This article will tell you in detail about prices in the Dominican Republic in 2023 for all categories of goods and services of interest to tourists. We will describe in detail all the subtle points and present the data in a convenient format, since the measures of volumes and weights here are not familiar to our person.

Table of contents:

meat prices in dominican republic
You will read about this further, but meat in the Dominican Republic is very expensive. And if you look closely at the sticker, then the unit of measurement here is a pound. But everything will be written further.

Prices in the Dominican Republic: important points

To get started, be sure to read the article about the currency and money of the Dominican Republic. There is a lot of useful information about the official and unofficial currencies of the country. Where to exchange, exchange rate, how to pay and a lot of tips and life hacks for travelers.

It is important to know:

In the Dominican Republic, all liquids are measured in either gallons or ounces. And the weight of the food is in pounds. Therefore, the transfer to our prices, as a rule, causes difficulties for many tourists. But you get used to it quickly.

All prices in this article will be indicated in the national currency of the Dominican peso, as well as converted to US dollars for the convenience of readers.

What else do you need to know:

  • 1 dollar = 60 pesos
  • 1 gallon = 3.79 liters
  • 1 ounce = 29 grams or 29 ml
  • 1 lb = 0.45 kg, usually considered 2 lb = 1 kg
овощи в доминикане
Here you can see it well. That there is a tomato for 63 pesos. And the price is 39 pesos for 1 pound.

It is important to know:

All weights and volumes, where appropriate, will be listed in this article in liters and kilograms, and photo prices per pound or gallon. So it will be easier for you to perceive the information and compare prices with ours.

So, all the preface has been told, now we can talk about the prices of the Dominican Republic.

Prices for food and fruits in the Dominican Republic

I quote prices from large stores and markets. In many tourist areas there are small shops within walking distance with a very limited assortment. In such stores, prices are usually 10-30% higher, keep this in mind.

NamePesoUS Dollar
Milk, l701,25
Meat (pork, beef), kg80014
Chicken or minced chicken, kg2805
Chicken offal, kg901,6
Pasta, per pack 500g801,4
Rice, kg1001,75
Canned tuna, can1152
Ground coffee, 200g pack1001,75
Olive oil, 0.375l951,7
Tomato paste or sauce, jar601
Eggs, 12 pcs1302,3
Coca-Cola, 590 ml or 20 oz400,7
Coca-Cola, 2l801,4
Squid carcasses, kg3806,6
Mussels, kg4207,3
Fish fillet, kg (telapia)5109
Whole large lobster, kg100017,5
Marlin steaks, kg3806,6
Potato, kg400,7
Pepper, kg1302,3
Cucumbers, kg601
Tomatoes, kg801,4
Papaya, kg280,5
Bananas, kg220,4
Average prices for food, fruits and vegetables in the Dominican Republic
seafood prices in dominican republic
You can buy such a kilogram lobster for 17-20 dollars

Conclusions from the table on food prices:

  • Meat in the Dominican Republic is expensive. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, the most popular local food is chicken with rice. Because it’s cheap.
  • Chicken offal is hearts, liver, gizzards. They are very popular here, again because they are cheap. But often you can still find chicken feet, just like in Singapore.
  • Despite the fact that seafood is expensive here, lobsters are one of the cheapest in the world that I have met. In other countries they are much more expensive.
    • In general, a large one-pound frozen lobster can be bought for $20. And it’s not hard to cook it by yourself.
food prices in dominican republic
The price is per pound of pepper! Be careful in stores 🙂

Alcohol prices in the Dominican Republic

Everything is as it should be in the Caribbean. From alcohol everywhere they drink only rum. Rum is an integral part of all cocktails. Details about rum in the Dominican Republic at the link.

It will also be difficult for beer lovers here. It’s not cheap at all. And the choice from the local all two types and both classic Eurolager. There are also imported ones, mainly Mexico/USA, but the price there is expensive, from $5 per bottle.

From local wine, only sangria, and the one with a very strange label. But the taste, just like in Spain, you can take. The rest of the wine is all imported from Argentina, Chile, the USA and, of course, the old world.

NamePesoUS Dollar
Rum, 375ml2304
Rum, 0.7l4507,9
La Fuerza (sangria), gallon5008,8
Wine, bottle 0.7580014
Local beer, 0.65l bottle1101,95
Malta Morena, bottle400,7
Local beer, 0.33l can601
Rum with cola and lemon – Cuba Libre cocktail, the most popular alcohol for a tourist on the island.
  • Everything except rum is relatively expensive in the Dominican Republic. Well, sangria costs sane money.
  • Malta morena is the local national barley soft drink. The taste is very interesting, I recommend trying it.
dominican Republic products cost
I recommend to try. We have never seen drinks with such a taste.

Prices in cafes and restaurants in the Dominican Republic

Prices are of course very different. Read more about restaurants and cafes in this country at the link. There will be information about the menu, payment methods, tips, taxes not included in the price and many tips with life hacks.

In restaurants for tourists, prices are approximately the following (I will indicate in dollars)

  • Main course – $10
  • Salad – 6-7 dollars
  • Continental breakfast – 8-10 dollars
  • A glass of beer – 4 dollars
  • Cocktail – 5 dollars

In restaurants for locals, as a rule, there is no menu. And the choice of dishes is limited to 1-2 dishes. Alcohol is not sold here. But at the same time, you can dine for $ 5.

prices in a restaurant in the Dominican Republic
Here are the average prices in a normal restaurant. Please note that taxes and tips will be added here, which will be right in the check.

Usefull to know:

When my wife and I go to a cafe/restaurant that is not for locals, our dinner for two is never less than 30-40 dollars. When we go to an eatery for locals, then for $ 10 we have a hearty dinner.

Prices for excursions in the Dominican Republic

The price of excursions in the Dominican Republic in different areas is different. It depends on the distance to the attraction, on the agency itself, on the cost of entrance tickets.

The prices below will be as low as possible for a particular excursion, provided that you buy it as close to the place as possible.

It is important to know:

Payment for all excursions, as well as bargaining, is in dollars. Details about all excursions, where to buy, where you can go on your own, where it is better not to go at all, in the article about all excursions in the Dominican Republic.
  • Humpback whales watching – from $50
  • Caves Three eyes with a guide – from 20-25 dollars
  • Sightseeing tour of Santo Domingo – from $40
  • Mount Redonda – from $50
  • Snorkeling on the island of Saona – from 60 dollars
  • Diving spots are enough throughout the Dominican Republic – from $ 50, more often about 100 per person.
  • 27 waterfalls + teleferico in Puerto Plata – from $60. From Punta Cana from 100.
  • Ocean fishing – from $75 to infinity. Depends on the boat, equipment, route, duration
  • Excursion to Eagle Bay – from $150
  • Conquest of Peak Duarte (2 days) – 250-400 dollars

All prices above are per person. In this list, a large number of excursions can be visited independently and much cheaper. The link to the article, where everything is described in detail, was above.

alcohol in the Dominican Republic cost
And this is local sangria, sold by the gallon. I agree, the label does not inspire confidence!

Prices for hotels and apartments in the Dominican Republic

If this part of the article is of particular interest to you, immediately follow the link to Dominican Republic hotels. There will be ratings of the best hotels and 5 stars, and 4 stars and even 3 stars with prices and reviews.

Here it is very brief for a general idea of ​​prices.

It is important to know:

Below all prices are for tourists who need short-term rentals. Those who come here for 3-6 month, the prices will not be relevant.
  • Apartments: in a tourist area 3-7 minutes from the sea, renting an apartment with a kitchen for two people will cost from $20 to $50 per day. The price strongly depends on the area, condition of the rooms, location.
    • For $25-30 we always found good apartments.

Most hotels in the Dominican Republic are all inclusive. If you do not want to buy a package tour, then buy tickets and book hotels by yourself and go ahead. All links necessary for independent travel at the end of the article.

  • 3 star hotels – from $70 per room
  • 4-star hotel – from $100 per room, more often from $130.
  • 5 star hotels – from $150-200 per room and up.

Taxi and public transport prices

In the Dominican Republic, this is a mess. Details about it are in the article about taxis in this country. But in short:

All taxi drivers are divided into two groups: street-hail taxi and Uber. Hailing a taxi is just a brain blow: a trip from the airport to the hotel (about 20 km) will cost about 50 dollars.

The same Uber ride will cost $10-15.

Now a huge number of taxi drivers are outraged. There were even conflicts and fights. And the government has blocked Uber in some tourist areas of the country. For example, Uber does not yet work in Punta Cana, but you can ride it freely in Santo Domingo.

It is important to know:

Public transport in the country is underdeveloped. There are few routes, the schedule is not convenient, they don’t go until late. But this article is not about that.
Gua Gua cheap transport
This is what the local Gua Gua minibuses look like. This is the cheapest way to travel between cities.
  • A taxi ride a couple of km – from $ 10
  • Same Uber ride – from $3
  • Moto taxi (Motoconcho) up to 2 passengers for short distances up to 5-10 km – up to 5 dollars
  • Buses (go between major cities)
    • Punta Cana – Santo Domingo – 400 pesos / 7 dollars
    • Santo Domingo – Puerto Plata – 450 pesos / 8 dollars

Motorcycle taxis are very popular in the Dominican Republic and are the fastest and cheapest way to travel short distances. They take up to 2 passengers, as a result, you ride like in India 🙂

Read about public transport in a large review article.

Entrance fees to attractions

In general, all the main attractions of the country belong to the municipality, so the entrance prices are reasonable everywhere.

Good to know:

If you buy a tour, then always check if the entrance tickets are included in the price. It happens in different ways: for example, a transfer is included, a guide, but no tickets.

Therefore, if you came to the attraction on your own and you don’t need a guide, then you just buy entrance tickets and these are all expenses. This option is always much cheaper.

  • Caves three eyes (Los Tres Ojos) – 200 pesos / 3.5 dollars
  • Entrance to the Eagle Bay Park – 150 pesos / $ 2.8
  • El Limon Waterfall – 50 pesos / 0.9 dollars
  • 27 waterfalls – from 500 to 750 pesos / from 9 to 13 dollars depending on the route
  • Entrance to the park on Pico Duarte – 150 pesos / 2.8 dollars
  • Teleferico (cable car) in Puerto Plata – 10 $
Dominican ticket prices
A ticket to El Limon Falls is only 50 pesos or less than a dollar. And if you buy a tour with a transfer, it will be no less than $40.

Prices for car rental, toll roads and parking

Personal experience of car rental, with all the subtleties, read in the article: car rental in the Dominican Republic. There you will also find recommendations on where to look for a car, what deposits and a lot of useful information. And that’s just about prices.

The Dominican Republic is not the cheapest country and car rental here also costs a pretty penny.

  • Very average: 1 day of renting a standard car with all the necessary insurance will cost $35-40.
  • 90% of the country’s roads are free, but a few roads are still paid.
    • The prices for each road section are different, as they are served by different companies
    • But on average, a 200 km road trip, for example, Santo Domingo – the Samana Peninsula, will cost $ 10
  • Fuel:
    • Gasoline – 290 pesos per gallon (this is $ 1.35 per 1 liter)
    • Diesel – 210 pesos per gallon (this is $ 1 per 1 liter)
  • Parking is usually free everywhere. But often locals can ask for payment, they will even be with a badge and a valet vest. It’s up to you to give or not, but the standard fee is 50-100 pesos or $1-2.
cost of gasoline in dominican republic
228.5 pesos is for gasoline per 1 gallon at the most popular gas stations in the Dominican Republic. Gasoline price rises to 270 pesos a gallon in 2022

Airfare to the Dominican Republic

Before covid, it was possible to buy a two-way ticket to the Dominican Republic, for example, on the Paris-Punta-Cana-Paris route for 350-400 dollars. Today there are no such prices, unfortunately.

In 2023, the average prices from European cities to the Dominican Republic and back are about $1,000 and this is considered normal. And from the USA it is not much cheaper.

Good to know:

According to the author (in my opinion), the best price / quality ratio for a flight to the Dominican Republic is from AirFrance via Paris. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, connections are short, comfort is at a high level, there is a lot of legroom.

Prices for package tours to the Dominican Republic

How to choose a tour, where to buy and much more in the article about tours to the Dominican Republic.

I must say right away that the most affordable tours and a large selection from one of the market leaders: Expedia

  • On average, an all-inclusive tour for two with a flight, transfer, for 7-8 days, to a good 4-star hotel will cost $ 2,600.

Prices for souvenirs in the Dominican Republic

What to bring as a gift, read the article at the link. There will be a complete list of possible gifts for you and your relatives, family, friends and colleagues. And below are some prices for a general understanding of the budget for gifts.

souvenirs and cigars
Cigars by the piece in any souvenir shop. Price from $2. There is also a premium for $20 a piece.
  • Dominican rum – from 4 dollars for 0.375l
  • Cigars – from 2 dollars for 1 pc. and up to 50 dollars
  • Paintings – for a large canvas 1.5m by 1m – 100-200 dollars
  • Small size paintings – $30-60
  • Magnets – 2-4 dollars
  • Mamajuana bottles – from $3
  • Dominican coffee – from $2
  • Cocoa grains – from 3-4 dollars per pack
  • Larimar (semi-precious stone) – a small piece of jewelry, such as a ring – from $15

These are not all possible souvenirs, you can find the full list at the link above.

The cost of the Internet and mobile communications

I must say right away that there are certain difficulties with mobile Internet in the Dominican Republic. Details about operators, how to connect, coverage and much more in the article: Internet in the Dominican Republic.

And briefly here.

  • Connection service costs about 3 dollars
  • Internet packages for tourists are for 1 day / 3 days / 5 days
  • 5 day of unlimited internet data costs about 140 pesos or almost 3 dollars
  • Every 5 days you need to buy a new package.
  • You can share the Internet traffic (hotspot), which means one sim for two people is enough.

In total, an average SIM card with Internet for two weeks will cost $10.

prices in the dominican Republic online
Such points for the sale of sims are often found in tourist areas.

In conclusion: if you need more prices for any product or service, write in the comments, I will definitely add. But after reading this article, you should have an understanding of what prices are in the Dominican Republic. And if you wish, everyone can already estimate the budget of their trip.

Wish you low prices, reasonable budget and vivid emotions from your vacations in Dominicana!

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