular place for tourists for two reasons:

  • The waterfall is located away from all tourist flows, in the center of the island. It makes sense to go here if you are planning hiking on Peak Duarte and visiting the town of Jarabacoa.
  • But even if you are not far from this place, the road for the last 10 km is just awful. Broken, holes, mounds. A normal car will not pass. Only 4×4 and this is not accurate. It is possible for these 10 km to rent a jeep from the tourist company of the town of Constanza for only $50.

You cannot swim here, and it is also the highest mountain region of the Dominican Republic. Aguas Blancas is located at an altitude of about 1800-1900 meters. And here it is colder than the coast, almost always, by 10-15 degrees.

Dominican Republic attractions waterfall
Pretty hard to get to. But the waterfall is worth it.
  • Coordinates: 18.844226, -70.677263
  • On your own, even on a rental car, you can’t get to the waterfall. By the year 24 they promised to make a road, if anyone goes and the road is good, write in the comments.
  • Rent a car 4×4, will be taken and brought back – $50.
  • Time for the waterfall: enough 1-2 hours
  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit is during the summer months of June to August. This is the rainy season, which means the waterfall is full-flowing.

Author rating:

7 out of 10. Cool waterfall, if it were in a tourist place and with a normal road. And so El Limon wins in all these indicators. Go here only if you are in Jarabacoa and you have a lot of free time.

7. Humpback whales in the Dominican Republic

This is the point for which some even go to the Dominican Republic. There are not many places in the world where real humpback whales swim close to the shore every year. It’s a breathtaking sight. You will be really lucky if the whale also jumps out of the water.

I won’t write much, because this guide has a large detailed article about how to see humpback whales.

It is important to know:

You can only see whales as part of an excursion.
sights of the Dominican Republic whales
Whales swim right up to the boat. And they are huge.
  • When whales come to the shores of the Dominican Republic: every year from January to March
  • Excursion time: boats start from the shores of the Samana Peninsula from 9 am. In the morning, the probability of meeting whales is higher.
  • The cost of the tour: if you buy it yourself at the Samana pier – from $ 50. In the hotel with a transfer is more expensive.
  • Tour time: 3-4 hours.
  • Whales in the Dominican Republic: step-by-step instructions with tips and tricks on how to see humpback whales.

Author’s recommendation:

10 out of 10. If the calendar is January-March and you are in the Dominican Republic. Then you simply must go on this tour. You have hardly ever been so close to humpback whales and it is not known when you will be again.

8. Fronton and Madama beaches: two sights of the Dominican Republic

These two beaches are not far from each other, so they are often referred to as one. Both are very different and both are among the ten most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. And Fronton Beach is even in the TOP 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

The beaches are away from the crowds of tourists. 5 km from the town of Las Galeras, on the Samana Peninsula. You can get here in two ways: by boat for $20-40 per person. They are taken first to Madama, then to the Fronton. There and there will be an hour or two of time for swimming, sunbathing, and taking pictures. Or walking through the jungle. The journey takes 2.5 hours or 6 km one way. The road is not easy, but it’s worth it.

By the way, a couple of years ago there was no path through the jungle. And the only way to get here was by boat.

what to see in the dominican Republic gable beach
You saw Madama Beach at the very beginning of the article. And this is Fronton Beach. Number 1 in my opinion.
  • Madama coordinates: 19.302479, -69.161695
  • Fronton coordinates: 19.297104, -69.151575
  • Ticket price: on foot for free, by boat $20-40
  • There are practically no tourists. Usually 5-10 people for the whole beach.
  • How much time you need to allocate: if on a boat, 3-4 hours is enough. If on foot then the beach of Madama and Fronton can not be seen in one day. It’s better to split it into two days.
  • Follow the link for a detailed report about visiting the beaches of Fronton and Madama, about the road, a lot of tips and life hacks.

Author rating:

10 out of 10. Fronton beach was especially striking. Madama is also beautiful, but very small and did not cause such delight. Therefore, if you choose – then definitely Fronton. I won’t even say anything, the photos speak for themselves. Well, 2.5 hours of travel through the jungle only add to the beauty of this place.

9. Mount Redonda

In fact, a very controversial attraction. Firstly: this is not a mountain, it is a small hill 300-400 meters high. Secondly: the views from Redonda are beautiful, but there is no WOW effect.

At the top of the hill there are swings where you can take cool pictures. Without swings, it would be quite boring here.

By the way, this attraction is very far from all tourist routes. And it is designed mainly for tourists from Bavaro and Punta Cana. Since in this region there are not so many cool places where you can go on an excursion. Here, local travel agencies found a hill with a view, dug in a swing, which they called “heavenly” and sell a tour here for $ 40.

all about mountain redonda as attractions
This is how several swings were dug in, which made an attractions out of an ordinary hill.
  • Coordinates: 18.982305, -68.916700
  • Opening hours: during daylight hours
  • Ticket price: $5 for entrance to the mountain. But public transport does not go here, you need a car or a taxi. As part of the tour, about $ 30-40, but all tickets and a 4×4 jeep to the top will be included here.
  • How much time to allocate: from Bavaro, 2-3 hours.
  • Detailed report about the visit to Mount Redonda.

Author rating:

3 out of 10. If you came to rest in Bavaro and are not going anywhere in the country, then you can go here. Since there are not many alternatives in the area. But it is better to look towards Saona Island and Altos de Chavon. And if you are relaxing in the northern resorts of the country, for example, Puerto Plata, then don’t even think about wasting time on the road here.

10. Pico Duarte

This is a very cool landmark of the Dominican Republic. Remember, in this country there is not only something to see, but also where to walk. Pico Duarte is the highest point not only in the Dominican Republic, but also in all the Antilles and the entire Caribbean.

The height of the peak is 3083m. You have the opportunity to conquer the real three thousand meters mount. This is a great achievement for you. And a photo from the top of the highest point in the region will definitely be your pride. In the Dominican Republic, you can not only lie on the beach with Cuba Libra 🙂

Peak Duarte Dominican peak
My wife and I are at the top of the Antilles. It is very cold here 🙂
  • Coordinates: 19.034361, -71.006474
  • The start of hiking is located in the central part of the country, 20 km from the town of Jarabacoa. 2-2.5 hours by car from Puerto Plato or Santo Domingo.
  • How much time to plan: start hiking at 7-8 am. There are two options: light for three days, with two overnight stays at the base camp. And for those who do not have an extra day, extra money, and extra brains, like my wife and I do. Such a route for two full days with one overnight stay at the base camp.
  • Price: from $100 to $400 per person.
  • When it is possible to conquer: it is possible all year round, but it is better in the dry season, when there is less rain. The route is so blurry that you can walk knee-deep in mud.
  • A report on how to conquer Pico Duarte on your own in two days, a huge number of tips and life hacks are available at the link.

Author’s recommendation:

If you like mountains, hiking and have a physical fitness that is not worse than average. That’s 10 out of 10 for you. This is the coolest adventure, a great achievement on the other side of the globe. Yes, and there is little written about this attraction, since 95% of travelers fly here to lie on the beach.

11. Cascade of 27 waterfalls

Another cool attraction in the north of the country, not far from Puerto Plato. Located in a mountainous area 20 km from the city.

Unlike the other two waterfalls from this rating, this is completely different. 27 waterfalls is a mountain river, the channel of which in this area goes through the rocks and for more than 1-2 km forms a cascade of 27 waterfalls and rifts. There’s not much to see here.

You have to swim here. This is the coolest attraction where you choose your route from a simple 7 waterfalls to an extreme 27. You are given a life jacket, a helmet, an instructor. Without an instructor, they are not allowed on the route. And your group goes on foot to the top of the mountain, from where it then begins to descend along the river. There will be diving, swimming in the canyon, and slides in the natural environment. All that will bring a storm of delight and emotions.

The water is surprisingly warm.

sights of the Dominican Republic 27 waterfalls
One of the sections of the route. Rafting passes through such a gorge. In some places there are slides, in some places you need to jump from 5-8 meters.

Total about 27 waterfalls

  • Coordinates: 19.734529, -70.819194
  • How much time to allocate: for the maximum route of 27 waterfalls – 4 hours.
  • Opening hours: daily from 8 to 15. And if you want the longest route, you need to come to the park before 12 o’clock.
  • Ticket price: from 500 pesos to 700 pesos (about 10-14 dollars)
  • Best time to visit: Best during the rainy season, during the dry season when the water is low some of the routes may be closed.
  • The link will be a full report, tips and tricks for this attraction.

Author’s recommendation:

10 out of 10. Cool attraction, a must-see for everyone. Even if you know that it is now the dry season and part of the route is closed, read our report on the link above. There you will find out why even a simple route of 7 waterfalls is very cool in the dry season.

12. Altos de Chavon or city of artists

If you like to walk along the streets with medieval buildings in the cities of Europe, then you must visit Altos de Chavon. This is a small town or even a village, which is located on the Chavon River. This is where the famous film Anaconda was filmed.

Altos de Chavon was built as a replica of a Spanish town from the 15th century. When Christopher Columbus discovered America, there was no one here except for the native tribes, and Europe was already living in the Renaissance. Altos de Chavon was built for 20 years. By the way, this is a new buildings, as it was completed in 1992. But it looks like it is 400 years old at least.

The village itself is small, but there are a huge number of places with cool views for photos. It also offers a stunning view of the Chavon River. The ancient Roman amphitheater (also a copy), for 5000 people, is admired by everyone.

what to see in dominican republic altos de chavon
Central square of the City of Artists. Very atmospheric place.

Total about Altos de Chavon

  • Coordinates: 18.422454, -68.891302
  • Working hours: from 8 to 17.
  • Ticket price: $25 per person. Yes, it’s not cheap. In Europe it’s free 🙂
  • How much time to plan: the town is small, 1 hour was enough for us. But if you go into every door / museum / shop to take pictures at each stone, then 2-3 hours are needed.
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • Follow the link for an article-review about Altos de Chavon. There you will learn a lot of interesting things, as well as why it is called the city of artists, a lot of photos and recommendations.

Author’s recommendation:

7 out of 10. On the one hand, very cool and atmospheric. On the other hand, it is quite expensive and the area of the village is quite small. If you are a lover of medieval Europe, then you will like it here.

13. Mount Isabelle de Torres

One of the main attractions of the city of Puerto Plata. The mountain can be seen from anywhere in Puerto Plata. Its height is just under 800 meters. And from the city center to the top of Isabel de Torres, there is a cable car.

On the mountain you will find a beautiful park. There is a copy of the statue of Christ, as in Brazil, only smaller. Several observation platforms, a pond, a cave, a restaurant and many paths for walking. In this park, if you are careful, you can see hummingbirds.

what to see in dominican republic puerto plata
View of Puerto Plato from the cable car cabin, on the way to the top of Isabel de Torres
  • Coordinates: 19.764620, -70.710675
  • Opening hours of the cable car: from 8:30 am to 5 pm.
  • Cable car ticket price: $10
  • You can also drive up the mountain by car, there is a road here. Only on foot to go for a very long time and around 12 kilometers. But then it’s free.
  • How much time to schedule: 1-2 hours
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • Link about all the attractions of Puerto Plato, as well as many tips for visiting.

Author’s recommendation:

5 out of 10. Beautiful and well maintained park. But the effect of WOW is unlikely to get. You don’t need to travel many miles here. And if you have time and you are not far away, then you can visit. We combined with a visit to 27 waterfalls. In the morning we were at the waterfalls, and by lunchtime we arrived at Isabelle de Torres.

14. Coson Beach

Another beach from the list of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. To be honest, I don’t even know which one I like Coson or Fronton more. I love both. But they are very different.

Coson Beach is located 5 km from the town of Las Terrenas, on the Samana Peninsula. It is washed by the real Atlantic Ocean, without bays, lagoons and bays.

Photos speak for themselves. And due to the fact that it is located far from the city, it is always not crowded and peaceful here. Not a beach, but paradise.

Dominican Republic attractions coson
Coson Beach. Just me and my wife. The fog in the distance is spray from the waves.

Total about Coson beach

  • Coordinates: 19.296648, -69.598560
  • Opening hours: 24\7
  • Ticket price: free
  • How much time to schedule: from 15 minutes to infinity
  • Best time to visit: All year round

Author’s recommendation:

10 out of 10. If you like to walk barefoot along the beach along the ocean and listen to the sound of the surf, then you are here. On this beach you can think about life.

15. DuDu Lagoon – karst lake

In fact, there are a lot of karst lakes and caves in the Dominican Republic. The locals say there are only 10,000 caves here. And so many lakes. DuDu Lagoon is one of them. Located 200m from the road connecting the Samana Peninsula and Puerto Plato.

I know about 5 such corners in the Dominican Republic as DuDu. But this is where I like it the most. If you don’t know, then you will probably pass by and not stop. But it is worth turning off the road and after 200 meters you will be very surprised.

A small well-kept area with a restaurant and toilets. In the center is a karst lake with blue water. Here you can swim. The depth of the lake is 25 meters. The highlight of this place is the zipline. A cable is stretched over the lake at a height of 10 meters. You, holding the handles, roll out to the middle over the lake, release your hands and, like a stone, fly down into the water. Excellent and even a little extreme entertainment.

what to see in Dominican Republic DouDu Lagoon
Pictured is Dudu Lagoon. Height 10 meters.

Total about DuDu Lagoon

  • Coordinates: 19.564325, -69.908203
  • Working hours: from 9 am to 5:30 pm
  • Entry fee: $5 + $1 for each zipline jump. You can swim as much as you like.
  • How much time to plan: from 1 hour to the whole day. Locals come here as a picnic in nature for the whole day. There are especially many people on weekends.
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • Follow the link for a detailed report about visiting the DuDu lagoon

Author rating:

6 out of 10. Specially not worth going here. But if you are driving past, you need to stop by to relax for a couple of hours. Cool water, cool zipline, delicious food and just a beautiful place.

16. Magnetic Polo – magnetic anomaly: an unusual landmark of the Dominican Republic

A very dual attraction, about which there is almost no information on the Internet. But the next couple of years, it can quickly gain popularity.

What it is: This is an ordinary section of the road, in a remote part of the country. No signs or pointers. There is nothing. Just accurately mark the point from the map above in your navigator.

At this point you stop, turn off the car, remove the handbrake and it starts to roll uphill. Take a bottle of water, pour it on the asphalt and the water flows uphill again. The first impression is shock.

But all people are divided into two camps: the first ones shout that this is a real anomaly and a natural miracle. Second: that this is just an optical illusion, and there is actually a descent and not a slide, because of the landscape of the area, it seems that both the water and the car are moving against the force of gravity.

Polo Magnetico in the Dominican Republic
This is what Polo Magnetico looks like. Like a normal road, the main thing is not to pass.
  • Coordinates: 18.162459, -71.254949
  • Opening hours: 24\7
  • Ticket price: free
  • How much time to plan: 5 minutes, well, 7 maximum
  • Best time to visit: All year round

Author rating:

4 out of 10. So many points just for originality. I had never been to such a place before and for the first 30 seconds it was a real shock. In fact, if you turn your head around, then this is just an optical illusion caused by an unusual landscape around. And there is no anomaly here. But the experience is interesting. You can make a circle of 20 km and come here if you go to the Bay of Eagles. There is no point in going here purposefully, it is very far.

17. Oviedo lagoon and pink flamingos

Laguna Oviedo is one of the largest lakes in the country. This is a chalk lake. There is white muddy water, which creates an unreal picture and a bit of a desert landscape. There is very salty water here. The amount of salt per liter of water is three times more that of the ocean.

The length of the lagoon, more than 10 km. And almost all of it is surrounded by impenetrable mangroves. This is a great home for many types of birds. Pink flamingos also live here. There are more than 20 shallows in the lagoon where these birds can be found.

It is important to get in season, as flamingos are not here all year round. I still do not understand when flamingos are here and when they are not. Our guide could not explain this to me. He said every year in different months and you can’t guess. But somehow I don’t believe him :).

what to see in dominican lagoon oviedo
This is what the Oviedo lagoon looks like without flamingos 🙂

Total about Laguna Oviedo

  • Coordinates: 17.791880, -71.366592
  • Opening hours: the boat can be rented from 9 am
  • Ticket price: entrance to the lagoon is free. Boat and excursion depending on the number of people. On average, about $30-40 per person.
  • How much time to plan: The lagoon boat tour itself lasts about 2-3 hours
  • Best time to visit: When there are flamingos. Unfortunately, I can not say when they are, because I myself do not know. The locals say it’s all year round, but they’ll say anything to sell the tour.

Author’s recommendation:

2 out of 10. Perhaps if we met flamingos, the rating would be different. And the place is very far from the tourist routes. Apart from taking a boat and sailing on the lagoon, there is nothing else to do here. No beach, no infrastructure. By the way, this is the only place in the Dominican Republic where flamingos live in their natural environment.

18. Las Galeras and Rincon Beach

This is my favorite place in the Dominican Republic. A small village at the very end of the Samana Peninsula, where life has stopped. World tourism has not reached here from 5-star hotels. There are no sellers of excursions on the beaches.

Time stopped here, but not for long. In 2020, they made a chic road and distributed land for hotels. Hurry – in 10 years it will be too late.

What awaits you in Las Galeras: walks along the ocean, along deserted beaches. Palm trees and local kids playing volleyball or football. Fishing boats.

Living in this village, you will also visit Madama beach, Fronton beach, El Limon waterfall and of course, if you are in season, humpback whales. And here is my favorite villa on the mountain with an insanely cool view, with hummingbirds in the garden and the ocean on the horizon. Read more about Las Galeras here.

Las Galeras beach what to see
In the photo one of the beaches of Las Galeras. The famous Rincon is over there behind the cape.

Total about Las Galeras and Rincon

View of Las Galeras and ocean
My wife is on the terrace of our eco-villa looking for whales. The beach is only 8-9 minutes walk. It just seems to be far away.

Author rating:

9 out of 10. A huge plus of this place, the lack of package tourism and many attractions within walking distance. Well, such accommodation options, which are described above, can not be found in the Dominican Republic on every corner.

19. Jarabacoa and surroundings

This is a city with a population of about 50 thousand people in the central Dominican Republic, in its mountainous part. It is not popular with tourists, as there is no sea here and the temperature is always 8-10 degrees below the coast. But Jarabacoa is a very popular place with the locals.

This is a clean, safe and well-groomed town. It somehow reminds me of Druskininkai in Lithuania. Who was, he will understand.

There are many mountain rivers here, this is the land of waterfalls, here you can paragliding or rent ATVs. Before the pandemic, there was the coolest mountain rafting in the entire Dominican Republic, and perhaps the only one. Unfortunately, the company did not survive these difficult times and closed in 2021. But I think in a couple of years they will open. There is the most important thing for rafting – a mountain river.

If you’re planning on hiking Peak Duarte, plan a day in Jarabacoa. It’s cool here. And also not far away is the second highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic, Aguas Blancas, there was information about it below.

dominican sights
There is such a waterfall on the outskirts of Jarabacoa. Only this place is worth it for you to visit this town.

Total about Jarabacoa

Author rating:

7 out of 10. There is no sea and it’s cold, but mountains, waterfalls, rafting is something crazy. The main thing is not to go aimlessly, but to plan and plan your leisure time and route around the city.

20. Monkey Park

Almost every traveler, going to the Dominican Republic, is waiting for the same animal world as in the countries of Southeast Asia. I don’t know why, but people often ask me about monkeys. I will say right away that in the Dominican Republic they simply do not walk along the streets, as in Thailand or Malaysia. There are a couple of places in the country where they can be found. And they are all closed reservations.

In the north of the Dominican Republic, between the towns of Sosua and Cabarete in the jungle, there is a park in which a colony of capuchin monkeys lives in its natural environment. These are small, harmless, non-aggressive monkeys that cause only one cuteness.

Entrance to the park is paid and not cheap, but if you are traveling with children over three years old (up to three are not allowed). For them, it will be just cool emotions. All monkeys live in freedom. They run around the park, jump on people. They like to sit on their shoulders and head. Photos will be class and emotions too. At the entrance they give seeds that can be fed to monkeys.

There is also a zipline in the park and you can fly over the jungle, almost like a bird.

Total about monkey park

  • Coordinates: 19.713754, -70.472307
  • Opening hours: from 9 am to 4 pm daily.
  • Ticket price: $30 adult and $20 child over three years old to the monkey park. $60 – zipline flight. You can buy a combined ticket for $75.
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • How much time to plan: 40 minutes to the park with monkeys. This is the time of the tour with a guide who accompanies each group. Make sure you don’t overfeed or pull the monkeys’ tails.
  • They don’t accept cards. Cash only. And by the way, here is the longest zipline in the Dominican Republic.
  • Monkey Park official website:
sights of the dominican republic monkeys
These are the monkeys running around the park. Look at the girl’s head. And the girl’s shoulder in the background.

Author rating:

7 out of 10. If you are a frequent visitor to Asian countries, then monkeys will not surprise you. I recommend this place to those who travel with children. Everyone else is optional.

In conclusion: the attractions in the Dominican Republic can make a list of 100 points. But in this article I tried to collect all the main places. And a list of the 20 main attractions of the country, read the article about Santo Domingo. This city has a lot to show. And I hope I answered your question: what to see in the Dominican Republic. Even if you are flying to this country on vacation for 2-3 weeks, this list will be enough to fill your free time between lying on the beach.

I wish you bright emotions and easy transfers between the sights of the Dominican Republic!

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