A detailed overview of the country’s main beach resort is, of course, the city of Budva. I’ll tell you what to visit, there will be TOP-15 sights of Budva for tourists, the best beaches and restaurants, photos, map. I will also give tips that will help you get the most out of your holiday.

Table of contents:

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budva viewpoint
View of Budva and the old town.

Budva and Budva Riviera: general information

This is the most important beach resort in the country. About 3 million tourists visit Montenegro every year and 1.5 million of them come to Budva. Someone – for all 2 weeks of vacation, and someone – only for 1 day to visit the sights.

Interesting to know:

Although the main beach resort of Montenegro, Budva takes only the second place in the list of the most visited cities. The leader in this rating is ancient Kotor.

Below is some general information about Budva:

  • The city was founded in the 5th century BC. It is one of the oldest cities in the entire region.
  • Population: 15,000 people. It is a large city by local standards.
  • Budva is a relatively flat city. Even 1-2 km from the beach you will walk on flat and straight roads. This is an important point especially for vacationers with children.

Good to know:

Only Budva and Bar are relatively flat cities on the Montenegrin coast. Already 100 meters from the beach, hills, slides and climbs begin, often even very steep in other resorts.

And the Budva Riviera is the name of the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea, belonging to the community of Budva. The community in Montenegro is an analogue of regions and districts. The length of the entire riviera is 35 km.

map of budva montenegro
The Budva community in Montenegro is highlighted in burgundy on the map – this is the Riviera

The Budva Riviera includes Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac. These are all resort towns and villages with beach holidays, popular with tourists.

Often, the town of Sutomore is also referred to the Riviera. In terms of coastline, beaches, landscapes, this is still the Budva Riviera. But according to the administrative division, this is already the Bar Riviera.

How to get to Budva

On the one hand, Budva has an excellent geographical location in the center of the Montenegrin coast. The city is at the crossroads of all major roads. Look, the distances from Budva to:

  • Tivat International Airport – 21km
  • Podgorica International Airport – 60km
  • Kotor – 22km
  • Herceg Novi – 43 km
  • hallmark of the country – island of Sveti Stefan – 8km
  • the main port of Montenegro – Bar, from where you can go by ferry to Italy – 37km

But on the other hand, there are no direct buses to Budva from both airports. You need to go with at least one transfer. And you can’t get to all corners with cool locations and TOP sights of Montenegro by bus.

It is important to understand:

There is public transport in Montenegro. In general, there are enough routes along the coast. But as for trips inland, things are not so rosy. If you want to travel even around the outskirts of Budva, then this is still not very convenient. And by car you are much more mobile.

Two helpful articles:

There are buses from large cities, and it is not a problem to get to Budva. Dozens of buses run throughout the day. For example, there are 34 buses per day from Podgorica, and 29 buses from Tivat. They depart every half an hour.

bus timetable budva
Timetable and prices for buses from Podgorica to Budva. It’s only half. There are a lot of buses from Kotor and Tivat to Budva

Accommodation: hotels and apartments

This is a large city and here you will find all possible accommodation options for any budget. Hotels, apart-hotels, apartments. In the high season, prices are higher and there is less choice. So book your accommodation in advance.

Below you will find a dynamic ranking of the most popular accommodation options in Budva. There are apartments and hotels, many options are very budget. Click on any, see photos, prices, read reviews.


If you are traveling by car, then pay attention to the availability of free parking at your accommodation option. In Budva, especially during the high season, the problem with parking is enormous. Firstly, almost all parking lots in the city are paid. Secondly, even in paid parking lots there are no places at all. Often there is simply nowhere to park the car.

Overview of the beaches of Budva: map, description, recommendations

The beaches are the city’s strong point. Although there are a lot of tourists during the season, there are enough beaches in the city and the surrounding area. And not all are crowded. If you have a car or you are just an active tourist who can walk 2-3-4 km to the beach, then you will find your place under the sun by the sea.

Good to know:

The beaches of Budva are very different. Unlike the rest of Montenegro, where there are mostly pebble beaches, and in the Bay of Kotor everyone sunbathes on concrete platforms, there are beaches in Budva for every taste. There are many sandy beaches here.

You will find a map of all the beaches of Budva and its surroundings, the best restaurants and attractions below in the chapter “What to visit in Budva”.

Slavic beach (Slovenska plaza)

The main city beach along the whole of Budva. From the old town and marina to the village of Becici. The beach is pebbly and sandy, there are areas only with pebbles, and there are only areas with sand.

Locals divide this beach into several more parts (Zuplica, Slovenska, Greko beaches), but in reality it is all one long beach. This is the most infrastructural beach, it has everything: a promenade, hundreds of cafes and restaurants, sun loungers, SUP and kayak rentals, showers, toilets and so on. This is a classic urbanized beach resort.

  • Beach coordinates: 42.28482, 18.84818
  • In season, renting 2 sun loungers and an umbrella costs 15-20 euros per day.
  • Beach length: a little less than 2 km. There is a promenade throughout.
  • Admission is free
slavic beach in budva
Part of the Slavic beach closer to the old town is mostly sandy

Author rating

The beach is 5 points out of 10. But when compared with the rest of the beaches of Budva, I like the Slavic beach the least. In the high season there are a lot of people, just crowds. Due to the proximity to the port, the water is muddy. And in the very center of the beach, a river flows into the sea, which carries cold water, garbage and dirt from the mountains through the whole of Budva. If you relax here, then choose a part of the beach closer to the village of Becici, it is called Zuplica.

Pizana beach under the walls of the old city

Quite a small, literally 100 meters, hidden from the tourist crowds beach. The beach is located in the historical center, really under the walls of the old city. The beach is hidden behind a small hill with steps and it is not visible even if you stand 10 meters away. The beach comes into view when you already put your foot on the sand :). If you do not know about it, then it is easy to pass by.

  • Coordinates: 42.27873, 18.83959
  • Pebble-sandy beach, there are no sun loungers, everyone is sunbathing on their towels. But in the season they put changing rooms and showers.
  • Admission is free
budva montenegro
Pisan beach – the whole beach is in the photo

Richard’s head beach (Plaža Ricardova Glava)

One of the best beaches in the city. If you look at the map of Budva, you can see that the old city and the walls around it are on the peninsula. On one side of this peninsula, under the walls, there is the beach of Pisan, and on the other side of the walls, the Ricardova Glava beach.

  • Coordinates: 42.27788, 18.83648
  • Beach length: 300 meters
  • Pebble-sand
  • Infrastructural beach: there are sun loungers for 15 euros per couple, a cafe / restaurant. From the beach through the city medieval gates you immediately get to the old city
  • Admission is free
beaches of budva
Beach Ricardova Glava in February. In summer, everything is occupied by sun loungers.

Author’s rating:

6 points out of 10. In the season there are as many people as on the Slavic beach, but the water is cleaner, absolutely the entire beach is occupied by paid sun loungers. Due to its small size, there is some privacy. The best time to visit here is May and September, when there are fewer people.

Beaches Mogren and Mogren 2

And these are the two best beaches within walking distance to Budva. You can’t drive to the beach by car, go only along a beautiful path under a rock along the sea. The trail starts at the very end of the Ricardova Glava beach, the length of the trail is about 200 meters. On the way you will find the symbol of Budva – a ballerina. I’ll talk about it in the chapter about sights.

  • These are two sandy beaches. Each is about 300 meters long.
  • They are separated by a rock and a passage with a bridge inside this rock.
  • The beaches are wide, located in the bay and protected from the wind on all sides.
  • Although there are a lot of tourists here during the season, but much less than on the main beach of the city.
  • Mogren coordinates: 42.27708490649319, 18.832537045258356
  • There are sun loungers, two cafes are open during the season. If you pay for sun loungers, there will even be wi-fi. The price for a pair of sun loungers is 20-30 euros per day.
  • The beach is free
resort budva montenegro
This is Mogren, pay attention to the sand. In fact, there are many beaches around Budva with sand, not pebbles.

Author’s rating:

10 points out of 10. This is the best beach within 10-15 minutes walk from the center of Budva. And the road to it is a little adventure.

Private Dukley Beach

This is a small private beach at the Dukley Hotel and Resort. It is located at the very end of the Slavic beach, already on the border with the village of Becici. For guests of the complex entrance to the beach is free. For everyone else, entrance is 50 euros per person. The price includes a sun lounger, an umbrella for two and wi-fi.

  • Coordinates: 42.28217, 18.85792
  • Very clean and luxurious beach. There will be no crowds of people.
  • Paid
budva riviera montenegro
Dukli beach is great, if not for its high price. On the other hand, if it was free, it wouldn’t be so cool. Vicious circle 🙂

Author’s rating:

8 points out of 10. The beach is cool, the water is clear, there is no wind and waves. But 40 euros for two just for the beach, a little expensive for many. And in the season when the occupancy of the complex is high, they don’t even let you in for money.

Becici beach

Becici is a village on the outskirts of Budva. Today, in fact, it has already merged with the city. It has its own beach, which is called Becici. The beach is very similar in appearance and infrastructure to the Slavic beach. There is everything: sun loungers, promenade, hundreds of cafes, and thousands of tourists. Only here the water is cleaner than in Budva.

It is also easy to walk here from Budva. It is only 2.5 km from the walls of the old city. And if you start from the end of the Slavic beach, then 800 meters. And there is a bonus for hikers: Budva and Becici are connected by a pedestrian tunnel in the rock.

  • Coordinates: 42.28120200740622, 18.872064318383316
  • In season, 2 sun loungers and an umbrella cost 10-20 euros per day. And free after 5pm.
  • Beach length: a little less than 2 km. There is a promenade throughout.
  • Free
  • The beach is pebbly and sandy, but there are areas only with sand
  • Free
  • Overview of the Becici resort, where to eat, what to see
montenegro budva tours
Promenade and Becici beach (November) so there are so few people

Author’s rating:

6 points out of 10. For me, Becici and Slavyansky beaches are very similar. There are a lot of people everywhere during the season. But in Becici the water is cleaner.

Hawaii beach or St. Nicholas beach

The island of St. Nicholas is visible from anywhere in Budva. This large and green uninhabited island is located 700 meters from the old town and Slavic beach. 90% of the coastline of the island is rocks, but the remaining 10% is a pebble beach, and the pebbles are large.

The beach has two names. The official name is the island of St. Nicholas. And the locals call it Hawaii to attract more tourists.

  • Coordinates: 42.2707, 18.84608
  • Beach length: 500 meters
  • There are sun loungers, cafes, toilets, showers. All this works only during the season until mid-October.
  • It is easy to get to the beach, boats run from the shore from all beaches and even from Becici. The price of a place in the boat is 5-10 euros one way.
  • Alternatively, you can sail on a SUP or a kayak, which are rented on Slavic Beach. But I will write more about this below.
  • The beach itself is free for everyone. You can sunbathe on the beach freely. But everything else is paid: sun loungers, a boat to the island and back, toilets, cafes with prices higher than on the mainland.
  • 2 sun loungers and an umbrella are 15 euros per day, and a free toilet and wi-fi are a bonus to sun loungers :).
beach hawaii budva
View from Hawaii beach to Budva. Completely pebbly beach. A photo of the entire beach will still be lower in the article.

Author’s rating:

8 points out of 10. Although many tourists come here, even in the season there is enough space for everyone. I can’t say that this is a paradise beach, but it’s quite interesting to relax on a desert island overlooking the bay.

And this is not all the beaches of Budva and the surrounding area. In fact, there are 28 beaches only within 10 km of the city. No wonder this region is called the Riviera. If you have a car, then the entire Budva Riviera immediately opens up for you.

The best taverns and restaurants in Budva

There are no problems where to eat deliciously in Montenegro. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in Montenegro. Budva is no exception. Taverns, restaurants, cafes, Montenegrin fast foods – at every step. Servings are big everywhere and there is a lot of meat.

It is important to understand:

On the beach, on the first line and in the old town, prices are usually higher, servings are smaller. And if you go 300 meters deep into the city, and go to a classic traditional tavern, then for 15 euros per person you won’t get up from the table. Any serving of the second course is only half a kilogram of meat.

Below is a list of a few cafes I can recommend. It’s tasty and quite budget there. But this does not mean that these are the best restaurants in Budva, these are my favorite restaurants in Budva. And the best restaurant is the one where it is tasty and good for you. All the restaurants that I recommend are marked on the map of Budva attractions.

  • L&M: 42.28398, 18.83605. Simple cafe. Delicious, fast and very cheap. There are dishes of Montenegrin cuisine.
  • Grape Cafe: 42.28936731599119, 18.84796919806021. Family soulful restaurant of Montenegrin cuisine. Shish kebabs on rostil, cevapi, pljeskavica. I recommend.
  • Konoba Bocun: 42.29307, 18.83815. The best Montenegrin restaurant in the city according to the locals. The average bill for dinner per person is 15 euros, on the waterfront for the same dinner it will be about 30-40 euros. The only negative is that it is far from the promenade (1.2 km from the sea), but an easy walk will help work up an appetite.
  • Kafana Rivijera: 42.278552525283736, 18.837470967687224. The best fish restaurant right in the old town of Budva. Very tasty. The menu includes fish, shrimp, octopus, squid. This is a gastronomic paradise for seafood lovers. But keep in mind, this is an old city and the prices here are appropriate: pasta or risotto for 15 euros and fish dishes such as grilled octopus 20-22 euros. But this is the best fish restaurant in the center and in this price category. The rest are even more expensive.

TOP 15 attractions or what to visit in Budva

Budva is a unique city and there are no more such cities in Montenegro. Let me explain: here you will find a huge number of beaches, there is an uninhabited island, gorgeous views of the mountains around, and most importantly, there is something to see for a curious tourist: medieval old town.

No other city has all these attributes of a great holiday together. Kotor has a historical part of the city and top ten views of the bay, but no beaches. Petrovac, Ulcinj, Sutomore – great beaches and nature, but no attractions. In Bar – no beaches, no attractions.

Budva has everything for tourists:

This city also lives in winter. In any small town in Montenegro during the winter months, everything is closed and there is nothing to do on the street. And in Budva life goes on, even without tourists.

Map of beaches, restaurants and attractions in Budva.

Old town of Budva

Old town of Budva. The main attraction, I do not know a single person who was in Budva, but did not go to the old city. This is a real medieval city, surrounded by walls on all sides. The old town is very well preserved and perfectly shows the atmosphere of the 15th century.

Interesting to know:

In 1979, there was a devastating earthquake in Budva and the old town was badly damaged. Of course, it was restored and even in some places improved the architecture and appearance of buildings. Therefore, today the old town of Budva looks much better than in other cities of Montenegro.

In the old town, you can just walk along the streets and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. And you can purposefully go through the sights inside the walls. Here, however, each building is a landmark with a long history.

Sights of the old town of Budva:

  • Citadel of Budva: entrance 4.5 euros, open from 9 am to 10 pm Inside the museum, gallery and observation deck overlooking the city.
  • Fortified walls. You can walk along the wall overlooking the city and the sea. Entrance costs 2 euros. If you come after 8 pm, then you can go for free.
  • Church of St. John. There are 5 churches within the old city.
  • The main bell of Budva. Installed as a monument on the outer side of the walls.
  • Gate to the city. On all sides of the fortress there are city gates, through which earlier and now everyone gets into the old city.

And this is not a complete list of the sights of the old city.

  • Coordinates of the old town in Budva: 42.2781861559217, 18.837638010711874
  • the entrance is free
  • Open around the clock
  • How much time for the visit: from 1 hour to half a day. For 1 hour at a normal pace, you will walk through all the streets of the old city. It’s actually not that big. But, if you wish, with museums and a citadel, you can get lost here for 5 hours.
budva montenegro photo
Almost Croatian Dubrovnik, only smaller.

Author rating:

10 out of 10. A must see attraction in Budva for everyone. In Montenegro, the old town is more interesting only in Kotor.

Symbol of Budva – Ballerina

A statue of a dancer or ballerina, a girl who, according to legend, was waiting for her beloved from a distant voyage at this place. Today this ballerina is a symbol of the city. It is on all postcards and souvenirs in Budva.

And what to bring as a gift to family and friends from Montenegro, read in this article.

  • Coordinates: 42.27745, 18.83493
  • The ballerina can be found on the path through the rocks to Mogren Beach
budva what to see
At sunset, the photo is especially good when the soft sunset light illuminates the walls of the old city.

Author rating:

8 out of 10. Beautiful views of the old city open up from here, and you get cool photos. And the path to the beach is beyond expectations.

Path to Mogren beach

Budva is not only historical sights. It is also natural beauty. The path to the Mogren beach from the old town, although made by man, is laid right under the rock along the sea. The route is very easy and very beautiful.

budva attractions
This is how part of the trail from Budva to Mogren looks like

Author rating:

8 out of 10. This is the only way to the beaches of Mogren, there is no other way, only if by boat. Be sure to take a walk, it won’t take long.

Mogren fortress on a hill

Abandoned, almost ruins, Austro-Hungarian fortress Mogren. It is located on a sheer cliff right above the Mogren beach. But you can’t get in from the beach. There are great views from the fortress.

  • Coordinates: 42.275201434984844, 18.82699394523994
  • Walk about 1400 meters from the old town. Climb 150-200 meters. The route is simple, 20-30 minutes walk is easy.
  • How long does it take to visit the fortress: 20 minutes.
  • Free and open 24/7
budva old town and fortresses
Fortress Mogren and view of the island of St. Nicholas. Information about the island will be below

Author rating:

6 out of 10. You need to understand that this is a destroyed and abandoned object, with garbage, overgrown with bushes. It makes no sense to go here for the sake of the fortress, you will not see anything interesting. Go only for panoramic views of the area. Here they are beyond praise.

Walk for half a day through Becici-Rafailovici tunnels in the rocks

I call this route the Budva Health Path. Everyone who came to visit us and went for a walk there was satisfied. It passes through two villages, four beautiful beaches, two pedestrian tunnels in the rocks and several lookouts. The entire route goes along long promenades with restaurants and shops. You do not need to take anything with you, you can eat along the way.

  • Start of the route from Slavic beach
  • Length: 4.5km one way
  • Finish: Kamenovo beach behind Rafailovici. 42.27555833670663, 18.8863790946696. Both tunnels are marked on the map above.
  • The route is easy without much climb
  • It’s easy to walk back and forth in 3 hours. If with swimming, restaurants, then you can walk all day.
tunnel from budva to becici
These pedestrian tunnels await you on the route

Author rating:

9 out of 10. It’s hard to call it a full-fledged attraction, but the route is cool. I recommend to everyone. Walk along the Adriatic without cars and dusty roads.

Saint Nicholas Island

This island is visible from anywhere in Budva. He is uninhabited. But, if you read the chapter about the beaches of the city, you know that there is a Hawaii beach, where tourists are brought for the whole day from all over Budva, Becici and Rafailovici during the season.

There are several hiking trails on the island. To be honest, they are not very interesting, and they do not lead to closed beaches. Sheer cliffs are on all sides, there is nowhere to swim here, only on the beach of Hawaii.

But there is a very cool activity. On the Slavic beach in Budva, kayaks or sup’s are offered for rent in several places. You can easily swim around the island in 2 hours. And then you will discover several more secluded beaches and bays, can only be accessed from the water side.

  • Island coordinates: 42.26579, 18.85167
  • The island is free and open to everyone around the clock
  • Prices: SUP for the whole day 30 euros, double kayak for the whole day 30 euros. 1 hour – 10 euros.
  • We rent for the whole day to swim in the caves behind the Mogren beach and under the walls of the old city. The guys who offer kayaks know all the interesting spots and will show you on the map.
st nicholas island montenegro
St. Nicholas Island, in the foreground is Hawaii Beach, where tourists are brought
how to get to the island in budva
And this is me and my wife on a kayak sailing around the island of St. Nicholas. By the way, you can still swim under the walls of the old city of Budva

Author rating:

10 out of 10. We visited the island of St. Nicholas by boat. And I will say right away that there was no particular delight. And when they sailed around it in a kayak – this is a small sea voyage. You can climb the rocks wherever you want and swim in any bay. Very cool and recommend to everyone.

These are all the main attractions of Budva, which are within walking distance from the city. They will be enough for you for 3 days easily. If this is not enough and you have a car, then there are several more cool locations in the vicinity of Budva. For example:

In conclusion: Budva is the main beach resort in Montenegro. There are far more pros for vacationers than cons. The main disadvantage for me is a lot of tourists in July-August and parking problems. But you can come here for 2 weeks and there will be something to do, unlike the small resort towns of Montenegro. And Budva is one of the best resorts for families with children.

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