Yacht charter in Montenegro is not as difficult and definitely not as expensive as many people think. A large article with a lot of tips and recommendations that will tell you how to rent a sailing yacht in Montenegro for a few days and go on a dream trip across the Adriatic.

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Yacht charter in Montenegro
The most popular yachts for rent in Montenegro are: from 9 to 13 meters for 6-8 people

Yacht charter in Montenegro: general information

This article will tell you about renting a sailing yacht for a sea trip from 2-3 days to a week. If you need a boat to go fishing for tuna or a sea tour for 4 hours in the Bay of Kotor, here are useful articles for you:

Finding a boat today is not a problem. Come to the waterfront of any city, just walk around and look for such boats as in the photo below. You will be given all the prices and possible routes.

how to rent a yacht in montenegro
Here are the fishing boats. There are a lot of them in every city.

The standard price for renting such a boat for the whole day with a captain is about 200 – 300 euros. The price depends on the size of the boat, the conditions on board, the city and the specific marina (port). These guys know all the cool routes, caves, uninhabited islands, closed lagoons and during the day they will take you wherever you have time.

And now I will tell you about a sailing yacht (catamaran), since this topic is very complicated at first glance.

montenegro catamaran
And this is already a 12 meter catamaran. There are many of them in Budva. Also a very cool option, there are more places in catamarans and they are more stable.

How to rent a yacht in Montenegro

There are two options:

  • Large marinas. You come, walk around the marina, look at yachts and ask people if they know who rents yachts. Even 10 years ago it was the only way to rent a yacht in Montenegro. The largest marinas with yachts of various sizes:
    • Porto Montenegro in Tivat
    • Budva
    • Bar
    • There are almost no yachts in the Bay of Kotor, there are more boats.
marina bar in montenegro yachts
Yacht charter in Montenegro: this is the marina of Bar. Please note that boats are in the foreground, and everything with masts is yachts and it is they we need
  • Thank God, with the development of the Internet, it is now possible to find a yacht here. There are both specialized sites, forums, and simply message boards.


Today it is better to book a yacht in advance. This is a very specific niche and the choice on the spot is far from huge.

Why do you need a skipper (captain)

There are two options for renting any yacht: with or without a skipper. In other words, with or without a captain.

In practice:

90% of travelers rent a yacht with a captain.


  • On the yacht with you will be another person unknown to you. And he will still occupy a whole cabin. But you just need to resign yourself to this fact. As an advantage, all skippers are always sociable people with a lot of interesting stories, and by the end of the voyage you will already be best friends.
  • In order to rent a yacht in Montenegro without a skipper, you need to have an international skipper license, as well as a large deposit of about 3k euros and more.
  • It is much easier with the captain: he knows all the routes and cool locations, he knows all the marinas where to go for the night. And in general, you don’t need to think about anything with him, the yachts sail by themselves, and you can drink beer. And few people have an international license.

It is important to understand:

If you want to book a yacht for 6 people (3 cabins), then one cabin will be occupied by the captain, so your group can be a maximum of 4 people. And if the yacht is for 8 people (4 cabins), then your group of six people can rent one.

Prices for renting a sailing yacht in Montenegro

It’s pretty hard to calculate. Without going into details, renting a small 10 meter yacht for 6 people (for a group of four, if with a captain) for a week (7 days) will cost 2-3 thousand euros. This is the most standard price in this market.

everything about yacht charter in montenegro
Our 10 meter yacht for 2200 euros for a week

Here is our seven-seater yacht. The four of us rented it with a skipper for 7 days for 2200 euros.

Some people will definitely say that it is expensive. Let’s calculate: it’s 1100 euros for a couple. However, you do not need to pay for accommodation, you do not need to pay for sun loungers. You don’t need to buy sea tours. You have it all on the yacht. You sail the Adriatic for a week on a dream trip. You will never forget such a holiday.

If you stay on the beach for a week in Budva, your expenses won’t be much less. But it will be an ordinary vacation on the beach.

how to rent a sailing yacht in montenegro
Recently I saw this option: this 42-feet (12.8 meters) 6-seater yacht for a week for 2000 euros. It’s super cool, it’s very spacious. But this is 7 months before the travel date.

Additional expenses during yacht charter

These are not all the expenses that await you:

  • You need to feed the captain. Go to a restaurant on the beach, take it with you, that’s the rule.
    • However, these sea dogs are not very nice about the food. He’s not likely to order lobster and champagne. Order a standard meal and a can of beer for the skipper and pay his bill.
    • And when you cook on a yacht, it’s clear that you cook for a skipper as well.
    • If you buy alcoholic drinks on a yacht, buy for the skipper.
  • You pay for all overnight stays in marinas. It’s important to understand here:
    • The longer the yacht according to the documents, the more expensive. Up to 10 meters parking costs about 15-25 euros per day. Each marina has its own price.
    • Parking is needed in bad weather, as well as charge the batteries, fill the tanks with fresh water, refuel.
    • We spent 3 nights in the marina in a week.
  • You will definitely not be using a sail all week. Every yacht has its own engine, often you have to go using it. We spent 80 euros worth of fuel in a week.
yachts montenegro
There are good yacht projects. Here is our 10 meter small yacht, there are three large cabins and a seventh place for the skipper. Can be rented by a group of 6 people. It turns out cheap. But there are few such yachts and they are booked a year in advance.

Total: in addition – for fuel, parking in marinas and food for the captain, we spent about 300 euros more. And the entire rental of a yacht in Montenegro for a week cost us 2,500 euros for four. A little over 600 euros per person.

Good to know:

If you have more people and you plan to find a yacht for 6-8-10 people, then the cost per person is unlikely to be cheaper. Plan the same 600-700 euros. Since large yachts are much more expensive, and parking is also not cheap.

Travel Tips

Such a journey requires careful preparation. Planning ahead is what matters most today. The most popular yachts are for 3-4 cabins (4-6 tourists). The skippers of such yachts have already scheduled the whole season for half a year.

Here are some more tips:

  • To rent a yacht in Montenegro, you need advanced medical insurance.
  • Many skippers on the yacht have free additional equipment: masks, fins, sea fishing rods, spearguns, saps and even diving equipment. Pay attention to this when choosing a yacht, a good set of additional equipment will make your stay on a yacht even more unforgettable.
  • Overview of Tivat and its largest marina for yachtsmen Porto Montenegro.
  • Remember, there is always little space and crowded on the yacht. You do not need to rely on a king size double bed and your own personal toilet.
yacht charter in montenegro prices
You need to understand that renting a yacht in Montenegro is not a luxury hotel, everything inside is pretty Spartan

In conclusion: renting a yacht in Montenegro today is not as expensive as it seems. Often this comes out no more expensive than just living on the coast, sunbathing on the beach and going on tours. Yes, the topic is complex and those who try it for the first time will have many questions. The main thing: start preparing in advance, book the yacht in time, and the skipper will tell you everything you need.

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