Despite the fact that the winter in Montenegro is mild and warm, there are almost no tourists in the country at this time. I will tell you in detail about the weather in Montenegro in winter. About entertainment in the mountains, why skiing in Montenegro is popular with locals and tourists. There will be many useful and practical tips to help you plan your trip to Montenegro in winter.

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montenegro in winter
The famous Ostrog Monastery, which is 50 km from the coast, is often covered with snow in winter. It is already in the mountains.

Winter in Montenegro: weather on the coast and in the mountains

Despite the fact that the country is very small, there are 4 climatic zones in Montenegro. But in fact, only two zones are distinguishable: the coast and the mountains.

  • Winter on the coast is warm, rainy and mild. The average temperature during the day on the coast in the coldest months: +10. It often rains or just drizzles all day.
    • The coldest months are December-February.
    • Snow rarely falls on the coast. But if it falls out, it will melt within an hour.
weather on the coast of montenegro in winter
Budva in December There is no one on the beach and everything is closed
  • But in the mountainous part of the country, winters are also mild, without frost, but very snowy.
    • The average air temperature is 10-15 degrees lower in the mountains than on the coast.
    • The average daily air temperature in the mountainous part of Montenegro: from -5 to 0 degrees.
    • For those who don’t know, mountains in Montenegro occupy more than 82% of the country’s territory.
    • In places like Prokletije Park, houses are covered with snow up to the roof.
    • And one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the country through the Sedlo Pass is completely closed from November to spring.
    • Frosts -20 and -30 degrees do not happen here.
winter in montenegro is there snow
And this is how the roads look 100 km from Budva in winter.

Skiing in Montenegro: ski resorts

You may be surprised, but there are ski resorts in Montenegro. You can come here for skiing and snowboarding.

Good to know:

Of course, the length of the tracks and their variety are not like in the mountains of Austria or Italy at popular resorts. Everything here is small. But you will not get bored here in 1-2 days. And the prices here are much lower than in the Austrian resorts.

Winter in Montenegro starts from the end of November, and ski resorts are already open from mid-December. Every year the date is different and depends on the weather and meteorological conditions. But the snow cannons are turned on already at the beginning of December. Next will be an overview of both ski resorts in Montenegro. There will be links to official sites, look there for all the news with opening and closing dates.

Ski resort Kolasin: skiing in Montenegro

skiing in montenegro
Photo from the ski lift in the ski resort Kolasin

This is the first of two ski resorts in Montenegro. It is named after the city of the same name: Kolasin, which is 5 km. The ski center Kolasin is larger in number and length of slopes than its neighbor Savin Kuk. And getting here is much easier, only 70 km from Podgorica along a toll highway. There is no public transport to this resort.

Here are some general points about Kolasin:

  • Ski center coordinates: 42.84177314562464, 19.639600692410482
  • Altitude above sea level: 1600 meters
  • This ski center is located in the Biogradska Gora National Park.
  • Official site:
    • Current prices, ski passes, ski rental, piste webcam – everything is here.
  • There are two lifts.
  • 17 pistes: black, red and blue.
  • Total length of pistes: 41 km.
  • Elevation difference: almost 500 meters
  • There is a restaurant, rental of skis and other equipment
piste map for skiing in montenegro
Piste map in the ski resort Kolasin

Prices are very affordable. They are definitely lower than in many European resorts:

  • Rental: set – skis + helmet + boots or the same with a snowboard – 15 euros per day. If you rent for more days, there are small discounts.
  • Ski pass for the day – 25 euros for adults and 16.5 for children.
  • Good discounts if you take more than 1 day. For example: 3 days – 57 euros.

In general, there is certainly nothing to do here for a week, there are not so many pistes. But for 1-2 days you will have a great ride here. And by the way, two meters of snow falls in the last winters in this part of Montenegro.

Ski resort Savin Kuk

And this is the second and very small ski center in Montenegro. If it is convenient to get to Kolasin from Podgorica, then getting to Savin Kuk is more difficult. You need to drive 2-3 hours by car from the coast. The road is more mountainous and the average speed is less.

Landmark – the city of Zabljak. By the way, you can stay in Zabljak, there are many chalet houses for rent here. From Zabljak it is only 7 km to the ski lift. A great overview of the highest mountainous city in Montenegro: Zabljak.

Tip for those who travel without a car:

Both Zabljak and Kolasin can be reached from Podgorica by regular bus. And to get to the ski lift to the ski resort, take a taxi for 5-10 euros.
Savin Kuk ski resort in Montenegro
This is a map of the Durmitor park. On the left in the corner are the pistes of the Savin Kuk ski resort.

What you need to know about the ski center Savin Kuk:

  • Coordinates: 43.12288262747141, 19.103710815022694
  • Height above sea level: 2217 meters
  • Elevation difference: about 700 meters, this is more than Kolasin
  • But the length of the ski slopes is only 5 km. At the same time, there are 6 lifts.
  • By the way, lifts also deliver ordinary tourists to the top of Babin Zub to the observation deck all year round.
  • The length of the black track is only 900 meters.
  • A ski pass for the whole day costs 13-15 euros.
  • But there is usually more snow here than in Kolasin. The season starts from mid-December. And you can ride almost until the beginning of April.
  • Ski center Savin Kuk is located a few kilometers from the Durmitor National Park. There are a huge number of beautiful locations for tourists. A great overview of Durmitor Park at the link. To visit all the main attractions in this part of the country – you need at least 2 full days.

Winter in Montenegro: tips to help you plan your trip.

Below are a few general points that will help you prepare as much as possible for traveling around Montenegro in winter:

  • There is no central heating in the country. There is also no hot water supply. Each house is engaged in heating and water heating independently. Someone has a gas boiler, and somewhere a wood stove. The houses on the coast are heated by AC. But in winter, in the mountains, such heating (by AC) is not enough, choose your accommodation carefully.
  • In 90% of houses in the country, even in the mountains, the floor is tiled in all rooms. This is a feature of the country. It is easier to clean, durable and cool in summer. But in winter, the tile on the floor is terrible. Just know this and at least bring warm socks with you if you are going to the mountains.
  • All about the features of accommodation for tourists in Montenegro: what are the options and what to expect

Good to know:

Almost everything is closed outside of the ski resorts during the winter months. Restaurants, souvenir shops, even entire hotels.
winter in montenegro temperature
Often there are sunny days In Montenegro, even in winter. And then the beaches look like this. You are the only one on the beach.

You need to have a clear plan and route for traveling around Montenegro in winter. If you want to come to Kotor in winter to walk around the city, then you may be very disappointed. The tourist towns on the coast of Montenegro are deserted at this time of the year. You need to plan your leisure time more carefully.

And choose your car rental carefully or prepare your car. It is one thing to drive a car only along the coast, and the second is to go to the mountains of Montenegro. Some roads can’t be driven without 4x4s and chains on wheels. And some roads are completely closed for the winter, for example, the insanely beautiful mountain pass Sedlo.

In conclusion: the winter in Montenegro on the coast is mild and warm. The temperature does not drop below zero, but on average it stays at around 10 degrees Celsius. But the winter in the mountains is snowy and also warm. -5 degrees of frost last most of the winter. There are few tourists in the country at this time, almost everything is closed, and tourists prefer to go to neighboring Serbia to the Kopaonik park to ski. But Kolasin is also a great option for me.

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