I’ll tell you about glamping in the Eagle Bay in the Dominican Republic. This is a very secluded and remote place. But everyone who gets here will not regret it.

Table of contents:

Beach at Eagle Bay Dominican Republic
Glamping beach at Eagle Bay.

Glamping in Eagle Bay: general information

What is Eagle Bay, all the useful information and why tourists go to such a remote place for the sake of one beach, read the link. But in short:

  • This is a national park, protected by the state
  • Located geographically in the most remote part of the Dominican Republic, 15 km from the border with Haiti
  • There are no hotels and other buildings in Bay of Eagles.
  • There is a gorgeous beach and insanely beautiful Caribbean Sea. Aquamarine color will make you dizzy.

Now let’s talk about Glamping. These are current trends in the world of tourism. This become more and more popular every year.

Good to know:

However, “glamping” is a term that combines the words “glamorous” and “camping” and typically refers to camping in luxury accommodations such as yurts, tents with furnishings, or even tree houses. These types of accommodations often have amenities such as electricity and private bathrooms. Glamping allows people to enjoy the experience of camping in nature without sacrificing comfort. It is a great way to experience the beauty of the outdoors without forgoing modern conveniences.
glamping in the bay of eagles
This is what glamping looks like at the Bay of Eagles.

If we talk about Glamping in the Bay of Eagles, which is called EcoLodge Cueva De Las Aguilas, then:

  • It is located on the seafront. Your tent will stand right on the beach, 10-15 meters from the edge of the Caribbean Sea
  • You can stand upright in the tent
  • There will be a full bed
  • The tent has electricity, a couple of sockets, a bedside table and even a fan if it’s hot.
Bed in a tent in the Dominican Republic
This bed will be right in the tent. And two fans.

This is a great option for those who do not like camping and sleeping on the ground. Everything here is very modest, but like in an apartment. Well, for those who came to Eagle Bay with an overnight stay, there are not many other options. There are no hotels here!

How to get there?

In the article about the bay, I described this in detail (the link was above). I’ll tell you briefly here. Taxis, public transport and other types of public transport are simply not available here. Of course, you can get there, but it will be several transfers and a whole day on the road. And the last 15 km from the city of Pedernales, in any case, you need to go only by taxi. Other public transport does not go here.

It is important to understand:

Therefore, the only option is car rental.

You will reach the end of the road, to the entrance to the national park and Eagle Bay, and then cars are not allowed. So you have arrived at EcoLodge Cueva De Las Aguilas Glamping. Glamping is located very conveniently and as close as possible to the famous beach. Glamping and park visitor parking is the same.

What is Glamping: living conditions, restaurant

Glamping is located right on the beach of the Caribbean Sea. It consists of reception and restaurant under one roof. There are several showers and toilets located in different parts of the campsite and about 40 tents for accommodation.

I have already said what is inside the tents. The only thing to note is that there are tents with increased comfort. With its own mini seating area, these are chairs overlooking the sea under the shade of trees. There are also tents with single beds, and there are with kingsize beds.

There is a restaurant on site. It has great food and drinks. There is always ice cold beer. And from the main dishes I recommend octopus, lobster, tuna fillet and other sea fish. For those who do not like seafood, there are a huge number of chicken dishes.

Glamping in Eagle Bay dinner
We ordered a sea bass fillet. In such a plate will cost about $ 15.

It is important to know:

The restaurant in the glamping is quite expensive by the standards of the rest of the Dominican Republic. Dinner is two main course and a glass of beer, for example, will cost you 30-40 dollars. Please note that prices do not include taxes or service charges. And how much is it, what will be the final amount, read in the article: cafes and restaurants in the Dominican Republic.
glamping in the bay of eagles restaurant and reception
The restaurant looks like this. Pay attention to the view from the restaurant.

Glamping in the Eagle Bay: interesting features

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that this is one of the few places in the Dominican Republic where you can watch the sunset. Here the sun sets directly into the sea. There aren’t many beaches like this in this country. Usually, most beaches face either north to the ocean or south to the Caribbean or east. By the way, what kind of sea or ocean is in the Dominican Republic, read here. There are not so many beaches that face west in the Dominican Republic, and this one is one of them.

And in the Bay of Eagles live Red Book pelicans. You can watch them right from your tent or at a restaurant table. The uniqueness of these pelicans is that they are the only ones in the world that do not fish by classical diving. Namely, they dive from a height for their prey. The spectacle is amazing.

Therefore, a perfect sunset in the Caribbean Sea and a rare species of pelicans will be a nice addition to such a cool accommodation option.

glamping in the bay of eagles restaurant
Here at the restaurant tables it is very cool to watch pelicans and sunsets.

Where to book

Everything is simple here. Look for this glamping on the world’s most popular tourist rental resource.

Although it seems to be like a tent, the prices cannot be said to be quite low for the Dominican Republic. Prices for renting a tent from $50 to $200 per day. Read a large article about prices and tours to the Dominican Republic for two at the link. There are a couple of important points:

  • Overpaying for the seafront accommodation, in my opinion, makes no sense. We stayed on the seafront 10m from the water’s edge. Second line – at 20m. All the same, everyone is on the beach all day and there is no big profit in the seafront accommodation.
Our tent in the glamping
This is our tent with a view of the Caribbean on the first line. Below is a photo from the tent.
View from the glamping tent
How do you like the view from the tent?
  • Please note that there is accommodation with breakfast and without. Think for yourself, but there are two opposite points:
    • Cons of the breakfast: it’s not a buffet, and the choice of food is very modest. Namely: boiled banana with onions, mangu with onions, scrambled eggs with onions, fried salami WITHOUT onions and juice. And what is mangu (not mango), read the link about the national cuisine of the Dominican Republic.
    • On the pros side, there is nowhere else to eat. This is the only cafe. There is also a restaurant at a nearby campsite, but it was closed for the time being in the end of 2022. If they open, write in the comments.
Breakfast at the glamping with manga
Here is such a breakfast at the glamping in Eagles Bay. Bananas with bananas and onions.

And it turns out: you need to eat, but there are no places to eat. Therefore, perhaps, breakfast should be included.

Tips and tricks for travelers

Tips are always good. They can help you save either time or money, and often both.

  • Buy all food with you, especially snacks and not perishable. Also buy alcohol.
    • The nearest shop is 15 km in Pedernales and it is a very small Calmado. And it takes about 40 minutes to get there by car. Because the road is just terrible.
    • The prices in the restaurant are very biting. You can still have a dinner, but dining well three times a day will cost a pretty penny.
menu at the glamping in the bay of eagles
Prices in the menu of the glamping restaurant without taxes and service charge. A standard hot dish is 650 pesos, this one is about $12 + 18% tax + 10% service charge, so count how much to eat for two.
  • Also buy alcohol in advance, but there is one point:
    • There is no refrigerator here, and the tent stays under the sun all day. Drinking hot beer or rum and cola is below average pleasure. Keep this in mind.
    • And in the bar, a bottle of beer will be ice cold, but with all taxes $ 5-6.
  • This restaurant makes delicious coffee. For more information about coffee in the Dominican Republic, read the link.

In conclusion, glamping in Eagles Bay in the Dominican Republic is a very interesting, non-standard and insanely cool option for your stay on the beach in the Caribbean. When else will you be able to live in a tent on the Caribbean coast? If visiting Eagle Bay is in your plans, then feel free to plan 1-2 nights in this glamping.

Gorgeous sunsets, diving pelicans and delicious octopuses for dinner!

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