A very important article for every tourist who wants to come here for the first time. You will learn everything about the resorts in Montenegro, where the best vacation, the pros and cons. After reading this article, you will be able to understand which resort is best for you. Resorts in Montenegro are very different from each other – that’s why the choice is important.

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The town of Petrovac – Budva Riviera

Resorts in Montenegro: map, general points

Montenegro is a very small country on the Adriatic Sea. If I may say so, then its neighbors on the beach are Croatia in the north and Albania in the south.

If a vacation in Albania is very different from a vacation in Montenegro, then it is difficult to distinguish the resorts of Croatia from Montenegro. There is one climate, the same nature, the same coastline, relief and beaches. Even medieval architecture is very similar.

I am often asked the question, where is the best vacation – in Croatia or Montenegro? The answer is on the link where you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of each country.

And now specifically about the resorts in Montenegro:

  • The entire coastline of the country is only about 200 km.
  • And the three main tourist resorts are located along these 200 kilometers.
  • Some differences in these resorts are significant.

All resorts in Montenegro are presented on the map below for your convenience.

sea resorts in montenegro
Resorts of the Bay of Kotor 2. Budva Riviera 3. South of Montenegro from Bar to Ulcinj

Where is the best vacation in Montenegro: the pros and cons of resorts

Now consider all three resorts separately. I will write down the pros and cons of each, which in one way or another can affect your vacation.


Most of the beaches in Montenegro are pebbly. This is a feature of the region. There are also sandy beaches. If this is important to you, links to reviews of each city and its beaches are below. Open, read, choose.

Resorts of the Bay of Kotor

Good to know:

When they say Boka kotorska or the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, it’s all the same. This whole large bay on the map is called the Bay of Kotor. In Italian, Bocche di Cattaro is translated as “the mouth of Kotor”.

What you need to know about this region of Montenegro:

  • There are no beaches here, or almost none. All tourists sunbathe on concrete platforms or very small beaches.
best resorts in montenegro for tourists
The main beach of Kotor. The photo was taken at the end of October. Imagine what happens here in the summer.
  • On all sides, the Bay of Kotor is surrounded by mountains. Here the solar day is 2-3 hours shorter every day than in other resorts. Since the sun appears an hour later from behind the mountains and hides behind the mountains on the other side an hour and a half earlier. The photo above shows that the mountains are on all sides.
  • In this part of the country there are many cold springs that flow from the mountains into the sea. Combined with shorter daylight hours, the water in the bay is colder than in other resorts.
  • Here is a list of cities in the Bay of Kotor that are popular with tourists: Herceg Novi, Perast, Kotor, Tivat.
  • From 1 to 3 huge cruise ships sail into the bay every day. Each brings several thousand tourists who go out to see the sights. The center of their attraction is the city of Kotor.
  • In the resorts of the Bay of Kotor you will not see sunsets.
  • All the cities of the bay are located on the slopes of the mountains. You will walk either uphill or downhill. This is especially inconvenient for tourists with a baby stroller. All about holidays with kids in Montenegro.

But one huge advantage of this resort is for lovers of medieval architecture, cobbled streets, fortresses and churches. There are a huge number of historical places and attractions. Each village has an old town, a fortress, narrow streets for romantic walks.

montenegro places for a beach holiday
There are such streets in any town of the Bay of Kotor (except Tivat).

Therefore, if you are interested in a beach holiday, then the resorts of the Bay of Kotor will not suit you. If you are looking for a cultural holiday and can spend hours walking around the sights, then this is for you. Perfect places are the city of Kotor, Perast and Herceg Novi. Below are detailed reviews of these cities:

Resorts in Montenegro: Budva Riviera

I am sure that everyone has heard about such a Montenegrin city as Budva. Budva and small villages in the area are proudly called the Budva Riviera.

Between Budva and Kotor – only 22 km or 30 minutes by car. You can live in Budva, and go on excursions to the Bay of Kotor.

Montenegro resorts
The main beach and promenade in Budva. Pictured is November.
  • There are long beaches here.
  • The water in the sea is 3-4 degrees warmer than in the bay.
  • daily sunsets
  • Cities are located relatively on the plain, especially convenient for tourists with children.
  • There are historical sights: the old town, the fortress, narrow streets, there are just fewer of them than in the bay.
  • The most infrastructural resort in Montenegro is Budva. Big shops, markets, hospitals. The whole range of services.
  • This is the center of the country and from here it is convenient to travel to the sights of Montenegro.
  • Both international airports are within 60 km from Budva.
  • Cities of the Budva Riviera: Budva, Becici, the famous island of Sveti Stefan (there is even a separate article about it), the town of Petrovac, Sutomore and others
best holidays in montenegro
The beach of the city of Sutomore. All towns of the Budva Riviera have long beaches.

Good to know:

But there is also a disadvantage of holidays in the Budva Riviera. This is the most popular resort in the country, there are a lot of tourists during the high season. Beaches and cafes are crowded. The best time to visit here is April-May and October. And vacation with children is one of the best here.

Here are some links to full reviews of the cities of the Budva Riviera:

Resorts in Montenegro in the south: from Bar to Ulcinj

And the third part in the list of resorts in Montenegro, where you can go on vacation. This part of the coast starts from the town of Bar and ends on the border with Albania with the town of Ulcinj and its beaches.

What you need to know about this resort:

  • Perhaps the most uninteresting city for a tourist on the Montenegrin coast is Bar. Bar is a large port city, there is a military base that occupies most of the coastline, and in addition it is the largest railway cargo terminal in the country. Of course, there is a beach and a promenade. Below in the photo is the main promenade of Bar.
montenegro where is better
The main beach and promenade of Bar.

The bar is a convenient logistics center, ferries to Italy leave from here. And also this city is the center of shopping in Montenegro. All about shopping, what to expect for a tourist in the article at the link.

In the south of Montenegro, there are two towns that are worthy of your attention and there is a beach holiday here: the small town of Dobra Voda and the southernmost city of Montenegro, Ulcinj.

  • These are the resorts of the Adriatic Sea, like Budva
  • 300+ sunny days a year, warm sea and daily sunsets.
  • There is also an old town, narrow medieval streets, although smaller in size than in Kotor and Budva.
  • The longest beach in the country with a length of 13 km, which is called Velika Plaza, is located near Ulcinj. By the way, it is sandy, which is rare for Montenegro.
montenegro holiday destinations
View of the center of Ulcinj and Mala Plaza. Velika plaza is a few kilometers from here.

These are relatively quiet and not popular with tourists towns, but there is all the infrastructure and all the conditions for a great holiday. The only big disadvantage of this part of the country: far from all attractions, airports. If you still want to travel around the country, then it is inconvenient to do this from Ulcinj, everything is quite far away. But if your goal is to sunbathe on the beach, then this is a great resort:

Where is the best vacation in Montenegro: travel tips

And now let’s summarize a little, and the choice is yours.

Good to know:

If you are planning a vacation in Montenegro as an independent tourist without package tours, then the ideal option is to try to live in different resorts. Especially if you have a car. So do many. A week in Budva and a week in Ulcinj – why not?
  • Budva and the Budva Riviera are in the first place in the list of TOP resorts in Montenegro. Everything is perfect here, this is the most popular resort.
  • The only thing is that in high season I recommend looking for accommodation in neighboring towns if you are confused by the crowds of people on the beach. In truth, there are a lot of people everywhere in the high season in Montenegro, but especially in Budva.
  • Most tourists during the high season in July and August.
where to rest in Montenegro
Ulcinj in August. In other resorts there are even more people.
  • Vacationing with children or just need a beach holiday: pay attention to the resorts of the Budva Riviera and the beaches of Ulcinj
  • But I advise you to choose the resorts of the Bay of Kotor for those who are crazy about architectural medieval sights. Kotor and Herceg Novi are the center of tourist attraction in the bay.
  • If you need a resort from where it is convenient to travel to sights around the country, then this is again Budva.
  • I personally love holidays in Ulcinj. It is calm, beautiful and peaceful here.

In conclusion: in fact, all resorts in Montenegro are beautiful. The only thing that bothers me is the crowds of people during the high season. But in Montenegro there are no places without tourists at all. Here, for 600 thousand inhabitants of the country, 3 million tourists come annually. Where it is better to relax in Montenegro is up to you, but most tourists choose the resorts of the Budva Riviera.

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