A question that interests everyone before purchasing a tour or tickets. I won’t write a lot of extra text. The answer to the question: How long to fly to the Dominican Republic from European cities – about 9-10 hours, from New York – 4 hours, from Los Angeles – 9 hours, assuming it’s a direct flight. But direct flights are not available from every city, and flights with stopover are often cheaper.

You can read about how long it takes to fly through European or US cities, where planes land, and a lot of other useful information in this article.

How long to fly to the Dominican Republic from new york
A direct flight from New York to the Dominican Republic lasts only 4 hours

How long to fly to the Dominican Republic from European cities

In this article, we will consider how long to fly to the Dominican Republic from major European cities, as not all large airports have direct flights to this country.

As you have already read, the direct flight from Paris to the Dominican Republic takes about 10 hours.

Since September 2021, after the pandemic, many world tour agencies have started selling tours to this country. Where to buy, how much a ready tour to the Dominican Republic costs and other useful information can be found at the link.

Useful to know:

As of 2024, there are direct flights to Punta Cana and La Romana airports in the Dominican Republic from Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, and many US cities.

How long to fly to the Dominican Republic with one layover?

The easiest way to reach the Dominican Republic today by regular flights is via various major transportation hubs around the world. Tickets with two layovers are often sold.

I do not recommend such a route, as the journey takes a day or more, which is very difficult for the body. In addition, any changes in the schedule of any segment create major difficulties in your journey.

It is useful to know:

The ideal and most accessible option for a flight today is with one layover. Tickets can be cheaper than a direct flight, as often large discounts are given to transit passengers in order for them to use the services of an airline at a specific airport.
How long to fly to the Dominican Republic from europe
This flight from Rome with a transfer in Madrid turns out to be cheaper than just flying from Madrid to the Dominican Republic. Since transit passengers often get good discounts.

If you plan to fly from any city in Europe, I advise you to pay attention to tickets with transit in the following cities:

  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • London
  • Amsterdam

And if you are flying from the USA, the best cities to transfer are New York and Miami. There are often cheap tickets from Europe with a transfer at US airports.


Keep in mind that for transit through US cities (even if you do not leave the transit zone), you need a special transit US visa . Read all about the visa to the Dominican Republic at the link.

In the author’s personal and subjective opinion, one of the most convenient flights to the Dominican Republic is via Paris and Madrid. If you buy tickets with a short 1-2 hour layover, the journey from any city in Europe to the Dominican Republic will take about 13-15 hours. It’s not fast, but that’s the reality of today.

Where do planes land in the Dominican Republic?

You can read about all the international airports of the country in the article at the link.

But to understand the main points. If the plane is flying from European cities, it usually arrives at one of the three airports:

  • Las Americas (in Santo Domingo)
  • Punta Cana (there are a lot of flights from Paris here)
  • and less often in La Romana
  • the airport in Samana was recently opened

If the plane is flying from cities in the US, it usually flies to the country’s northern airports in Puerto Plata Cana and Samana, as well as one of the two airports in the capital Santo Domingo.

To decide on which resort you want to relax in, you need to first choose whether you want to be on the sea or the ocean. All the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each coast are in the article: which sea or ocean in the Dominican Republic.

dominicana direct flight how long
Choosing a resort is one of the most important issues. In the photo, Bavaro beach in Punta Cana.

In conclusion: How long to fly to the Dominican Republic from Europe by direct flight? About 9-10 hours. In the case of purchasing a good connecting flight with a short layover, the flight time is 13-15 hours.

And from the cities of the USA you can fly faster: from Miami 2 hours, New York – 4 hours, Los Angeles – about 8 hours

Easy and fast flights for you!

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