Health travel insurance in Montenegro is not mandatory for entering the country. But according to the author (me), every traveler should always have it. Unfortunately, there are many tourists who learn only from their mistakes and will only start taking out travel health insurance after their own negative experiences.

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Travel insurance in Montenegro: types and general points

prices for travel insurance in montenegro
You need advanced medical insurance even for simple trekking in such mountains in Montenegro as in the photo

I won’t go into detail about how travel health insurance affects your overall travel budget. But if something happens, she will cover the cost of medical treatment, which can be much more than your entire trip.

Here are some examples from my personal experience:

In Singapore, I got dengue fever, the treatment cost $2,500. In India, I fell off a scooter and broke my collarbone – $4,000 in total. In both cases, all expenses were paid by the insurance company, and the insurance itself cost $20.
  • Remember: insurance does not make your trip safer, but it will greatly save your budget and nerve cells.

And now I will tell you what common points are:

  • When traveling with kids, never forget about insurance.
  • If you buy a package tour, then travel insurance in Montenegro will most likely be included in the tour price. It may be the most basic, but it’s better than none at all.
  • If in many countries of the world insurance is one of the mandatory documents for entering the country, along with a passport, then travel insurance in Montenegro is advisory in nature according to the laws.

And do not forget that medical care is not free in Montenegro. And for tourists there are even special tariffs, which are 3-10 times more expensive than for locals, depending on the specialization of the doctor and the type of service. Here is a very approximate price example:

  • Tooth extraction: 100-150 EUR
  • Appointment with a specialist doctor: about 30 EUR
  • Tests: from 10-20 EUR for each
  • About prices in Montenegro for many categories of goods and services for tourists
Today there are two types of travel insurance. This is basic or standard, it is the cheapest and only covers emergency cases. And extended travel insurance in Montenegro, it is more expensive, but the coverage and the number of insured events are much higher here.

If you want to know more about COVID-19 and coronavirus in Montenegro and restrictions for tourists, then read the article about Covid-19, PCR tests and much more on this topic in Montenegro.

Advanced travel insurance to Montenegro

You must understand that basic insurance only works in emergency cases. If you just feel not very good and want to consult a doctor, then this is at your own expense. Below are some common cases where basic insurance does not work, but advanced insurance does:

  • Sun burns. According to the rules of almost all insurance companies, only children under 14 with sunburn can go to a medical institution and insurance will cover the treatment. Everyone who is older must control the dose of ultraviolet radiation himself. But this is for basic insurance. In extended insurance, sunburn for everyone is an insured event.
  • If you got into an accident, fell off a scooter or got injured during outdoor activities or sports – only advanced insurance covers these cases.
  • Any complication of an ongoing pregnancy and the need to call a doctor is not an insured event in basic insurance.
  • Also, do not forget that basic travel insurance in Montenegro does not cover cases of lost luggage, flight cancellations, and so on.

In general, these are the most basic differences, but there are still many small points that can distinguish one insurance from another.

There is one very useful product in the insurance market that makes advanced insurance very convenient: it is a 24/7 online doctor service.

Unique service on the market: 24/7 online doctor service

Only one company has this service: you can see it on the official website of EKTA.

Updated: Currently, the Online Doctor service is disabled, but we hope that it will be resumed in the near future. Below I will talk about the benefits of this insurance company and service.

Anyone who buys any travel insurance from them to any country in the world will receive this service absolutely free of charge. And now briefly how it works:

  • Works through the application installed on the phone
  • Very often on vacation there are situations when you or your child feel uncomfortable, but there is no time or inconvenience to see a doctor. Since you will lose half a day, or even the whole day of your vacation, while you go to hospitals and draw up papers. And the cases are different:
  • A rash on the skin of a child, it seems to be okay, but it worries you
  • You have symptoms that prevent you from resting comfortably, but at the same time you do not seem to die. And it is not clear yet, you need to go to the doctor or not.
advanced health insurance montenegro
Calmness is the main thing that insurance gives

In this case, you can safely contact the doctor via video link (there is also a pediatrician), he will listen to you, see what he can watch on the video and tell you whether you need to go to the hospital or not. And if necessary, he activates the insurance and helps organize everything.

This is very convenient for everyone: the insurance company does not pay for each visit to the hospital and saves money. And you do not waste time and nerves on those cases that do not require the intervention of a doctor, but bother you.

Our experience:

We used this service once. A strange rash appeared on the skin, but it did not bother me at all. We were consulted via video link and told what kind of ointment can be bought without a prescription at a local pharmacy. And we didn’t have to go looking for a doctor, a hospital, and so on. The entire consultation took about 15 minutes.

In conclusion: today travel insurance in Montenegro is not required. Whether you have it or not, no one cares, it is necessary first of all for you. Often people neglect it and go to a foreign country without insurance. Believe me, this is only before the first visit to the hospital. Insurance will not make your vacation safer, but definitely calmer.

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