A small town, I would even say a village, which is located on the outskirts of Budva. Today Becici is an integral part of the country’s main beach resort. And it is also one of the central settlements of the entire Budva Riviera. Read on and find out: TOP 5 places to visit in Becici, accommodation, cafes and restaurants, and there will also be an overview of the beaches.

Table of contents:

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becici resort map
The region of Montenegro called the Budva Riviera is highlighted in burgundy. In the center of this area is the village of Becici

Becici: general information

Becici is a satellite city of Budva. The population of the village barely reaches 1000 people.

Good to know:

In fact, during the season, 5-10 thousand tourists rest here at the same time. There is nothing to do here in winter, the village is dying out. And from May to October it is a beach resort, one of the most popular in recent years.

The history of the city, all stages of development are completely connected with Budva. It does not have its own fortress and the old city, there are no historical sights. All events took place in Budva.

Today Budva has grown so much that there is no longer a border with Becici. One city ends and another begins. In order for a pedestrian to get to Becici, you just need to go through a tunnel in the rock 250 meters long. I will tell you more about the tunnel later.

budva becici hotels
Budva is already to the left of this cape, Becici is to the right and they are connected by a pedestrian tunnel


Becici is a beach resort that lives only from May to October. At other times of the year there is nothing to do here, it is better to choose neighboring cities. Since there is nothing else besides the beaches and the sea, no sights, no parties, no cool activities.

How to get there

The city is so small that there is no public transport, no bus station. When asked: how to get to Becici in Montenegro, they mean that you need to get to Budva. And then either on foot or by any minibus in the direction of Bar-Petrovac-Sutomore. There are private minibuses that run between Budva and Becici. Drive 5 minutes. The fare usually costs 1 euro.

In any case, this is not a problem, a hundred minibuses and buses come to Becici a day.

how to get to becici
For example: the bus schedule from Podgorica to Budva, and this is only before lunch. In the afternoon there are no less buses


Holidays in Becici are in many ways similar to holidays in Budva: both beaches and attractions. Therefore, I recommend reading a large and useful review about Budva, and you will no longer have a lot of questions. There is also a large map of the city’s attractions, beaches and the best restaurants.

Apartments and hotels in Becici

And here there is a difference from its larger neighbor city. If Budva is a full-fledged city where people live all year round, with all the necessary urban infrastructure. That Becici is a village. Over the past 10 years, it has been built up with hotels, apart-hotels, condominiums and so on.

There are most package tours to 3-4-5 star hotels on the All Inclusive system. And in general, very often tours to Budva mean a hotel in Becici. For booking systems, this is the same city.

Below is a dynamic ranking of the most popular hotels and apartments in Becici. Pay attention to the Dukley hotel, considered one of the best, has its own private, closed beach.

The best restaurants in the city

In Montenegro, you won’t be left hungry. Cafes and restaurants around every corner. Becici is no exception in this regard, there are more than 30 restaurants on the two-kilometer promenade alone.

Good to know:

The farther from the sea the cafe is located, the larger the size of the servings and the lower the prices. If in a restaurant by the sea pasta costs 15 euros, then 300-500 meters from the beach, there is a cafe where the same pasta will cost 7 euros.

Below I will note two cafes that are located in Becici and which I really like:

  • Seafood restaurant Porat: 42.279102490519115, 18.881916475582642. The menu includes shrimp, squid, sea bass, octopus. Prices for such a cafe on the first line are moderate. Servings are big and everything is always very tasty.
  • Restaurant Palma: 42.28338644049194, 18.8776341931597. Family and cozy restaurant 150 meters from the sea. A lot of dishes of Montenegrin cuisine. Everything that is on the menu on the Rostil (grill) page is a must-order. Everything is insanely delicious.

Beaches and beach holidays

The length of the whole city is about 2 km. Actually, along its entire length there is a city beach, which is called Becici Beach.

  • Map coordinates: 42.281149219180755, 18.872350178989457
  • This is a pebble and sandy beach. Moreover, there are areas only with pebbles, there are only with sand, and there is everything mixed up.
  • The length of the beach is about 2km.
  • Along the entire beach there is a promenade.
  • Water entry is gentle, there are no sea urchins. Rest with children here is comfortable.
  • The beach is fully equipped: toilets, showers, lots of sun loungers (15 euros for two sun loungers and an umbrella per day).
  • There are many water activities during the season.
sandy becici beach
Promenade and city beach of Becici. The photo was taken in early November, so there are so few people

Author rating:

An excellent city beach with all the necessary infrastructure. Of the advantages: in the high season there are a little less people here than on the Slavic beach in Budva. Disadvantage: there are still a lot of them 🙂 July-August: all the beaches of the country are crowded.

There are no more beaches in Becici, but do not forget, you are in the Budva Riviera, there are many beaches here. Below is a list of beaches within walking distance and the author’s rating (most of them are in a large review of Budva, the link to the review was above):

  • Beaches Mogren and Mogren 2: 42.27707671343745, 18.832613918325677. Walk 4km to it. Rating: 10 points out of 10, cool beach and the road to it, especially the last 200 meters under the cliff along the sea.
  • Richard’s Head Beach: 42.277895756653514, 18.83649066583943. 3.5 km to the beach. A small beach right under the walls of the old town of Budva. 8 points out of 10. In the season, well, it is very crowded here.
  • Slavic beach: 42.284816860644106, 18.848149201543674. City beach of Budva. 6 points out of 10. In general, Becici and Slavic beaches are very similar. Promenade, cafes and restaurants, a wide beach area and a lot of people in the season. And these are two neighboring beaches, which are separated by a tunnel under a rock. The distance between Becici and Slavic beach is about 500m.
  • Kamenovo beach: 42.275309002136105, 18.886898479016384. It is located on the opposite side from Budva. 1.5 km from the center of Becici. The beach itself is pebbly, about 300 meters long. Here, usually, there are fewer people and this is the freest beach. There are sun loungers, already 10 euros per day for a couple. 9 points out of 10. Not ideal, but close 🙂
becici montenegro
Mogren beaches and behind the rock – Mogren 2 – Budva Riviera beaches

If you have a car, then all the beaches of the Budva Riviera are available to you. And these are 40+ beaches, half of which in different years were marked with the “Blue Flag” for the purity of the sea on the beach.

All the beaches from the list above are free and available for vacationers all year round. From November to March, life is only on the Slavic beach and on the beach under the walls of the old town of Budva. All the rest are empty and waiting for the season.

TOP 5 attractions in Becici

I won’t lie to you: there are no sights here. None. All cultural life is in neighboring Budva. Next, I will briefly list what to visit around Becici. I will not write in detail about those locations located in Budva, since all the information is in the large review of this city on the pages of our guide. The link was above in the “how to get there” section.

So, within walking distance from Becici for tourists there are the following locations:

  • The old town of Budva, almost Croatian Dubrovnik :). Just three kilometers from Becici beach.
  • The path under the rock to Mogren beach and the symbol of the city – a ballerina.
  • Another health trail that runs from Budva to Kamenovo beach through the entire Becici promenade. The trail is only 4km long. Its peculiarity: beautiful views, an observation deck to Budva and two long pedestrian tunnels through the rocks.
  • St. Nicholas Island, which is perfectly visible from the beach. It is located just 800 meters from Becici, and boats with tourists regularly sail there. The island has a Hawaii beach, a restaurant and you can have a great day here. And if you rent a SUP or kayak, you can go on an unforgettable voyage around the island.

There is detailed information about these cool locations above in the article about Budva. And below are two more little-known sights where you can go on foot from Becici:

  • 2000 year old olive tree and observation decks on the city. The length of the route is 2 km, the climb is 200 meters. In general, it is not difficult to go to the top for 40 minutes. Everything is free.
    • Old Olive coordinates: 42.29443427458715, 18.874031798099445
    • Take at least some water with you.
    • The whole route there and back in an hour and a half is easy to pass.
    • And most importantly, they do not take money :). In the Bar you have to pay 1 euro to look at the oldest Oliva. Detailed review of the Bar for tourists.
    • I really liked this route, I recommend it to everyone to take a walk. As a bonus, there is also an old, abandoned water mill, where olive oil was made from harvested olives.
what to see in becici
Old olive tree and abandoned mill in Becici
  • And 1.5 km from Becici beach, also uphill – there is a waterfall. It is located behind the Church of St. Nicholas, focus on it.
    • Waterfall coordinates: 42.28721829298131, 18.885646687085618
    • Climb only 140 meters
    • There are no observation platforms with beautiful views, as on the way to the old olive tree.
    • To be honest, I’ve been here twice and both times the waterfall was almost dry. Locals say you should come here in the spring when the snow melts in the mountains.
    • 20 minutes walk from the beach.
attractions becici montenegro
The photo is not mine: this is what the waterfall looks like in May. In August, almost nothing will remain of him.

Becici have a very convenient location, and driving along the coast is a pleasure. The road is beautiful, there are a lot of sights 50 km from Becici.

But the most interesting sights in the vicinity of Becici, I will highlight separately:

  • Ancient Kotor
  • Island hotel Sveti Stefan – hallmark of the country (only 5km from Becici)
  • Lipa cave is the largest karst cave in Montenegro.
  • Skadar lake
  • Lovcen Park and the village of Njegusi, where they make homemade prsut.

Holidays in Becici: tourist tips

Now you know everything about this small town. The most important thing to understand is that Becici is a very small town, rather a village, if you don’t know and don’t slow down on the highway, then you will pass it by car in a minute and a half.

From the cons:

  • There are no attractions and cultural recreation
  • There are no medieval buildings, the old city and any Montenegrin flavor
  • There are no bright and noisy parties here.
  • In winter the city is more dead than alive
  • This is a 100% beach resort, you only need to go here for the sea and the beach

From the pros:

  • Excellent location on the coast. All attractions within an hour by car.
  • Near within walking distance is beautiful Budva with its old town.
  • Accommodation prices in Becici are lower and there are fewer people. Although there have been many tourists here in recent years, there is absolutely no place on the beach in August either.
  • A beautiful promenade for walking, and the beach is great for families with children.
view of becici and budva
If you go by car from the Lipa cave to Becici, then you will go along the road with such views. From here you can clearly see: Budva, Becici and the whole island of St. Nicholas

Below are reviews of two more small towns on the Montenegrin coast, where they also go just for a beach holiday. These cities are similar to Becici in many ways.

In conclusion: Becici is an excellent beach resort. Many hotels have been built here today, and every second package tour to Montenegro is sold to Becici. You will see this when you start choosing a tour for yourself :). If you are looking for a resort with good beaches near the airport, and you will have a car to travel along the coast and the sights of the country, then Becici is perfect. Without a car, it will get boring here on the third day.

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